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  • Numerology: Health and Your Stress Numbers

    Numerology: Health and Your Stress Numbers

    Stress affects our mind, and our mind affects our body. Using numerology we can calculate our stress numbers. If we know this stress number we will be able to avoid major obstacles and illnesses. Stress number gives us a clue to the part of our body subjected to disease. It also prevents us from making repeated mistakes. Stress numbers delay our progress and drain our energy. If the stress numbers appear constantly in our lives, it is a sign of up coming disturbances or something we are already going through. If we live in a house which is equal to our stress number we will not be able to experience peace of mind. Let`s say your unit number is 13-42, we add all the digits together till we derive at a single digit. 1+3+4+2=10 and again we add 1+0= 1. The final digit of our house unit number is 1. If 1 is your stress number (calculations shown below) you will experience mental stress in the home. If 2 is your stress number mind will not be at rest causing frequent worries. Calculation of stress number There are 4 steps involved in this calculation. Example of date of Birth: November 19 1966. We make all the digits into singular digit by adding it, till it becomes a singular digit. The month November is 11 thus 1+1=2. The date 19 will become 1+9=10 adding again it becomes 1+0=1, the year 1966 becomes 1+9+6+6=22 adding it again it is 2+2=4. Thus we...

  • What’s Your Expression Number and How It Affects Your Destiny

    What’s Your Expression Number and How It Affects Your Destiny

    Expression number is one of the core numbers. It is even considered as the most essential numbers in the numerology chart of a person. The name of a person represents his/her personal history. Whatever your history is, this will shape your future. Before parents meet their kids, they already have instincts about their kid's name. This intuition will serve as the guiding force which will pick up the personal vibrations of the child. The name that is given by your parents was actually meant for you. Expression numbers show the personality and ability of one person. This may also reveal one's talents and shortcomings that may enter his/her life. The numbers associated with your name reveals your development while you are working out some issues and making the most of your talents. For those who believe in reincarnation, numerology may also work that way. Your full name’s vibration is seen in the totality of your development which may include experiences, wisdom you accumulated, and talents. Every experience, whether big or small can influence your life. The expression is not a prediction or something that you may use in the future, but it is a way on how to know your personality and ability. With the use of expression number, you will understand your personality and nature. For you to determine your expression number, you need to write your full name. Then, add the numbers of your name. Since the alphabet is using an ascending form, the numbers used start from...

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