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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Our science Leo Aries and Sagittarius Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What's your next big surprise within Seven days and for those of you like to Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below today is the 24th of January 2023 Time here in Bali Indonesia is 11 51 a.m Please bear in mind that this is a Collective reading for fire signs and if You were dividing guided to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same fire Sign or right now let's get your reading Started it's recent Angels please show Me for fire science Leo Aries Sagittarius What's the next what are their next big Surprises usually there's more than one Within Seven days Higher front at the bottom of the deck Hmm okay fire science please bear in Mind that even though the prediction is Within seven days it could go longer Than that or it could have already Happened in the past okay Um yeah and there'll be a lot of details In this reading it's not going to apply To you from the beginning till the end Possibly one or two or more okay so the First thing I saw was the Justice here And three of Pentacles and the five of

Pentacles here and one first for those Of you I'm going through a legal Situation whatever the legal situation Could be I feel like The outcome the result will be in your Favor and you're going to be quite Surprised by it and you're going to be Offered something here with the page of Pentacles Um often money most likely or a house Something that is of value to you Whatever it could be or a child even Okay for those of you battling in court Right now going through some legal Situation but another thing I'm sending Here five signs is that for those of you Involved in Um getting some sort of a permit whether To build a building or a permit to Travel any any types of permit it feels Like Um there is Just be aware Because the three of pedicles of numbers And five particles in one verse either You will you end up having to pay a Little bit more might be surprised that You have to pay a little bit more to Apply for this permit or some Some issues some issues small very small I think Um because Justice in the right position So I'm not worried I feel like maybe There could be a little bit of an issue

Here through Pentacles and Row first but It's gonna be okay issues with permit Whether to build a building or to Something Or a permit for to travel for some of You okay but everything is going to be Okay and uh because again Justice is not Right position Well there's seven of Pentacles and my First page of Pentacles and then I've Got the 901s for those of you investing In a house investing in share a stock Market crypto whatever it could be some Sort of an investment or in a house real Estate I think it'd be quite surprised Then to find out a certain value of Maybe that property or what you're going To be making possibly a little bit more I see you making some money out of it be Quite surprised by it because I feel Like with the 901s you could have been a Little bit cautious about it or feeling Like ah Maybe Maybe this investment is not gonna be a Good one but it looks like it might be a You it's not gonna turn it's not gonna Turn out as bad as you would imagine it To be possibly a little bit better I Would say than what you would have Expected two of Swords here someone First got the hypothesis and the Two of Pentacles There's something about see these three Cards here there's three major Arcana so

I feel like for a lot of you there'd be A really big surprise coming in and I Think the high-presses indicates Intuition so in your gut feeling you Kind of can see this coming okay you Kind of could feel it whatever it is it Feels like a big thing a decision being Made in regards to you or you making a Decision because the Two of Pentacles Here it kind of makes me feel like this Has been something you've been Contemplating about or someone has been Contemplating in regards to you and for Some of you it's for legal reasons for Some of you it's because of a choice of Two Um potential love partners for some of You this could have something to do with Work or money because of these Pentacles Here A decision will be made either to give You a promotion a race Um and two Pentacles some of you is a Decision being made someone choosing you Or you're choosing somebody Some of you could be quite surprised Because you wouldn't expect this person To tell you what they're gonna tell you Um or the organization the company to Award you something to give you Something to choose to give you Something or to choose you for a Promotion or for a race and the Justice Here again some of you might be

Surprised by how it turned out to be you Know in your favor let's see more here Fire science Cherry is the once in my first okay so This is gonna be it may be your own Surprises or it may be somebody else's Close to you and you could be witnessing It with the horrified and The Chariot Here it could be an announcement okay an Announcement of marriage an announcement Of a contract being signed or someone Offering you a contract this contract Could be related to marriage could be Related to inheritance could be related To work money anything okay but it's a Good surprise I feel because again all The major Corners are in an upright Position and the cancerian Cartier with The Chariot indicates for movement but Successfully so it's a success something That is successful that feel you're Gonna be quite surprised by it a Completion of a modification house car And Eight of Cups here or anything Eight Of Cups and one of those Five of Swords We've got the Nana swords and one first And the Six of Swords and one foes some Of you it's a surprise Um traveled like someone could be Surprising you by traveling towards you Or you're gonna surprise somebody by Traveling towards somebody you could go Vice versa okay or you'd be quite Surprised to see someone to run into

Someone for our thoughts and The Chariot And the page is the page of Um Pinnacles is a messenger so some of You you might hear from someone Surprisingly that has been a little bit Quiet lately with the high priestess Here someone who could be indecisive Whether to open up communication with You or not may hear a little bit of Something from this person yeah you may Also hear that someone hasn't quite Fully moved on from you yet And Five of Swords nine of swords and One voice I feel like a dinosaurs Um a bit of this energy where When you see these surprises any of These things there is a sense of relief There's a sense of knowing so you may Already know I don't know how to explain This but it kind of makes me feel like It's a surprise but deep down and you've Got feelings you kind of know that this Is how it's gonna turn out but just not 100 sure yet right Hmm They hire a fund and then the Justice You can indicate Karma as well but some Of you you may if you've been wishing For somebody to receive their karma for Whatever reason you might be surprised To see them or hear them receiving the Karma you might win something here too If I was thought maybe it's you Surprising yourself

That you have won over as an enemy or One a competition Yeah that's what I'm seeing here and the Fat particles of reverse indicates Improvement in your finances as well Um something is going to be offered to You some something is gonna be Rewarded to you or appointed to you and You might be quite surprised as in why Me or wow this is a pretty big deal for Some of you some of it's small I feel Some of you are big it really depends Yeah all right fire science Leo Avery Sagittarius this is your reading I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share Subscribe if you like to watch more of These videos which I post them every Single day twice a day and I upload them Right away so they're very fresh with Different topics different questions you Can binge watch them if you want to it's Um on this playlist titled daily Readings if you can't find it it's on The screen right now most likely if not You can go to videos and scroll all the Way down you'll see all of the latest Videos okay fire signs and also I'll Leave you with another playlist this Title Asia this is from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to Last but not least I'm losing my voice Last but not least

Um I'm open for personal readings if you Guys would like to book me my Information is in the description box Below I have added few more options for Your convenience all right take care for Our signs hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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