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Rune Meanings and How to Use Rune Stones for Casting

Rune Meanings and How to Use Rune Stones for Casting

There are twenty four total runes. This can seem like a daunting number of symbols to memorize, but it doesn’t have to be. For one, you do not want to memorize standard meanings from a book or online text. While it is a good thing, and encouraged, to review the typical meanings of each rune, it is even better to take each stone and meditate on it, one at a time. This way, you are getting to know the runes truly and deeply before casting. You are also expanding your psychic abilities by doing this, as you are greatly opening your mind to something on the spiritual plane. Record your feelings, thoughts, and impressions for each symbol for future reference.

Meanings behind the runes

Fehu: Represents material wealth and possession.

Uruz: Represents physical ability and health.

Thurisaz: Represents force, conflict, and a potential change of current situations. Representative of Thor.

Ansuz: A symbol that represents wisdom, mental strength and charisma. Representative of Odin.

Raidho: Representative of great current or future movement mentally, spiritually, or physically.

Kenaz: Represents the flames of innovation or creative enlightenment, as well as romantic passion.

Gebo: Represents balanced generosity in material gifts or human relationships.

Hagalaz: Represents natural destruction from forces of nature or from within the mind.

Nauthiz: Determination to resolve a restrictive or overwhelming force.

Isa: Represents a potential challenge or conflict. Can also indicate an idle time in life.

Jera: Represents the peace of mind and potential gains that follow a highly stressful or difficult endeavor.

Eihwaz: Represents the honesty and strength required when pursuing the resolution of a given task.

Perthro: Represents secrecy or uncertainty in an area of life. Can also be indicative of female fertility.

Algiz: Represents the protective instinct regarding family, friends, and the self. Also represents a link to the divine.

Sowilo: Represents cleansing and success over a challenge.

Tiwaz: Represents self sacrifice, honor, and victory for the greater good. Representative of Tyr.

Berkano: Represents newly acquired love or fertility. Can indicate a major positive life change.

Ehwaz: Represents a slow and steady journey toward positive change.

Mannaz: Represents your general feelings for others, as well as probable cooperation from an outside party.

Laguz: Represents a highly psychic state of mind. Imagination and dreams factor heavily into this Rune.

Ingwaz: Represents masculine potency, as well as a time of stillness and rest.

Dagaz: Represents a fresh awakening or newly found clarity to something.

Othala: Represents material possessions, primarily dealing with gaining land and a house.

Casting Runes

Unless you are casting the runes for a yes or no question, you will need to ask your question in a specific manner. Instead of asking “will I be rich?” Ask “what can I do to become wealthy?” Be specific.

The One Rune Draw: The question is asked and one rune is drawn, either from the bag of runes, or from the runes spread face down on the cloth. This one rune will give you an answer to your question if you wish to keep things simple.

The Three Rune Draw: While focusing on the question, draw three runes. Do this in the same manner of the one rune draw. The first rune is the Overview of the situation and will give you a generalized understanding of the question. The second rune is Course of Action, and will tell you what you action you may want to take in the situation. The third rune tells the outcome of the situation. The runes cannot tell you that you must take a certain action. You are given options and will need to decide yourself.

The Yes or No Draw: Focus on your question and draw three runes in the same manner that you do in the other two draws. Check to see how many runes are upright and how many are reversed. If the runes that have been drawn are not reversible, you need to know if the meaning of the rune is positive or negative in its theme. If all three runes are of a positive nature, the answer is yes. When all three runes are negative the answer is no. The runes will generally tell you what you might do to improve your chance of turning this around. When two runes are positive and one is negative, your answer is yes, yet there is something that you will not be happy with in the situation. When two runes are negative and one is positive, the answer is, of course, negative.

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