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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Water science Pisces Cancer and Scorpio Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're gonna find out Who's pining for you right now and why And if you like the bouquet personal Reading with me information is in the Description box below and today is the 11th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia Is Um 10 36 a.m please bear in mind that There's a collective reading for water Science and if you would to finally got It to watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same water sign and I titled This reading individually so it's easier For you to search for your particular Sign okay now let's get your reading Started spirits and Angels please show Me For water science Pisces cancer in Scorpio who is pining for water science Right now and why Foreign At the bottom of the deck excuse me so The death here for me indicates Perhaps this is someone you're not Currently connected with but that could Also indicate transformation a big Change so this person could be a Scorpio Could be you know somebody like you or Scorpio Pisces cancer could be a Leo Aries Sagittarius can be any sign

This person has been waiting for you Seven of Pentacles waiting for you Serving you I feel like there's someone You're not currently connected with There was a history between the two of You but the tower more first indicates This person may want to undo certain Damages that they may have done to you To this connection unless rules are Being reversed here but something went Awry between the two of you Someone may have seen something very Clearly with the sun in regards to Someone here seven or two movies when I Say someone that means could be you or This person but Someone was caught or true colors may Have been revealed the seven assault Here in one first However There is this energy of another waiting Card is three ones and a seven Pentacles So this person will be waiting for you Longing for you of course pining for you Waiting for the sun to come up maybe Because if you look at the Tower and the Death here there's a lot of dark colors Right A lot of dark colorless colors and then The sun comes up so this person could be Waiting for the sun to come up waiting For a better day maybe because there was Something that had happened between the Two of you and this is you right here

With the queen of cups It does feel like When the queen of Cups it feels like Maybe at one point time you did love This person or has feelings for this Person And for some of my water signs is Someone that you could be wondering to If they are pining for you Are they pining for you you could be Wondering that are they thinking about Me do they miss you are they pining for Me and the answer is yes because of the Sun here you could be wondering that Because both of you may not be connected Right now could be separated Hmm There's this waiting energy so this Person could be waiting for you and then Pining for you at the same time for some Of you maybe both of you are at a Distance from each other may not always Mean that but either at a distance from Each other or could be separated from Each other okay And we've got the Ace of Wands here in My first The horrified email first This person could be pining for you and May have ended a connection this is very Specific and that's just for some of you May have ended this connection due to Work due to some sort of commitment Whether it's marriage or relationship or

Work or or because of something legal Could be because of that again this part Is very specific and it's not for all of You I'm gonna pull out a few of these Oracles here I'm gonna find out more Oh Foreign Thinking about you so this person does Stay awake thinking about you pining for You usually during night time okay and I Look for you everywhere I couldn't let You get close to me I hide behind Material things I'm becoming a better person I want to feel that way again we need to Let each other go so this is someone I Feel that they could have let you go you May have let this person go and I hide The high material things could be that Maybe the reason why both of you are Separated Because this person was putting Something else first okay could they Work or career a family marriage Anything okay I still kind of feel like This is someone who prioritize something Else to someone else and I want to feel That way again so they're pining for Memories both of you have created with Each other could could be anything okay The sun feels like it's happy so at one Point in time both of you were happy and Something happened right of being Feeling loved feeling happy happy

Memories basically I think they want to Feel that way again it could be pining For that and I couldn't let you get Close to me maybe this is someone either You or them okay Google vice versa but Something about fear of destruction of Fear of Fear of commitment it could be that as Well or it could be anything right there Are external there could be some External factors or internal factors That could be meddling into this Connection but I still feel like this Person Um Did not want you to get So close to the May because either they Couldn't commit because of work or Because of distance or because of Marriage or just because they're not Ready it could be that as well okay I'm Becoming a better person so I feel like Water signs This could be someone you have nurtured Okay see the sun here it's growth to me As well there's so many sunflowers And in order for any plants to grow Anything to grow I mean not anything but Yeah anything I would say almost Anything uh not everything but in order For someone or something to grow it Needs not Sun maybe you've been that sun In your life Um you've helped them grown and they've

Been maybe missing you Um Growing with them or helping them grow To becoming a better person I think they Could be pining for that and also they Could be thinking that you could be a Very good person to them maybe you've Been a better person maybe you're just Too good for them that's what I'm seeing Here so there could be pining for you But at the same time I don't know why it Feels like the separation could have Been caused by Just Feeling not enough or just couldn't put You first okay it feels like they're not Prioritizing you or did not prioritize You because they were not They're not as good as you are yeah That's what I'm seeing here so I look For you everywhere so there are certain Things that I feel what a science this Person could have been Yeah things that they may have seen Uh could be places could be food you Know the cups I do read it as food and Drinks or experiences generally when Both of you were super happy at one Point in time again really happy and Then I don't know why the tower here Isn't one first it's just very sudden a Sudden change of heart or a sudden Change of situation environment Then I think even though if they have

Let you go you have let this person go They still see you everywhere things That reminded them of You I feel like again what a science a Person could be far away from you or With the Three of Wands it could be at a Distance from you or for a lot of you Yeah but not all of you if not through Once it's just them Um Pining for you waiting for the right Moment to reach out to you and also Wondering about you wondering about the Future If there could be a Reconciliation four Swords here I forgot to mention this one Yeah they do think a lot about you could Be praying because it could be Strategizing or planning but at the Moment I don't see them actively Pursuing this They're just pining they're just Thinking about you but they're not Actively pursuing this all right now Water science pies Cancer and Scorpio This is your reading I hope you Resonated in some wishable form if you Did please hit like share and subscribe Um you can click on the daily readings Playlist it's on the screen right now You can click on it it takes you Straight to all of my videos that I've Been posting every single day

And yeah go ahead and binge watch if you Want to there are different questions Different topics over there and also Yeah I'm open for personal readings if You like to book me my information it's In the description box below take care Of water signs bye

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