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Hi earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To find out who has been manifesting you Romantically to book a personal reading With me all information is in the Description box below today is the 6th Of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 12 59 PM please bear in mind That there's a collective reading for Earth science and if you were divinely Guided to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same Earth sign all right now Let's get your reading started spirits And Angels please show me for earth Science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Who has been manifesting Earth science 801s at the bottom of the deck okay If some of you are sense I feel like This could be somebody you have already Met and If it doesn't resonate it could be Someone coming into your life okay who Has been trying to manifest you and Perhaps successfully manifesting you Eventually So we've got these three of swords here 601s King Of Wands and lot worse but for A lot of you earth science this is a Fire energy okay Leo Erie Sagittarius Could also be a Libra gemini or an Aquarius so this person is hurting right Now through your thoughts

So they've been trying to manifest you Wanting to get your attention six of Wands or this could be someone very good Looking who has a lot of attention from People from people in general Um Has also a leadership quality If again or science if this someone you Don't know yet this is that one person Who could be hurting right now but you Know they are not lack of suitors they Have a lot of admirers King Of Wands in My first somebody who's just kind of Like playing the field Maybe because they still haven't gone Over a heartbreak with the third swords Here unless this is someone you've Already known before then through your Souls can you get maybe this person is Hurting right now and wanting your Attention because you haven't really Paid them as much as much attention I feel like this is someone who thrives From attention right If they don't get attention from people From you then they they're not gonna Feel like themselves they're not going To feel good about themselves we've got Their queen of Cups here for a lot of You are science you could be embodying The queen of Cups which is the queen of Love Queen of water Um I've got the lovers and the high fun Among those so maybe this is someone I

Feel maybe of a different descent Different ethnicity different Religion just both of you could be very Different from each other Um different background And then we've got the lovers here Okay so if this is someone you already Know yeah or signs those are this person Has been trying to manifest You because of your love for them the Love that you used to have for them or Someone maybe you still do have feelings For this person or care about this Person And also with the lovers here maybe they Still want to be physically intimate With you but there is a separation going On between two of you with horrified in Love first Unless if this is a new person coming Into your life or science this could be Someone who has been divorced before so This person has been trying to manifest Somebody like you are somebody kind Somebody attractive somebody where they Are going to be sexually attracted to You on top of that not just your body Your looks but also your heart And this is someone against 601's I feel is popular popular among the Friends family Somebody who is quite I would say either Well to do or they have some sort of an Achievement in your life that's worth

Celebrating one second I'm coughing right now I need to switch Off this Um one second Sorry he's gonna drink some water Still sick But anyway This is someone who finds it really hard To trust easily right this person has Trust issues always with the Ace of Soul Team of birth and clear unsure about Somebody and we've got these seven of Swords yeah afraid that they're gonna be Used being lied to be cheated on so this Person definitely has Um Has trust issues maybe because of the Three of Swords maybe this person has Been lightly cheated on their heart has Been broken before in the past okay 80 months here I said well first let's See more Zero five zero five check out your angel Number I just saw it Can just Google it Other five of Pentacles maybe this Person was abandoned before in the past If there's someone that hasn't come into Your level kind of newish okay so I feel A little bit of summer cups this is Someone who's again who has trust issues Constantly questioning is this person Worth my time is this can this person be Trusted is this person genuine so you're

Gonna you're gonna have to deal with Somebody's trust issues here okay and Five of cups here is in Reverse so this Is somebody who's trying to move forward Trying to heal from their past Um heartbreak here five of Pentacles may Have been in a very difficult Relationship in the past for whatever Reason okay it could be it could be due To money could be due to somebody using Them for money or being abandoned Um excuse me Or it's just difficult for a very Challenging connection this person may Have experienced in the past But Um for a lot of you are assigned to um At least 60 of you maybe this could also Be someone whom has hurt you before in The past or could be hurting right now At this moment Um this person could be men trying to Manifest A conversation with you right with Ace Of Swords and 801s and one first this Person's constantly keep tabs on you Seminal suits always in the background Sneaking around trying to see what You're up to And seven of Cups trying to piece the Puzzles together see I'm trying to Figure out your life what you're doing If I have a cups here in my verse is Someone that you know

That you've been disappointed in the Past but I feel like you don't really Speak with them much or at all anymore Okay if this is someone you've separated From from your past but there's again a New energy this new person could be Could have been trying to manifest you Um because again they see you as Somebody they're attractive Good heart But they could have again trust issues They may have been stopping it back with Ace assortium of verse liedu cheated on Too many people take it took advantage Of this person Hence I feel like yeah this new person Was trying to manifest you Or manifest somebody like you are that You potentially would end up meeting or Have already met this person you're Gonna have to deal with your trust Issues but I feel like the only reason Why they are this way is because of Their past trauma right but overall I Would say this is someone good looking Or somebody Somebody very ambitious Somebody somebody who is a favorite to Many people community Definitely a fighter something very Strong But I feel like the ego may have been Hurt here in the past because of Somebody who didn't appreciate them who

Has possibly used them right so I see Them the high frame of course somebody Who has been in a relationship long-term Relationship at least a serious Relationship or has been divorced before So Um let's pull a few of these romance Angels gonna see more Foreign Deception pay attention to the red flag So our signs some of you this is that One person from your past yeah with the Lovers here maybe this person has hurt You before like you cheated on you this Person has been trying to manifest you Yeah but also if this is someone new This person could you see again pay the Generates like this person has trust Issues doesn't really trust easily Because they've been deceived before With the deception part also stay Optimistic about your love life you have To be definitely encouraging you to stay Optimistic uh with your love life Positive thinking and faith will bring You Romance So I feel like even though This person may have issues with may Have trust issues but I see them also Trying to be optimistic yeah I see they naturally have this very Optimistic Outlook in life right unrequited love so Maybe in the past or signs this person

Has been Experience has experience unrequited Love where they could have given more Than the other person and hence the Other person was also taking advantage Of them of their love for them chemistry And we've got forgiving and learning Keep an open mind so or since this is Where the heart fund here in one verse Is coming from I feel like again this is Somebody Somebody home is very different from you Are so special your soulmate May differ From your usual type and expectations to Keep an open mind that perhaps this Could turn into something good whoever This person who is trying to manifest You then you've got a past person also Has been trying to manifest you for Giving and learning maybe this person Wants or needs your forgiveness right Um And the chemistry here remember this Person still has chemistry for you still Has feelings for you Hence they could be trying to manifest You but this could also again if it's a New person I feel like you're gonna feel this very Strong chemistry with with him or her Okay But spit says You If you I don't know why I'm getting

That you could also be trying to Manifest this person for giving and Learning as you release and heal the Past you experience more love in your Present moments so maybe this person is Already in your life yeah if he or she Is in your life right now comment in the Box below Feel like maybe it's both of you needing To forget about the past maybe both of You will like doing cheated on it feels Like it's like the same or if not Similar story okay between you and this Person who's trying to manifest you but For some of you again are signs that Someone whom could be hurting right now Through thoughts could be trying to Manifest a conversation with you yeah Because maybe both of you are not really Speaking with each other right now this Person has been giving Taps on you to See who is your lover who is the person You could be romantically connected with Or are you married with a horrified here Alone first If you're married they want to see how Your children look like if you have Children or your husband or your wife Looks like I feel like this is an X okay But for a lot of you again earth science Is someone new yeah and someone new and I feel both of you may share some trauma Bonding together Um

It feels like maybe both of you have Experienced Similar things from your past both of Your pasts and there's this a lot of These suspicion energy a lot of this Trust issues energy that I'm sensing Here all right Earth signs virgators and Calculus you're reading I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below and feel Free to Feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot is my Original Channel where I post a mixture Of individual sign readings only once a Week Um Collective readings daily couple of Times a day different topics different Questions check them out if you want to Um Actually the playlist you can see on the Screen right now I can click on it takes You to all of the daily readings I do on This channel And yeah and feel free to also subscribe To my second Channel which is just tarot 2.0 on that channel only post individual Sign readings take care of science hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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