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  • Zodiac Elements Define Your Personality Traits

    Fire, earth, air and water are the four elements. These elements symbolizes different types of personal characteristics. But it also is depending of heredity and environment how we behave towards others. However peoples way of acting and the characteristic of the element their sign belongs to is often proven to be similar. The elements have been divided into two groups - active and passive. Fire and Air signs are considered active. Water and Earth signs are considered passive. Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Positive Aspects: To warm and inspire others in being creative. They are active, have courage and are helpful. They look forward, have the strength to influence others. They are full of initiative and self-assurance. Negative Aspects: indifference, foolishness, obsession of pleasure, selfishness, emotional outbursts, self-centered and unmerciful manners. Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo Positive Aspects: To have good taste, to think far ahead , to feel strong and deep emotional understanding. They have a good sense of time. They are careful and practical. Negative Aspects: A need to be in control, to decide what other people should do, greed, unable to put them selves in somebody else’s shoes, manipulation, behave inconsiderate, collect possessions and they have a conservative way of thinking. Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini Positive Aspects: To inspire and collaborate with people. They are social beings. They have a lot of ideas and an ability to come up with inventions. They are humane, objective and intelligent. Negative Aspects: They gossip, act over...

  • Characteristics of the Gemini

    Characteristics of the Gemini

    The Gemini sign is always the center of attention at any social gathering. Geminis are extremely articulate and know exactly what to ask, say, and do in any given situation. They are people-pleasers, and are very intuitive when it comes to reading others. Since their interests are spread over a large number of topics and issues, Geminis may find it hard to commit themselves to one particular passion. This is why they often fail to meet expectations at certain times. Gemini signs are always interested in learning new things and meeting new people. They believe that committing to only one pursuit will result in missing out on other experiences. They can carry on a conversation with anyone about any given subject, and have the uncanny ability to argue their way out of any situation. Since a Gemini is a people-person, he or she is always surrounded by a large number of people, which can make it difficult to attract the Gemini’s attention. They do not appreciate individuals who are frivolous in nature or overly conservative. Because they are so intelligent, if you cannot keep up with them in a conversation, a Gemini will quickly lose interest. Those ruled by the Gemini sign are often known to be shallow and superficial. Since their interests lie in a variety of topics, they find it hard to specialize in one particular field, both academically and professionally. This trait is also reflected in their personal relationships, as they are often unable to commit to...

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