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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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My fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to find out what's coming up for You within 24 hours for those of you Like to book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 27th of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 8 55 a.m please bear in mind that there's A collective reading for fire science And if you were divine you got to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Fire sign all right now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me for fire science Leo Aries Sagittarius what's coming up for Them within 24 hours Through was a reverse at the bottom of The deck there's a Synergy fire science Where someone it could be you or Somebody else This energy of I need to put my foot Down or somebody will be putting their Foot down making a very firm decision Right with the Justice here Justice is a Judge so judges do make decisions same Goes to the emperor Emperor you know Sits at the highest level and has a lot Of power so with power comes Um Comes like An authority that's what I'm hearing

Some sort of an authority Um either you are the Authority or Someone is the authority and something About putting the foot down and saying This is it This is it I'm not gonna compromise this Is my decision And we've got the Queen of Swords here So this person could be a Libra Gemini Queer so it could be an Aries could be a Libra again what could be you or this Person some of you it's you putting your Foot down and the seminal Sword and the Hermit here be aware also for those of You fire science if you are signing a Contract if you are going through some Legal situation so so somebody might try And steal information about you or Try to be very sneaky Read all your if there's a contract that You're about to sign within 24 24 hours Or so you have to read it carefully Before you sign it okay that's what I'm Seeing because the hermit also indicates You know Somebody being kind of lost and walking In the dark trying to find his or her Way so some something or someone could Be Putting you in a dark but you wouldn't Know Their ulterior motives so seven of Swords whether they are completely Honest or not so there's some dishonesty

Going on or will be going on within 24 Hours or so it feels like either this Person is trying to steal something from You or trying to dis deceive you there's A deception energy here okay so it's Basically encouraging you with the Justice here to make sure that Um you read everything carefully or Watch whoever works for you with you Carefully Um Because it feels like someone is gonna Try and either scam you or not being Completely honest with you okay and this Person could be anybody Um it looks like it's it could be Related to either work money Um Authority like government Um legal have already said legal Situation contract things like that okay Um we've got the Harford here in my First ace of cups And also the full in reverse and the Sun The sun can indicate illumination form Of verse Um for some of you I don't know whether it's you or Somebody close to you if it's you then Spruce could be saying try not to do Something that is wrong Uh something unlawful something that You're not supposed to be doing okay Because the full and reverse candy kids Someone taking risks and the risk is not

Going to pay off so certain risks that You could be thinking about taking It might not pay off okay you might get Caught here so the swords with the Justice someone will look into it and Will be exposed with the sun again it Could be you or it could be someone whom Is gonna do something very foolish take Certain risks and you're gonna catch Them instead okay Coco vice versa and The Harford and reverse yeah It's like it feels like Yeah it feels like someone is breaking The law Someone is going to be breaking the law You are either going to break the law Someone calls you is going to break the Law and you come to find out with the Sun whatever the case is it feels like The outcome is not going to be good so Be aware if it could be anything small Like driving too fast or drinking too Much ace of cups here Um It's a very sneaky energy right some of Those thoughts unless it's someone Close To You someone who works with you then Then you have to be aware of somebody Stealing something from you Yeah No I'm hearing a cat for some of you you Might come across a cat or a kitten Within 24 hours or so I suddenly saw the Sun's Rays here like whiskers like cats

Whiskers You know the the image the imagery Always It always changes every time when I look At them and they may mean different Things okay ace of cups Canonicate pregnancy for some of you Right next to it is the Sun and there's A child here some of you you're going to Be adopting a pet or a child or getting Pregnant or someone close to you may Hear that they are pregnant that's just That's just for some of you some of you Are going to take your dogs for a walk Your pets for a walk Mm-hmm If you're planning to take I don't know Like a night walk be careful night walk Seven of Swords Um avoid walking at night alone okay Because of Herm is walking alone got a Seven of Swords here there's a thief Right here so make sure that you lock All of your doors and also don't walk Alone at night or at dark alleys I'm just a little bit concerned about The seven of Swords here so Um but don't worry it doesn't mean that It's gonna happen right I mean this is Why you're watching this Um yeah Tara is a Is a tool for guidance rather rather Than prediction I mean the predictions Do come true from my experiences

Um But it's also very useful Tool for guidance so that you can avoid Any sorts of mishaps okay something here Fire science you need to be aware of Okay walking alone at night or doing Something at night Or it could also indicate Watch out somebody might get pregnant If that's not what you want all right or You might you might get pregnant or your Person might get pregnant got this Strength caught here and we've got the Knight of Pentacles I see you're focusing on something Within 24 hours or so it could be Work related Knight of Pentacles or Something about discipline as well I see you're gonna Do the best that you can to follow your Routine And then we've got the 301 team up first The hangman six assortments in the Cinema once in a world of Fortune I Can't help but see the Ten of Swords Right here I see there's an ending and then there's A new beginning within 24 hours or so Some of you it's you walking away from a Job or thinking about walking away from A job Something you've been waiting to do for A while and you've been very patient Here with a strength card

And seven of Wands here I feel like fire signs some of you are Going to be isolating yourself a little Bit of the hermit here you're going to Be reflecting On someone about someone here ace of Cups a new love beginning I see you needing some space Mm-hmm Because there's ten of Swords here so Maybe because for some of you are going Through and ending a separation you may Be alone feeling lonely with a Hermit Here or needing some space needing to be Alone for a while maybe because of the Thrill wants him off first someone may Have turned it back on you or you may Have turned your back on this person Hangman is right here I think you're Going to be pondered about you're going To be pondering about the future about Your happiness about past endings Success yeah I think it has something to Do with your past then you're going to Be thinking about it and The Wheel of Fortune making a big change or a change Is coming a big change is coming Um within 24 hours or so and I feel like It could be related to Karma because the Wheel of Fortune and the Justice Connecticut Karma so Either you're going to be hearing that Someone is receiving a Karma or you're

Going to be receiving your karma I'm sensing they're good because of the Sun here the world forger is upright Position Good karma in terms of something being Returned to you something that was Stolen from you Will be returned to you or you might Find something that you have lost Could be a pet could be a child could be Something that is anything anything that You actually care about something Valuable to you I see you finding it Yeah with hermit here and you're going To be very happy the Sun or someone is Going to return it to you all right First nice little Aries Sagittarius is Your reading I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe Um if you'd like to watch more of these Videos that I've been posting regularly A couple of times a day even and I Upload them right away with different Topics different questions check them Out on my daily readings playlist it's On the screen right now I believe if you Can't see it there go to my videos and Um scroll all the way down look for your Sign there's so many readings there I Know that some of you might have missed It because I post them post them at Random timings Um yeah check them out binge watch if

You want and also I will leave you with Another playlist on the screen Um it's title Asia it's from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to and last but not Least I'm open for personal readings I've added a few options Um one of the options is an emergency Reading so check that one out too if you Want if you like to book me for a Personal reading just send me an email First okay my email is in the Description box below take care for our Signs hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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