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Hello earth science Virgo tours and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading for Those of you currently connected to Someone romantically we're gonna find Out the most likely outcome for this Connection today is the 22nd of December 2022 time is 10 52 p.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now please bear in mind that This is a collective reading for earth Science and if you were to finally got It to watch this video this message is Meant for you even if you're dealing With the same Earth sign now let's get Your reading started Spritz and Angels Please to show me for earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn what's the Most likely outcome of this connection Eight of swords and reverse at the Bottom of the deck okay so I see there Is a period of a brief separation or a Pause to this connection because of the Hangman perhaps you know the hangman can Also indicate that someone perhaps could Be thinking about needing to make Certain sacrifices for this connection When I say someone that means could be You or your person just give me a second Foreign Excuse me okay the page of cups is my First candy maybe this person is either Younger than you are

Um Or may not be 100 ready But there is a four ones here that means I think there would be a connection that Would be because the four ones I do read It as either moving in together or Um stabilizing the the connection the Relationship could for one social Connecticut engagement marriage so but The higher front here is the mob first And the Justice isn't one person the Store isn't my verse this for me Indicates there is going to be a delay For this to happen a marriage and moving In together Um all of that good stuff I'm not saying That it's not gonna happen at all even Though they are in real first because There's also a hangman here so maybe There is a pause there's a delay in Taking the relationship to the next Level or that this connection will take A while before both of you will end up Getting married okay if you are single Nine of Pentacles here Um if you're if you're not already Married to this person okay and we've Got the four of cups you're my first and A star members okay so I feel like it Takes again like a brief separation Um for your person to actually realize That you may be Um the person that has gone away or you Know a missed opportunity because nine

Of Pentacles is you or science you Almost have it all and Um nine is almost 10 so you're almost Perfect for this person and it's not Easy for them to meet someone like you Or replace somebody like you you're Definitely Irreplaceable and the story Is in my voice but it takes again a Separation here in order for this person To realize that right Um perhaps this person will will Um Try and see if other options are better And when they and they when they find Out eventually that they can't find Anybody else to replace you or anybody Else better than you are I think they Had to try everything before they know That you you could be the one for them Right Um it could turn into a connection where Both of you will end up moving in Together or getting married getting Engaged by these cards here in Reverse Indicates there is a delay so it takes a A while before that's gonna happen I Feel Um and the Justice them up first the King of Swords and what verse yeah this Person may not be 100 sure yet of Um of you of this connection because Maybe it's still new for some of you Because Paige is still new and it will Take a while for them to you know

Um make a decision or even or it could Be you you may take a while to make a Decision in regards to this person maybe Because this person is younger than you Are or may seem kind of immature or not Ready Again I could go vice versa So this person could be a Libra Gemini Chris Pisces cancer scorpio could be any Sign Taurus any fire sign here with four Ones um every Sagittarius Leo on Korean Earth sign but let's see more See there will be a heartbreak I think All for some of you maybe this has Already happened Um that was possibly an ending and then You guys got back together or if if you Guys are still together right now I feel Like you will go through again a brief Period of Separation with the three of Swords and the hermit here see it takes Someone to reflect again it could go Vice versa yeah but you know that's your Reading so I feel like it could be your Person Um reflecting over what had happened What I've said how perhaps they they're Not treating you fairly or that they Couldn't commit or unsure And I feel like it takes a while yeah Earth science for this person to realize That they are missing this opportunity Being with you and with eight of Swords Here in my first I think maybe this

Person is overthinking or will be Overthinking about this connection with You Um perhaps a little bit afraid as well The King of Swords remembers and a page Of cups and one verse afraid of Commitment because Justice seems really Serious and horrified and my voice Candicate it's a very serious connection As well but Maybe there's there are some differences Okay Um some obstacles obstacles could be Because of a different religion a Different background justice or Something legal Um or marriage some somebody else could Be married could be you or this person It could be any of these things but There are some obstacles that I feel This person is going to like kind of Second guess Um this connection or maybe taking much Longer time to want to completely or Fully commit to you or it could be you Okay or it could go vice versa because The hangman is slow it's like taking a Break and the hermit is super slow too Because if you look at the hermit here The beard is white so it takes it's like I I'm waiting for a long time until my Beard turns gray or white you know what I mean so it kind of makes me feel like This person is going to make you wait

For them or you may ask this person to Wait for you because you do you do you Know nine of Pentacles you do look like You're somebody very independent very Self-sufficient Um perhaps for some of you it could be You telling this person to wait for you Or again it could go vice versa that Maybe this person isn't that ready yet And may ask you to wait for them instead Because it feels like there is a Different Status a different level here because Page is much younger and you seem to be Much more mature much more well put Together I think this person may not be 100 ready yet because maybe also because This connection is kind of new unless This is someone you have had a Separation with in the past then they May want to make sure that you know that They take their time the hermit here and Be wise with this decision of taking This relationship to the next level with You so we've got the 601 601s indicates A successful connection Definitely success but 601s this person just came back from Like a war So So that means it takes some fighting Some some battles now both of you have To go through certain battles in order For this connection to be successful so

For me it indicates that it's not going To be easy either someone was married is Married some baggages from the past or Someone is just not that ready yet Because Page of Cups remember is still Young still kind of immature or it could Be because of religion uh issues the Higher fund here in Reverse or age Gap Um distance Um again inability to commit or just Somebody unsure and clear about whether To commit or take the relationship to The next level it also takes again like A separation to happen in order for Somebody to be able to be alone for a While take um to have some space and to Think and reflect and then eventually Talk talk about because the hermit the Lamp is you know shining its light to The full ones here so there will be a Consideration of reconciling and then Like moving in together and taking a Relationship to the next level I just Saw zero nine zero nine check out your Angel number if you want to or signs Anyway this is your reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with a couple of Playlists on the screen right now first One is from my second channel it's a Travel Vlog Channel check it out if you Want to and the second playlist is from This channel has all of the readings

That I've done for you and for the rest Of the signs with different topics and Different questions but these Trading Still new so they're still relevant Because I post them every single day in Fact I post them twice a day lately and I upload them right away so it is as up To date as It can be okay take care of science hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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