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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hello Sagittarius welcome to my channel My name is Chelsea in this reading we're Gonna find out important love messages That you need to hear today and if you Like to book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 9th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 4 10 p.m all right now let's get your Reading started it's pretending just Please to show me important love Messages that Sagittarius need to hear Today The full at the bottom of the deck so There's so many So many major arcanas one two three four Five six something major is gonna happen Such in terms of your love life it feels Like with the Judgment Aries energy Emperor and The Chariot You either are going to hear from Someone that you don't think is gonna Even swallow their pride to speak with You Um Because with Five of Swords here this Person doesn't want to lose right they Always want to win there's one Individual here again such this person Doesn't wanna Um look or seem weak so they have a huge They have a massive ego So this person with this massive ego Is going to

Come forward because of the Chariot Because the Chariot card the Cherry card Candy moving forward victoriously And for some of you two such one second Excuse me so I saw like I'm seeing two Different storylines to be honest one it Could be someone from your past with the Emperor here whom is either very Controlling very egoistic somebody who Plays Mind Games somebody who doesn't Want to show their weaknesses this Person may come forward And they may ask Uh with a fool here To Start over Okay that's just for some of You not all of you But such another storyline I'm seeing Here with the Judgment horrified eight Of Pentacles I don't know why I'm getting this Message where somebody could be very Very serious about you could be someone New or someone from your past or you Could be currently connected with there Is a very serious energy this person Will say hey such we need to talk We need to talk about the future with The ten of Pentacles here it feels like 10 of Pentacles when it's in one verse Doesn't mean that you know it's not Happening it feels like it could be a Delay or it hasn't happened yet So someone who misses super serious

About you such possibly somebody maybe Haven't met this person yet but if you Haven't it's coming this person is Coming right Definitely a full movement energy and I Feel like this person Sees you as somebody four Pentacles Somebody very valuable and they really Want to hold on to you the higher fund Wanting to commit to you or for you Commitment And possibly wanting to tie you down Okay Um this person wants to tie you down yep They want to tie you down because the Fox was candy cane a little bit I Wouldn't say this person is deceptive But this part of the strategy this Person is going to tie you down in some Way shape or form for some of you it's Either money With money Or marriage tying you down it's like it Could be marriage get marrying you or Being married to you or Children having kids getting you Pregnant Strength here sometimes I do read the Strength a little bit sexual could be a Bit of a sexual energy that's just for Some of you but whatever the case is Such someone is planning to tie you down Either through their religion or through Um marriage but through pregnancy

Uh through money could be money too see Eight of Pentacles have always 10 Pentacles and more for some of you this Could be someone very very extremely Rich okay Um again for each and every one of you May be different but for at least some Of you such there will be one person who Is gonna tie you down Um or try to use their money To entice you yeah because of the Five Of Swords here this person might use Their money to entice you and the reason Why I'm saying that also is because the Four panel goes like one Hold On To You Right holding you very closely to you The father swords again feels like some Sort of strategy so this person may Strategize by offering you money maybe This person is going to tell you you Never ever have to work again eight of Pentacles in one verse You never ever have to worry about money Ten of Pentacles in one first And the strength card here also it's you Know to me I do read it as someone Treading very carefully someone you know Being very tactful so there's a tact Here there's a some sort of a plan here To tie you down this person wants to tie You down And this person you know the emperor Here could be somebody somebody very Powerful someone very controlling

This is why I'm reading it this way such Like this person can be controlling so May want to control you by tying you Down either using money or using Marriage or using you know pregnancy And we've got the full here Hmm You know what such some of you you might Just say no okay You might just say no because the fool To me I do read it as like a freedom Kind of energy Um Some of you will choose your freedom Yeah because father's swords candy cake Should I Should I fight for you or should I let It go should I accept it or should I let It go so some of you might accept it it Really depends but some of you will say No I I want my freedom I'm not ready yet Mm-hmm Pull a few of these oracles This could be the one this person sees You as the one They want you and stay optimistic About your love life this person is very Honestly this person is very confident And they're very optimistic they're very Positive that you're gonna accept it Because they're gonna try many way Different ways to entice you and they May even entice you with asking you to Go on a honeymoon like all very lavish

Kind of a vacation something to do with Luxury You deserve love soulmate Attraction this person is crazy about You this person is very attracted to you Some of you might choose to say no with The separation here you're like maybe I Prefer my own freedom She's sad so Sagittarius I know such Likes their freedom and then soul mate This person sees you as your soul mate So for some of you this is why I'm Seeing it this way like the attraction The separation it feels like a magnet And the more I feel like such the more This person wants you and Wants to control you the more you are Put off by them some of you yeah not all Of you And for those of you considering you Know this offer or Should you marry For Love or should you Choose for some choose somebody because Of the stability of security so it's Definitely Is trying to tell you here that make Sure that they love you too okay not Just because they like you so much They're so attracted to you and they Want to control you That's definitely the main message I'm Seeing here and this person thinks you Are the one this could be the one I Don't know such for some of you

You're gonna be offered a marriage or Someone that's again going to control And the emperor also can be somebody who Has multiple wives you know the emperor I read he missed like some you know like The Chinese emperor who has Has concubines sometimes I read it that Way it feels like that for some of you It's a married person who has a wife or Have couple of wives maybe because of Religion could be a Muslim it could be Anything it doesn't really matter what Religion you are there are many guys who Have like one wife and side chicks and Whatnot but I feel like Such this is just for some of you not All of you okay This is just for some of you that maybe It is an offer from a married person The offer would be Some sort of like in terms of money Lavish luxury travels or Or house even or never have to work Again So that's some of this could be a sugar Daddy okay and that's just for some of You so many details in this reading just Take what resonates with you spirits and Angels Um thank you so much for these messages Um all right such hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm open for personal readings if you

Like the book me and my information is In the description box below and check Out the other readings that I've already Posted Um yeah today yesterday day before Yesterday with different topics Different questions check them out uh if You want to you can click on video so You can click on daily readings it's on The screen right now all right take care Such hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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