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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Sagittarius welcome to my channel and Welcome to your bonus reading my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Going to get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and For those of you who would like to book A personal reading with me information Is in the description box below I've Added some new options so check it out If you want to today is the 14th of January time is 10 53 a.m here in Bali Indonesia okay now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me important love messages That Sagittarius need to hear today Thank you Now the swords at the bottom of the deck Hmm A lot of Pentacles here that means I Feel like your love situation either Could be related to work money or your Person could be a Virgo Capricorn or a Taurus Unless you have a lot of Earth somewhere In your chart Three of Pentacles five Pentacles seven Of Pentacles and reverse Foreign I see for some of you such if you are Representing the nine of Pentacles and The Emperors here but it could go vice Versa if this is you these two these two

Are you I feel like maybe this person is Thinking about working things with you This is someone maybe you're angry with Currently and may you may not want to Speak with currently with the two of Swords or they may be upset with you it A cup someone first should I stay or Should I leave is there a future in this Connection with the ten of Pentacles in My face so this person may want to come In but very slowly with the Knight of Pentacles And maybe offer a solution feels like a Solution theoreticals is like working Together Compromise and try and see if we can fix This without Pentacles you know Um Someone may be feeling like they're Being left out in a cold someone may be Thinking that they're investing way too Much when I say someone that means it Could be you or the other person Investing way too much and it's not Worth it I You know I'm better off being single Nine of Pentacles again it could be you Thinking this way or this other person But I feel like Such someone wants to talk about the Future But someone is growing complacent of Being where they're at right now okay I don't know again whether it's you or

This person it feels very complacent Right if you look at the Ember it's just Sitting there I'm good two thoughts I Don't want to talk about it I'm good where I'm at right now nine of Pentacles I'd rather be alone be single doing my Own thing than being stuck Eight of Cups in Reverse in this Situation with this person where it Takes so much work I don't know whether it's evil this Person but with the Knight of Pentacles I feel like it's a it could be your Person And then your person may feel like let's Take it slow Let's try and fix things but then again It could be your energy saying you know No I'm good I'm good where I'm at right now Because you know again if you look at The Empress of sitting there pretty you Know I'm comfortable where I'm at right Now which is without you in my life I'm I'm happy nine of Pentacles being Independent doing my own thing like I Don't need you that kind of an energy Because of that such for some of you This person could be upset because of You know how you or why you don't want To speak with them or why you don't want To compromise With them hmm unless again rules are

Being reversed here Or it could be this person growing way Too complacent And you try to talk to them you try to Want to fix things and they And they're not doing anything about it Look Head to Head Um Queen of Swords Nana swords You know I feel like there is an age Difference if not maturity level is Definitely different between you and This person one of you is definitely way More mature than the other so these two Are fighting Arguments for sure your person could be A Libra gemini or an aquarius strengthen My first losing that patience and with The sakes of Pentacles kind of makes me Feel like someone is done someone is Losing their patience or has already Lost their patience Either this has already happened or that It's happening soon because another Sword is a very fast energy so something About An argument Face-to-face argument Just can't disagree I feel like both of You could be butting heads Five of Cups Very disappointed and then with the page Of Swords here Could also indicate some sort of

Confrontation in regards of someone Either being very sneaky or very selfish Someone could be feeding another person Page of Swords can be an indication of Someone finding out that this person has Been lying or cheating But it feels like this energy with the Knight of thoughts that maybe this Person is Gaslighting you or again it could go Vice versa someone is gaslighting Someone because it feels like he or she Doesn't want to admit You know how you get angry and you've Got some proof you've seen something and Then you confront that person the person Calls you crazy that you know it's all In your head And then they scream at you instead so This is the energy that I'm getting here So I feel like such something maybe this Has already happened and you're just so Done with it and some of you I feel like Space could be encouraging you to be Done with it and cut this person off Because you don't want to get stuck In this predicament because maybe the Future you know the future ten of Pentacles in one verse just When it's a more verse it could either Mean that Maybe there is no future or a delayed Future with this person or that maybe it Wouldn't come to fruition or that this

Person Cannot give you what you want because no Matter what the Knight of Pentacles is Still younger much younger than the Emperor so this person needs time to Grow up or to be able to commit or want To commit But in the meantime I see for a lot of You such you could just be doing this Already right now just being independent Doing your own thing And couldn't be bothered to talk to this Person but for those of you such if You're still going through the situation With this person who is guest lighting You I feel like it's definitely telling you To just block this person cut this Person off don't talk to this person for A while and do your own thing and let Them come to you when they're ready if You still want them if they do come to You when they're ready you don't want Them anymore then too bad you know Pull out a few of these cards here Soulmate for giving and learning yeah This person may ask for a forgiveness Past life relationship some of you may Be meeting someone new coming in home Could be a soulmate with past life Relationship that you had with this Person but for some of you it could be The same person you know soul mates People always think that soulmates

You're supposed to be with with your Soulmate forever but that's not the case Most time soul mates are here to teach Us a lesson to for us to teach each Other lessons and we've got pay Attention to the reflex sea so we've got Separation so some of you sweet stuff is Saying if this person is gaslighting you And you've already gotten concrete Evidence or if you really know who this Person truly is and they've been making You cry disappointing you that it's time To cut this person off focus on yourself But I think this person is going to come in And try and ask for forgiveness But very slow energy yeah all right so That's just your reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with a Couple of playlists on the screen right Now first one is from my second channel It's a travel Vlog Channel check it out If you want to and the second playlist Is from this channel has all of the Readings that I've done for you and for The rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions but these Readings are still new so they're still Relevant because I post them every Single day and I'll upload them right Away so check them out if you want to And just a reminder that I have added

New options for to book a personal Reading with me again information is in The description box below hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Take a search bye

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