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  • Morning Message: *Clearing Your Path* October 1 – Daily Tarot Reading

    Morning Message: *Clearing Your Path* October 1 – Daily Tarot Reading

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/PovsHiBxoMM [ Music ] welcome in everybody. Welcome to friday. I hope the day finds you well no matter what time of day you're watching this. Oh yeah, all right, let's see where we go morning message for friday october, 1st um. If you were on the double live yesterday, that's where the monthly messages are for each zodiac sign.So you might want to check that out if you're part of the pathfinders group or part of the seekers group check that out today at noon, i'm going to be live on youtube and we're going to be talking about the new moon coming up october 6th i'm Going to also talk a little bit more in depth about all of the retrogrades that are going direct. I did a video the other night, just giving you the information. So, let's talk about working with that information, a little bit [ Music ], let's see where we go and back by popular demand next week, we're doing the north node class. If you're looking for your mission and your purpose, that's a good place to start all right. Link is below all right.Let'S see where we go saturday morning, a little treat for you all right go the distance, i'm going to make a post on saturday morning. I think you'll like go the distance, buy the book thinker all right, something about buy the book. Like a lot of times, i'll see this as a structure process kind of...

  • The Most Popular Tarot Cards

    The Most Popular Tarot Cards

    Tarot cards are among the most popular of card types in the world. Collected for their card value, as well as notorious for the "fortune telling powers" entailed in their usage, the popularity of tarot cards is evident. Basically, the interpretation of tarot card deck entails variations, in terms of their meanings and symbolism. Depending on the type of tarot card deck, as well as the type of spread, a tarot card deck interpretation could mean one thing over that of another. Tarot cards are basically a deck of cards populated by 21 trump cards. The types of tarot cards are quite popular, if not for the symbolism they represent in tarot card readings, but also for the art tarot cards are known to entail. Here are some of the more popular of tarot cards, with a brief description as to what they are, and what they represent in the world of tarot cards. The Fool The Fool is indeed one of the most popular of tarot cards. Mind you, the fool being talked about here doesn't talk about fool as in foolish, but rather talks about a jester, which in the Medieval Times, was commonly referred to as the fool. The Fool of tarot cards' typical depiction entails that of a young man walking towards a cliff, with his dog following him, his possessions in one hand, and a rose on another. The actions of the Fool tarot card symbolizes beginnings, talking about starting on a journey, or going...

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