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Hi fire science Leo Aries and Sagittarius welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this reading for Those of you currently connected to Someone we're gonna find out what's the Potential of this connection I have a New channel it's called Chelsea tarot 2.0 and that channel only does Individual sign readings feel free to Subscribe to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below and today is the 20th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 3 47 p.m please Bear in mind that it's a collective Reading for fire signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same fire sign All right now let's get your reading Started Sprints and Angels please show Me for fire signs little Aries and Sagittarius What's the potential of this current Connection Foreign Okay So there was an emperor on Earth science reading Virgo cap Contours So some of you The person could be currently connected With could be a Virgo cap gun Taurus Okay so we've got one here which is the Empress and the emperor so this is a

Marriage thing we've got the horrified Potentially both of you will get married And this reading is for those of you Currently connected to someone Um within one year or you know just a Little bit more relatively new Connection yeah not a very long Connection somebody you've been with for A long period of time okay because I Feel like fire signs with the four ones And judgment here And the nine of Pentacles in one first So from single to no longer being single So this for me yeah six months one year Less than one year okay around there That period of time that both of you Have known each other or been with it Each other so we've got the Queen of Wands here this is you Leo Aries Sagittarius doesn't matter he or she is Not Jenna specific then we've got the Tender cups in the heart file here Potentially both of you will be very Happy together yeah ten of Cups happily Ever after definitely committed both of You are going to be very committed to Each other and I feel like you're gonna Be very passionate about this connection Uh some of you may be hoping that this Connection could turn into something Serious or could be long lasting I Definitely see it as a long lasting Connection both of you might you know Just end up getting married the Emperors

Here getting pregnant having kids or Having a blend of family if both of you Already have kids on your own either one Of you doesn't matter so not a Pentacles In one first again this person could be A Virgo cap Contours ten on wands and Eight of Cups there's something very Interesting here five signs I feel like Both of you either have been with each Other Before and then disconnected at one Point in time for some reason either This connection was too much or you know Something may have happened or someone Couldn't Offer commitment or the connection was Just not stable because of external Reasons or internal reasons could be Anything but I see a period at a time Where there is a separation or that There was a separation okay if there Hasn't been a separation yet because It's still kind of new that means Separation will happen for a period of Time and whether we will reconcile and Get back together and this time around There's stability with the full ones Some of you maybe both of you were Separated for a short period of time and Then kind of like got back together got Reconnected okay that's what I'm seeing Judgment here right both of you will Like God re get reconnected Um Jasmine judgment candy Kate Reviving

Something from the past I'm not saying This is a past from long long time ago Okay I still feel that I still maintain This as a connection that is uh within One year or a little bit more it doesn't Matter but definitely not like for since 10 years ago I don't see it that way to Be honest with you fire signs but you Can make your own judgment with the Judgment card here okay in regards to This reading so it does feel like for a Lot of you first and science there is a Period of walking away there's a period Of a separation does a period of someone Thinking maybe this is too hard maybe This is not possible but it is possible And the Ten of cups that makes me feel Like it could be like a fairy tale Fairy tale Um Story right like if it feels like Um Both of you gonna you know either one of Your both of you gonna think like ah This is too far-fetched uh or this is Way too hard because of the Ten of Wands Here it's just way too hard to make it Or to turn it into a reality I don't see How this is gonna happen either one of You gonna think that way uh I think I'm Just gonna walk away so there's a period Time where both of you half already Walked away from this person and get Reconciled with the Judgment here or

This could be happening in the near Future but then no worries it feels like See for once both of you will reconcile Now Pentacles in one verse no longer Being single Um both of you are going to start Sharing your life together and there is Going to be a talk yeah judgment here But we're gonna hash things out there's Gonna be a talk a conversation that's Gonna lead to both of you getting Um Reacquainted or reconciled okay and uh See potentially this connection is going To be beautiful I think it's a beautiful Connection it could turn into a very Beautiful connection where both of you Will agree and respect each other right The higher fund respecting each other Teaching each other and having the same Goals seeing or similar mindset similar Future [Music] Um or going after the same or similar Future which is to be happy With each other to be happy Um To lead a very happy life definitely not A toxic connection fire science a very Peaceful happy life I feel some of you Could be in the same gender relationship Not all of you because of the queen of Ones and the empress here but I feel Like it doesn't matter yeah he or she is

Not gender specific but See a very happy ending happily ever After connection I'm gonna pull out a Few more cards here ah speaking of it's Not toxic and then there's the devil Here but it's not a bad devil and I got A six of Cups and we got ten of Swords Maybe for some of you there is some Toxicities tenses like separation here At one point in time you have fire signs Either this has happened already or this Will be happening a separation because It could be due to Someone's negativities with the devil Here or something that is unhealthy Within this connection But the terrible I don't also see it as A bad Devil I don't see it as a bad devil Because it's surrendered by really good Chords to be honest except for the Ten Of Swords here but I feel like the devil Indicates that both of you gonna Realize and feel that both of you cannot Live with without each other okay but We're gonna feel like I cannot Disconnect from this person No matter what so for some of you it's a Period of a separation and then feeling Like no I cannot do without this person No I cannot live with us without this Person for some reason okay and keep Feeling like drawn to each other no Matter what so six of cups look at this

Soulmate connection for sure and I feel Like again there is a period of a Separation and then coming back together Revisiting each other and then Feeling Again that both of you cannot live with Each other and that's again ten of Thoughts then swords it's a minor Kana Right so Uh an ending that wasn't a permanent Ending or will not be a permanent ending Both of you will either have children With each other or maybe there could be Some issues surrounding children Um That both of you may have had a Conversation about Something about children or wanting to Have children don't want to have Children infertility fertility issues or Infertility issues it could be any of These things or somebody don't want to Commit or somebody doesn't want to Really get married doesn't believe in Marriage it could be any of these things You have fire signs but overall overall At the end of the day I see fire sounds Both of you are not gonna be able to Live without each other gonna be Together Um It feels like it's going to be a Long-term relationship Growing all together but really a very Happy connection I would say a very

Emotionally fulfilling connection yeah All right five signs Leo Aries Sagittarius is your reading and I hope You resonated in some way shape or form If you did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like the book me my information It's in the description box below Don't forget to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot is a mixture Of everything I post everything there And Chelsea Tower 2.0 is my newer my Newer channel channel and I post all of The individual sign readings take care Of fire signs hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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