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  • How to Read Minds Without Being a Psychic

    How to Read Minds Without Being a Psychic

    Do you want to know how to be a mentalist? You know what I'm talking about a person who has the power to read minds. Don't you start laughing now. Today's mentalists are no longer like the odd-looking ones in the olden times. These days, knowing how to read minds does not require you to get into any kooky clothing. If you want to learn how to be a mentalist, read on! No need for ESP Reading minds does not necessarily require you to have the gift of ESP. While that would probably be a convenient skill to have, you do have another way of knowing what's going on inside that person's head. And that is by the pure power of observation. Observation allows you to predict more or less what a person is going to do or say next. Of course, the better you know a person, the higher your chances are of being right. Watch the pupils Learning how to be a mentalist involves watching a person's eyes. The general rule is: the more interested a person is, the larger the pupils become (unless it's dark, as pupils get bigger in a dark room). The less interested a person is, the smaller the pupils become (unless you're in a bright room). It all sounds so easy but you can't let yourself look too obvious. Before you use this technique on other people, why not try it out on yourself. Look into the mirror and imagine different situations, good...

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