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Hiwater science Pisces Cancer and Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're going to Find out who has been manifesting you Romantically and to book a personal Reading with me all information is in The description box below and today is The 6th of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 1 59 PM please bear My not this day Collective reading for Water signs and if you were to finally Got it to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same order sign all right now Let's get you already started Spitz and Angels please show me for water science Pisces cancer in Scorpio who has been Manifesting water signs Oh The empress at the bottom of the deck so This person could be a Virgo Capcom or a Taurus somebody older than you are or Somebody who seems more mature Um the way they look Hmm I feel like with the science you have a History with this person only you water And air signs only in these two signs Six signs all together these two Elements where Um Where I feel strongly this is someone You already know okay someone you Already have a history with the other

The rest of the signs there's some new People as well try to manifest them but Anyway this is a past person for sure Two cups here is in one verse you and This person used to be on the same page We used to be in love used to be in a Romantic connection at some point in Time okay some of you this could be your Best friend and all of you okay some of The two cups I do see it as a best Friend energy but you could be you could Love your best friend too right and There are so many couples whom are like Best friends to each other so for some Of you this could be your best friend Someone this could be somebody you were Romantically involved with in the past Three ones this person could be living Far away from you right now or Three ones could be them longing for you So this person has been longing for you Waiting for you Um for some reason here king of Pentacles Emerald first either this is Someone you couldn't fully commit to or This person couldn't fully commit to you At one point in time there's something a Bit Um Lacking in this king of Pentacles and Lovers in this connection or in this Person Lacking a commitment or you were lacking Of commitment of this person again you

Could go vice versa but An energy of I can't commit that's what I'm seeing here okay so we've got the Ace of Pentacles in one verse this Connection started off strong started Off looking like it was gonna go Somewhere like it was special it was Unique Like it could be sustained but it didn't Turn out to be that way it just didn't Take off right somebody may have felt Like this is too hard to deal with this Connection it's too hard to deal with it Could be due to distance or it could be Due to money it could be due to not Being on the same page not agreeing to Something here two of Cups see because The two cups in Reverse are not agreeing To something not seeing eye to eye on Something and then I feel like this Person could be going through some Financial issues as well currently or You know could be struggling to Um achieve something that they want to Achieve career-wise or financial wise Okay or this could also be someone where I feel Maybe at one point in time either you Could have helped them or they could Have helped you financially okay there's Something over here certain help you Because this person the two people Together with the five of Pentacles so We've got the world here in one verse so

This person hasn't quite moved on yet They've been manifesting the future Through wounds perhaps wondering what Does the future hold for the both of you Is there a future for the both of you to Speak again or to reconcile or to Something about the future And it's also a very longing energy so This person is also longing for you Nana Pentacles are more versy there's some Sort of a codependency here this person May have dependent on you at one point In time or you could have depended on This person at one point in time both of You may dependent on each other But see all the Pentacles are in love First and then five Pentacles the only One in an upright position is five of Pentacles which is not the best Pentacles so I don't know I feel like This person could be Trying to manifest you Because they may not be doing too well Financially or career-wise or it could Be you okay and it could go vice versa We've got the hangman pisian energy some Of you strong Pisces doesn't matter it's A water sign reading for Price cancer Scorpions stop talking about how I'm I'm Pisces I'm not cancer I'm not Scorpio why do you put them together Water science the element is water so This and this reading is for water signs And for those of you who keep

Complaining why don't why do I put water Signs on my title that's because if I Put water signs will you search for it Is it searchable no hence I had to put Pie skin Scorpios separately anyway Sorry for that I'm just vending because It's just all these complaints but Anyway we've got the tender ones here I would say this is someone who works Really hard could also be someone who is Willing to work hard Um poverty I feel this is not someone Rich okay maybe going through financial Issues or maybe they're not rich they Don't have A lot of money but they could be a hard Worker okay Now Pentacles are worse they may be Relying on something or some people may Be relying on them hence they could be Financially Not as sound maybe because they have a Lot of responsibilities people that they Need to take care of And for someone maybe they have taken Care of you you may have taken care of This person let's see more here Judgment so this person I feel like Again this is definitely someone from Your past yeah I think lately it have Been thinking about Things that have happened between the Two of you and most likely to sort People really not

Speaking with each other right now or Very little communication if there's any That's a block communication tool source And then with the empress here This person could be a mother or wants To be a mother in the future Um Or you could be the mother of Their children that's just for some of You not all of you okay but I feel like There's someone who has to take care Maybe of his or her mother okay there's Something about them needing to take it Or someone at home that's disabled This is someone who has again a lot of Responsibility someone who just doesn't Take care of themselves but take care of Other people who need them or someone Who likes to do charity okay if they Don't have anybody who needs them let's See more through cops and one first Justice seven of Swords oh gosh okay so The life for a lot of you water signs Maybe this is someone whom you felt like At one point in time you had to be Selfish or they could have been selfish Right the Justice here three of Cups and Six of Pentacles either you have found Something out about them or they may Have found something out about you about The third party Justice either you're married to this Person we're married to this person have Talked about marriage in the future

Right but it just didn't pan out again It feels like it didn't pan out because Someone may have been extra selfish Someone may have been feeding another Person Mm-hmm And we've got the Queen of Pentacles Here again this person will be Virgo Capricorn see got the king and the queen One of you is on was unwilling or wasn't Committed fully okay it could be you or Them it could go fights first um this Person could be trying to manifest also Like a talk between the two of you like Let's hash things out once and for all But then two swords indecisive whether One should actually have this talk or Just basically forget about this and Just move on forward move on without Having any sort of closure any sorts of Clarification Hmm Let's pull out a few of these oracles Here what a signs You were the best thing in my life so Maybe you were the best thing in your Life despite whatever that may have Happened between the two of you we both Know I'm not the one for you again it Could go vice versa this person maybe Someone that yeah again both of you and The most likely both of you are Separated Someone who's no longer in your life I'm

Afraid to contact you see this person is Hesitant they feel like they owe you an Apology or owe you an explanation or you Owe them an apology or explanation Google vice versa something like that Needs to be hashed out in order to get To have like a proper closure between The two of you sometimes I stay awake Thinking about you so recently they have Been thinking a lot about you I look for I look for you everywhere There could have been certain things That have reminded them of you Lately and you and I were too young Maybe both of you would not prepared not Ready either one of you were not Prepared not ready something about Commitment again could be you or this Person someone here wasn't able or Wasn't wanting to commit maybe it was They were too young or just not ready Okay I know I messed up everything so it Could be you or this person yeah but Somebody here has messed something up I Feel like the manifestation is to have At least some sort of closure to speak To Hash things out all right what is Science price Cancer and Scorpio this is Your reading and I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm open For personal readings if you like the Book me my information is in the Description box below

Um I'm gonna up Why did I keep saying that no I wasn't Gonna I wasn't supposed to say that but Anyway subscribe to both of my channels Chelsea Love Tarot is my original Channel where I post a mixture of Individual sign readings and Collective Readings with different topics and Different questions I post a lot on this Channel however if you'd like to also Subscribe to my newest Channel which is Chelsea 2.0 I only post individual sign Readings over there take care of all the Science hope to see back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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