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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Design spices Cancer and Scorpio welcome To my channel my name is Chelsea thank You so much for liking and subscribing I Really appreciate your love and support In this reading we are going to find out What are the rumors about you lately and Today is the 5th of December time is 8 56 a.m Bali Indonesian time Um this is a collective reading for Water signs and if you were to finally Got it to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same order sign let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me for water science Pisces Cancer in Scorpio What have been the rumors about water Science lately Six of Swords and reverse at the bottom Of the deck please bear in mind that These are rumors it may or may not be True okay and the moon here for many Kids most likely it is not true so there Have been Uh untrue rumors about you lately this Person and it can be anybody this person Could be somebody like you or Pisces Cancer or a Scorpio can be a fire sign Evie Sagittarius Leo air signs liberal Careers or swords here but there is Someone spreading rumors about how You're being picky how they could have Helped you before and you're being Ungrateful okay and you never thought

About them Um what they were going through you Didn't empathize them you were heartless With the king of Cups here in my first Um and a ten of Pentacles in my first Something about them spreading rumors About you destroying Fat a family or your own family or Something that you could have built Together with this person or something That you have built in general okay is The ones here amount first I do sense a Lot of the satisfaction here this person May be spreading spreading rumors about How This is just this part is just for some Of you okay It about How you are not so good in bed that's What I'm seeing here with the Ace of Ones about first Something about Them not being interested in you anymore You're not good in bed they are bored They're both of you they're tired of you Four Swords something about them rather Be doing nothing than doing anything With you I know this sounds so harsh Okay uh water signs but that's what I'm Seeing here it's a lot of your cards Here are in my first and not very good Cards except for the Ten of Cups here so This may be an indication of maybe you Either have lived with this person

Before or been in a relationship with This person before or a very very close Friend or close family friend Hmm yeah this person spreads rumors About You again being heartless being Insincere picky ungrateful After all that they have given you Treated you been there for you They could also be spreading rumors About you being delusional with the moon And attend the cups because the cups can Indicate because it's you know it hasn't Become a reality yet they this person Could be sparing rumors about you Um either being way too ambitious and Whatever you are Trying to do it's not gonna happen You're being delusional Um And you didn't appreciate what you had Before And you tore it all down to pursue Something else A different life or a different Relationship can be a different place That they doubt is going to make you Happy okay They may also spread rumors about you Being crazy Or going through a depression Six of Swords and reverse Temperance and A star see the star indicates like a Wish right

This person could be spreading rumors it Could be anybody I feel like this could Be a different person to be honest Because we've got a knight of Pentacles Here it could be a different person this Person could be up forever Capcom or Taurus But there have been some rumors this Person has strategies this is their Tactic right They've been spreading rumors about how Good you are how kind you are but it's Actually for their own benefit because Of the Five of Swords here So because the strength got candy Diplomas diploma being diplomatic can't Say that word Um treading carefully That having rumors saying that okay if You've been sick lately and you've Recovered or on your way to recovering But he's just been sick in general Something may have happened to you in The past or could be currently someone Could be spreading rumors about your Sickness your illnesses And that you have recovered or on your Way to recovery But also I'm sensing again this person Could be a rival the foul swords Spreading rumors about You Um Something about them having to always be

Very careful with what they say to you Else you you might just Lash out on them or get upset with them And this person may also be spreading Rumors about Them needing to be extra patient with You Needing to praise you all the time Compliment you all the time put you on a Pedestal to be on your good side okay This person could be spreading rumors as Well about how they are kind of stuck That they have no choice but to treat You a certain way so that they won't Step on your toes or step on your tail To anger you or or if you were to become Super sensitive Um because you do have a very strong Character here I guess with the strength Card here That you could be ultra sensitive with The page and the king of cups in my First 301s let's just see a little bit more I'm so sorry if you get offended okay Water signs don't get offended by it It's just a reading I'm just a messenger And Um and the rumors may not be true right Yeah you have a hater here this hater Either lives far away from you or it Could be an internet stalker it can be Anybody okay or a third party with three Or ones queen queen wants them overs for

Those of you if you're involved in a Third-party situation or just somebody Butting in and gossiping about you the Moon candy cake gossips as well so they Could be gossiping about Things that are not true About you Yeah someone may also This person whom is a hater may call you Insecure Childish Or They call you crazy as well yeah And that you have nothing to offer You're not good enough you're not as Good as they are you're not as clever as They are you know as attractive as they Are Um they could be spreading moments about That and also I don't know why I'm Hearing plastic surgery or operations I'm so operational plastic surgery Um there could have been rumors about You doing plastic surgery or having been Through some sort of an operation okay May or may not be a plastic surgery and Just seeing the store you know just Relating it to celebrities where usually They are known for doing plastic Surgeries Okay That's got yeah that's why I was Thinking could indicate some sort of Transformation so someone may be

Spraying rumors oh you look different Now or you're different because because Of something you have done okay it could Be again something drastic something big Something that could be like a taboo Okay all right what a signs Pisces Cancer in Scorpio this is the old Reading hope you resonated in some way Shape or form I'm Gonna Leave You with Two playlists on the screen right now The first one is from my second channel It's a travel Vlog Channel check it out If you want to and the second playlist Is from this channel has all the Readings that I've done for you And for the rest of the signs with Different topics and different questions But these readings are still new because I post them almost every single day for Those of you don't know that I post your Videos uh right away you should know now Because it's fresh and it's new and it's Still relevant Um I'm also open for personal readings If you like to book me my information It's in the description box below and I Hope to see you back here again Um soon or later Take care water signs bye

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