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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi fire signs Leo Aries and Sagittarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're gonna find out What's coming up for you within 24 hours Of a new channel is called Chelsea Terror 2.0 and that channel only does Individual sign readings feel free to Subscribe and to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below and today is the 27th of February 2023 so I'm here in Melbourne Australia is 9 27 a.m and Please bear mine that is a collective Reading for fire signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same fire sign All right now let's get your reading Started spirits and Angels please show Me for fire science little Aries Sagittarius what's coming up for them Within 24 hours Lovers at the bottom of the deck Um Please bear in mind that although this Prediction is for within 24 hours but it Could go longer than that because when It comes to tarot timing isn't always Really accurate okay and also there are Going to be a lot of details in this Reading and it's not going to apply to You from the beginning till the end so The first card that came out was the 501s for the ones for me indicates drama

Petty arguments or just being physical Physically active Okay could indicate Competition as well fighting for Something Practicing Yeah it could be any of these things you Have fire signs but I feel like with Ada Cup tmobiles right next to it it could Also indicate feeling a sense of Conflict okay maybe you would be feeling Conflicted in regards of a choice that You may have made or somebody has made Or just you need to make a choice within 24 hours or longer so you're going to be Feeling conflicted you have that you Have to make a choice full sword here is A move first so this indicates Restlessness so you're gonna feel really Restless I feel like you're gonna be out And about I don't see I don't see you Just staying home and doing nothing okay Because again for something first Nikki It's just coming out of rest or resting Mode and start getting busy I see you'll Be really really busy okay if I were Once could be busy at work busy talking To somebody having conversations or Busy because you are practicing Something getting ready for a Competition for some of you Getting ready for the day I mean it Could be something really really simple Or something bigger than that okay so We've got these seven Pentacles here and

Reverse Yeah I feel like this has something to Do with seeing some results because the Pentacles some particles can indicate You Something you've been planting seeds Something you have been investing in I Do see you finally Um Come to a point where you're gonna see Some results okay that's just for some Of you it could be literal like planting Seeds and seeing your plant your garden Your plants growing or growing fruits so It could it could be it could be Something little like that or it could Just be a metaphor where you know there Could be something that you have been Investing in your time your energy Effort it's gonna start to see some Results okay Within 24 hours or longer eight cups Here is a month first it's like sticking Around or coming back around it could Indicate that but you see the five Little ones right next to it and the Sun And one first so you're gonna be in a Bit of a dilemma within 24 hours or Longer Um in regards of again the choice it may Be related to a romantic situation Because as you can see the lovers can Get a romantic connection may not always Mean that it could be anything but I

Feel like you're gonna feel Again Sun him up first not having the Clarity and not feeling too positive Um in regards of a choice again that you Have to make or has That you have already made okay see We've got the two ones here again in Indicates a choice you have two chords That indicates a choice so perhaps Within 24 hours or longer you need to Make a choice and this choice is gonna Make a very big difference or it's a Life-changing Choice some of you it's Something really big some of you could Be just something really small but you Know the death card is a major kind of So Something major so I feel like you are Gonna have to make a decision That is really really big And it's definitely life-changing for Most of you okay with five cups here and One first try to see the glass half full Then it is half empty I guess this could Be also an advice from Spirits the Universe That you have to try and remain positive And stop thinking or mulling over Um negativities Or something from your past perhaps With again five cups here Feel like you're gonna come out of this Energy five of cups come out of this Energy of just trying to be more

Positive or specifically asking you to Try to think more positively within 24 Hours or longer because the sunny animal First for sure indicates you're not Feeling too positive at the moment but It's your choice right with the two ones It's your choice if you want to feel Happy you can feel happy if you want to Feel sad you can feel sad it is a choice And the sun kind of makes me feel right Now this woman it's like a weather Energy The sun of course the sun dictates the Weather I feel like this is the reason Why it's gonna be saying that with the Two ones here you dictate your own Emotions you dictate your own feelings I Guess emotional feelings the same thing But You dictate it it's your choice with the Two ones And the death card here again indicates An ending or an ending could mean also a New beginning but with the two ones here You know again unsure About what to choose who to choose Which path to choose I think it's important because of the Death here and the Heart found in my Voice can I go out of the norm okay so You're gonna be in the Dilemma where or Currently this could be happening Um I don't have a reverse can I go outside

Of my comfort zone because sometimes However can indicate a structure Organization and all belief right always Of thinking Um how you used to be Can I let that go can I like let go of These beliefs can I let go of something I'm used to something that makes me feel Comfortable can I think out of the box Can I go outside of the box so I feel Like for some of you it's that right With the two ones here because if I was To go if you were to go outside of the Box which is out of your comfort zone It's going to be life-changing for you And death card everyone whenever they See the death card they get scared right So it is a scary thing to To choose for this change that's very Transformative and I feel for some of You within 24 hours or longer you're Gonna have to make a decision again Where it's going to be life-changing but Also you are going to be really Conflicted right 501s unless fire Science is somebody very close to you Somebody you could be currently Connected with perhaps needing also to Make a decision between you and Something else or you and someone else You know again it could go vice versa We're gonna see a little bit more here Fire signs see oh my gosh you've got Literally one two three cards that

Indicates a choice so this is what I Feel like this could be a dilemma for a Lot of you and 501s conflicted so many Cards here that indicates you currently Could be feeling this way or will be Feeling this way conflicted in regards Of a choice that you have to make and With a page of Swords here you want to Make very formed intelligent Um Choice or decision in regards to this Life-changing Thing okay whatever it could be if some Of you it could be related to work some Of you could be related to love and We've got the full ones here Stability Yeah and the horrified mode first Instability so there's this opposites Thing maybe Maybe a decision that you're going to be Making is Whether to choose something that you are Used to something that is normal to you Or something that is Basically the opposite of it completely Different so Something yeah so it does feel like you Are gonna have to make a decision Between something that is very Comfortable and normal to you And something Again something very different and Unusual out of your comfort zone and

When the page was sold here too it does Feel like someone could be spying on you Or you could be spying on someone within 24 hours or longer feels like this Person could be related to you in terms Of Love okay again it doesn't matter Love you know is in Many ways people for motherly love Fatherly love friendship or romantic Okay I feel like a fire signs you are going To within 24 hours or longer it is still Going to be really conflicted about this Okay it's going to take some time Because there's way too many cards here That indicates that you're gonna be kind Of stuck in that limbo I'm saying limbo Because it's Two of Pentacles here or Stuck in that dilemma unless this is Someone Going through this in regards to you Okay all right fire science Leo Sagittarius is your reading and I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below Uh yeah feel free to subscribe to both Of my channels this is Chelsea Love Tarot Um for this channel I post everything a Compilation of everything Um individuals are readings Collective

Readings different topics different Questions and my latest channel is Chelsea tarot 2.0 and on that channel Only post individual sign readings take Care fire science hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye

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