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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hello Scorpio welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea and it's reading we're Gonna find out important love messages That you need to hear today and this Reading will also be uploaded to my Second tarot Channel that I just created Yesterday it is called Chelsea tarot 2.0 And this new channel only does Individual sign readings if you like to Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below and today is the 13th of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is 7 7 44 a.m all right Scorpio now let's Get your reading started It's pretty needles please show me Important love messages that Scorpio Need to hear today Three of cups at the bottom of the deck Scorpion so sorry if I sound like I'm Whispering that's because I am Um It's very early in the morning and my Friends are still sleeping so but anyway Please bear with me we've got the Five Of Swords here Ace of Swords in my first And the Ace of Pentacles Feels like there is a new beginning A new offer That may be nine of cups that you've Been hoping for we've got the Queen of Swords here so this person could be you Or this or this other person okay you or The person whom you could be thinking

About or dealing with Um Libra Gemini Aquarius but it could Also I'm sensing This is someone Scorpio someone whom is Gonna respect you because we've got the Higher fund here either you're gonna Respect this person this person is going To respect you Um because the Queen of Swords demands Respect you know so I feel like this could also be somebody That you have demanded respect from okay Um and it feels like this person is Going to offer you a commitment with the Higher fund here harifan can also Indicate marriage Again marriage or high commitment So generally I just feel like Scorpio There is one person here this person may Be younger than you are or may seem a Little bit selfish or immature Play Mind Games Five of Swords I feel like you may End up demanding respect from this Person and this person will give you the Respect that you deserve okay That's definitely what I'm seeing here Because eight of Wands here is in love First this only happens after You stop talking to this person with Ace Of Sword some more verse as well can Indicate Scorpio for a lot of you maybe this is Someone you have taught some lessons to

In regards to how to speak with you how To treat you I feel like Eight of Cups after you walk away after You've walked away from this person You're gonna get what you want with a Nine of Cups because none of Cups and it Gets wish fulfillment And for some of you Scorpio could also Be you powerful suits where you are Trying to teach this person a lesson by Playing games with them right I feel Like in the end you win this game Because Queen of Swords is not right Position and the higher front here Indicates you're gonna get what you want And how to find is a major corner so It feels like whatever you've been Trying to get from this person you're Getting it okay And pull out more cards here with the Three of Cups still sort them up first There's sort of my first so there's Healing and Recovery between you and This person then I'll sorts and what Verse releasing the pain Reconciliation with the three of cups So maybe Scorpio it's you complete Walking away from somebody who played Mind Games right and have faith with the Higher font here that someone knew will Come along which is the page of Pentacles I still feel this is someone younger Than you are or you know there could be

An age gap between the two of you Um See a Reconciliation here three of cups I know not everybody wants to hear that Because I keep getting comments about oh I don't wanna I don't want my past Person I don't want to reconcile with my Past person but it could also be Somebody you currently could be Connecting with if you have someone Feel like again you're teaching this Person a lesson you're teaching them Your worth and your value you expect Something not something more or nothing Or something That I feel Is solid Sustainable Something genuine Definitely commitment So if there's someone Scorpio again that You could have been expecting some sort Of commitment from this person And you stop talking to them or you And you walked away from this person Unless Scorpio this could be a spirit's Way of saying that Um perhaps in order to teach this person A lesson is to walk away from them and You're gonna get what you want again With the nine of Cups here eventually This person will give you what you what You want you're gonna get it you're Gonna get something that you want okay

From this person and three of Cups it Could be marriage it could be commitment Or it could be moving in together or Sharing the same Sharing the same goals Ambitions that's What I'm seeing here an inner sortium up First something about release here so These tennis the 10 assortments and Eight of swords in my voice kind of Makes me feel that It's like a release Of the past Um Releasing something from the past I feel Like it could also indicate three cups In that right position for those of you In a third-party situation if you want Your person to release it to the party The other man or the other woman or the Party could pay anything okay the party Could be any factors external factors Internal factors that could be meddling Into this connection I feel you're gonna Get what you want Um and you're gonna be happy about it Nine of cups Yep definitely a release of the party or Release of other options I'm gonna pull Out a few of these oracles So deception So some of you this could be you or this Could be this person again you could go It could go vice versa but the deception For me is the Five of Swords so this

Indicates something about Deceiving of somebody Um kind of like playing mind games again Scorpio I feel like you're gonna get What you want Because of this game that you could be Playing in regards to making this person Feel your absence it could be again it Could go vice versa yeah it could be you Or this person see wedding is the higher Font here so some of you if you've been Wanting this person to marry you looks Like it's gonna happen you deserve love Because this person thinks that you Deserve love let go of control issues And this this court for me indicates you Know willingness to walk away so with Your willingness to walk away from this Person will prompt this person to take This connection to the like to the next Level okay codependency this person is Going to feel like they need you Um and they cannot live without you and Very soon looks like very soon that's Gonna happen getting to know each other So it feels like again it's Dinosaurs among virus releasing the past And basically slowly getting to know Each other better all over again that Could be That could be the outcome yeah Scorpio I'm sensing for a lot of you Um unless deception can also indicate Maybe this person has deceived you in

The past or you may have deceived this Person in the past putting somebody in a Third-party situation the nine of Cups Just being really selfish but I I do see You know the hard fun here someone being Taught in lesson Um after someone decided to walk away From this connection fully okay Scorpio Again Rose can reverse between you and This person if you resonate it but this Reading in some way shape or form don't Forget to hit like share and subscribe Um I'm open for personal readings if you Like the book need my information is in The description box below Um yeah and this depends where you're Watching right now from which channel I Do have two Terror channels one is Chelsea Love Tarot which is my original Channel and then the second one I just Created it yesterday Um and it's called Chelsea tarot 2.0 so With Chelsea Terra 2.0 Um I will only upload individual sign Readings Alice and for Chelsea Love Tarot you there will be a mixture of Readings okay Um individual sign readings also Collective readings and it's a very Experimental Channel where I will ask Different questions different topics Um yeah you can subscribe to both Channels if you want to but in any case Scorpio I hope to see you back here

Again later or tomorrow bye

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