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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading we're Going to give you some important love Messages that you need to hear today the Book a personal reading with me all Information is in the description box Below and today is the 7th of March 2023 Time here in Marseille France is uh 205 P.m all right now let's get your reading Started spirited Angels please show me Important love messages that Sagittarius Need to hear today Four ones at the bottom of the deck okay This is interesting because of the ten The cups and then we've got eight of Wands right next to ten of cups is the Ace of cups in reverse It feels like there is a connection that You've given up on And just when you're on your way to Meeting meeting with someone to meeting Someone who's going to give you a Happily ever after This is when you're going to hear this Communication coming in and then the two Pentacles it's gonna make you feel that Okay Now who should I choose so it looks like You might have to make a decision here And the lovers indicates Choice as well So You have to choose between two persons Such and I feel like one of them is Someone that you have given up on or

They have given up on you at one point In time this person could be a Leo Could be a high skins Scorpio Aquarius Sagittarius doesn't matter can be any Sign Aries With the Pentacles here but this is what I'm seeing such Um It looks like again four of cups here in My first like this person is going to Convey to you that you are a missed Opportunity or that they don't want to Miss this opportunity being with you Ada Wants a lot of passionate communication Coming in This person is gonna say a lot of things To you And the star hits them up first in an Attempt to heal this connection And they will also say to you the tender Wants you that it has been really hard For them to try and move on or it has Been really hard for them on their own Without you in your life So you're gonna be left with two options Here the Ten of cups for some of you I Don't know why it could be new or it Could be someone you have already been Connecting with For a bit It's like okay I'm just gonna stay with This connection because I have children with this person or I've

Been with this person for a while and I Can see us being happy together Well there's some sort of a distraction That I'm sensing here with the lovers Can indicate Affair or being tried to Being attracted to someone else It could be if you or this person again Could go vice versa But something about you know such it's Like I'd rather stay with someone that I Feel A bit more secure emotionally And also because you know my friends and Family know this person and we've been Together for a while and we have kids Together for some reasons or that if if There's nothing of that of what I've Just said just now it could just Indicate you know you can foresee Predict being happy with this one person May not be the most exciting Right so this more exciting character is Coming in Is going to want to I think it's gonna he or she is gonna Want to tell you a lot of things that You may want to hear And it's going to make you feel kind of Confused right to Pentacles you're gonna Start to wonder If You should give this person a chance And then start building something for One's reconcile or to stay with a

Connection that is already like There's 10 of course more than four Someone that you can see or someone You've already had a family with or you Have established something already with Okay Hope that makes sense to you should I Should I choose someone with a tender Cups you or should I choose someone with The lovers someone I'm very attracted to Someone I'm someone way more exciting Someone Um who makes me feel Good In a sense of you know being physically Intimate It feels like there's one person whom You're most satisfied with in bed than The other person but the other person Gives you that bigger picture of That big picture of Heavily happily ever after that picture Of Picture Perfect of a family or a picture Perfect of Something that I feel You may be thinking On the outside peop people on the Outside looking in would actually Think this is the right person this is The right connection To be in rather than this other really Exciting one so see there's one very Exciting character who's possibly a

Better lover the lovers here So the better lover Is going to Want to say something to you or Something maybe they've already said Something to you It's going to lead you to the two Pentacles here okay so What should I choose but You know the more exciting character May not be as stable As this other character here This other connection here but there Will be promises in regards to stability Though from this more exciting character But let's pull up more cards here Um such Of Cups see And fall once The full and reverse and for some of you You don't want to make the wrong choice Because you don't want to be fooled you Don't want to be stupid you don't want To make the wrong decision Um a silly decision that could be very Risky Because the full can it Connecticut risk Right and three cups here is in one Verse I say it's such specifically Encouraging you to choose that one Person who's gonna Really give you the proper stability a Home a happy home

Happy future Rather than one that's like Two of Pentacles tumultuous or up and down That sometimes you would tell yourself Ah I wish I didn't I wish I didn't go see this person Through cups It feels like there's so much Highs but There's so much lows as well See should I choose the lovers or should I choose the two cups Some of you such it could be your person In this dilemma okay So the lovers that one person who's Gonna rock you in bed Or two cups the person who's gonna be on The same page have the same goals Respect you understand you Who are you going to choose such Some of you you'll be thinking the Perfect world would be me keeping both 10 of cups in the four ones unless rolls Are being refers to your search then it Would be your person trying to choose Between you and somebody else Choose between happily ever after or Someone more exciting someone who rocks Them Under the sheets on the bed In the kitchen God knows where else I'm just kidding But um let's put a few of these romance Angels search It's still kind of thick

Healing family issues yes for some of You it has something to do with you Choosing someone 's gonna help you heal Certain family issues or maybe blend of Family someone who is more accepting of You know but it could be you or this Person but more accepting of having a Family or blender family or More family-oriented person see this Could be the one Keep an open mind Unrequited love Free Yourself So for some of you that more exciting Character I feel like it has at one Point in time where You may have felt that your love was Unrequited or vice versa you may have Freed yourself from this character right And then And then Spruce definitely encouraging You to keep an open mind on that one Person here Who who you know with like your soulmate Best friend doesn't matter or twin flame For once here doesn't matter twin flame Soulmate but I I just feel like This has to keep an open mind in terms Of Choosing that one person is gonna not You know give you all the highs and then The lows at the same time That's what I'm getting here all right Sash is your reading I hope you

Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like the book me my information Is in the description box below Um Yeah subscribe to both of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot which is my original Channel and I post mostly a mixture of Individual sign readings and Collective Readings and I experiment with different Topics different questions Um and Chelsea 2.0 is my newest Channel Where where I only post individual sign Readings and this video is going to be Posted on both of my channels Chelsea Love Terra and Chelsea 2.0 and such Don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button so you'll be Notified every time I post your videos Because I heard many complaining that They were not being notified by YouTube Every time when I post my videos hands The views have been a little bit low Lately but anyway take care sash hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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