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Hello earth science Virgo Torres in Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading for those of You dealing with someone who has pulled Away or ghosted you we're gonna find out Why I have a new channel Chelsea tarot 2.0 and that channel only does Individual sign readings feel free to Subscribe to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below and today is the 27th of February 2023 time here in Melbourne Australia is 3 26 p.m please Bear in mind that there's a collective Reading for Earth signs and if you were To finally got it to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same Earth sign All right now let's get your reading Started spirits and Angels please show Me for earth science Virgo tourists in Capcom why did a person pull away or Ghost Earth science Foreign Person thinks you deserve better because The Justice here is in love first Your person whom could be ghosting you Right now or not in communication right Now pulled away that's because I feel Like Whatever That you deserve They just can't give you because of the King of Pentacles here in my verse as

Well so there you have certain standards Um Earth signs and I feel like these Standards Make them feel Insecure inferior because the star the Star is you I feel are signs you may Have really high standards or This person may feel like they are Completely out of your league okay And that you deserve somebody who can Give you what you want what you need Yeah because of the Ace of Pentacles and Two of Pentacles here among first this Can be an indication of a decision that Perhaps they have made with the world Here thinking maybe that you deserve the World you deserve everything right Because this person is actually in the Middle Of the snake that's actually eating its Own tail the self-preservation you know Um when snakes do that that's because Um either they feel too hot or too cold I can't remember which one but it's too You know it's like them trying to Regulate the the temperature the snake Is trying to regulate their body Temperature so they end up just eating Their own tail Um feels a little bit like sacrifice to Be honest Um Either way either way it's not the best How do you say it's not the best

Decision to the Pentacles your person May have pulled away Because they think it's the right thing To do but may not be the best decision I Hope that makes sense to you because the Higher fund here indicates you know Um them wanting to be a good person Wanting to do the right thing Morally perhaps or spiritually So I feel like you know this is why the Justice here is the one first even Though they think Okay this may not be Right but higher fund here it's right in A way where They feel It's right but it's wrong I hope that Makes sense to you either way it's like Ugh It's a very tough decision that's for Sure pulling away from you uh Earth Signs this person could be a photograph Contour somebody like you are it could Be any sign Leo Eerie Sagittarius Piscient energy Aquarius fixed signs I don't know how to quite explain this Or signs it's like But this is not what they want though I Guess this is Um The difference between okay I think this Is not what I want but I think this is Something I need to do Because I feel like again with the star Here your person

Feels that your person who is pulling Away feels like you deserve a whole lot More maybe you have really really high Standards they just can't give it to you They can't provide that To you or that they can't give it to you Either they're not ready or they're not Stable in some ways you perform or don't Have the means to do that okay It could be mentally emotionally Monetarily see the hangman indicates Sacrifice as well so for some reason the World and the hangman these two cards Feels like it is connected in a way Where this person may think like they Have to sort of sacrifice speaking with You not sacrifice yeah sacrifice not Speaking with you or not connected to You Um pulling away from you because they're Seeing things in a different perspective Right whether the perspective is right Or wrong They think it is a necessity they need To do this but another ones can maybe They are guarded they feel hurt or that They feel like they might hurt you Or hurt you again understand humor First Losing the courage losing Losing courage or Not Having the courage Of Bravery to provide you with what they Think you need or they think that you Want that's for some of you you may have Conveyed to them

To this person that this is what you Want hence they could be feeling right Now that you have these standards that They may not be able to uphold right The world I have found again with the Star there's three cards here You know indicates It's a major kind of so it's big right It's major so your person may be pulling Away from you because They think you need something better Something big or that it takes A lot Um Or it's a big decision that's what I'm Sensing here It's important it's important I don't Know it's something about morals They feel like morally This is the right thing to do For some of them yeah not for all of Them uh let's put a lot more cards here Person could be an Aries Leo Sagittarius again and Pedro wands It could be pulling away from you also Because They you know the pager wants somebody Who is still exploring Um wanting to venture into new Territories So they could also be pulling away Because they need to venture somewhere Else they need to explore something else Or they could be exploring themselves

Okay they could be going through Um A face where they need to explore what Are the possibilities out there and to See to find out what he or she truly Wants right got the emperor in my first They also could be pulling away from you Because they think this is completely Out of their control the only control That they have Is to It still have their guards up Feels a bit like I can't even control Myself I can't even control my life What more Giving Earth signs I can't even give myself the best What more giving Earth signs the best That they truly deserve So again you know it feels like a Self-preservation kind of thing here With the world or with the world card It's like preserving himself or herself From getting hurt Um You know I always say this right You can't give if you can't take care of Yourself you can't take care of anybody Else not even a pet Not even a plant okay plants need You know a lot of nurturing as well Consistency right you need water plants You need to give vitamins to the plants You know give sunlight to the plants if

You can't take care of yourself you Can't even take care of a plant let Alone a child another human being let Alone a relationship a marriage so I think for some of you earth science is Supposed to be pulling away from you Because they themselves are not even all Right they're not even all there to Begin with right it could be mentally it Could be physically it could be Emotionally Monetarily financially which is Monetarily but the four ones here Indicates also Um But this person could be trying to Stabilize something within themselves in Their life I think They could also be for the first time I See the world as like kind of isolating Because this person is inside the snake While these other four are outside like In the bubble so this person could be in Their own little bubble right trying to Gain stability trying to self-preserve Here with a star in the world similar You know the star it's like renewal Hoping having faith cleansing you know a Higher font here wanting to do again the Right thing feeling like They need They need to do this it feels more it's Not the right thing but it's Not the right thing per se but it's

Something necessary okay for their own Well-being affiliate they are putting Themselves first before you or signs But I wouldn't say like it's something Really it could it you can say it's it's Kind of selfish but it's necessary okay Hope that makes sense to your science Purgatories and Capricorn this your Reading I hope you resonated in some way Shape or form if you did please hit like Share and subscribe Um If you'd like to book me for a personal Reading my information is in the Description box below don't forget to Subscribe to both of my channels this is Chelsea Love Tarot I post uh very Frequently on this channel and I post a Mixture of individual sign readings Collective readings different topics Different questions well my second Channel my second tarot Channel Chelsea Tarot 2.0 I only post individual side Readings right now this moment I feel Like I can only post once a week I Thought I could do it daily but no I'm Too tired and I've been sick and I've Been traveling so it's a little bit hard For me to commit to that at this moment But Um I'm gonna try eventually anyway take Care of earth science physical tours and Capcom hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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