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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Taurus welcome to my channel and welcome To your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and Today is the 20th of December 2022 time Is 8 40 a.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia all Right let's get your reading started Towards splitted Angels please show me Important love messages that tourists Need to hear today New left ace of cups The devil at the bottom of the deck There's somebody who missed super drunk In love with you right now if it's not Right now this could be happening in the Near future okay because we've got the Ace of cups and the devil can't indicate Obsessiveness something that is a little Bit too much or addiction this person is Addicted to You perhaps ace of cups Eight of Pentacles constantly focusing On you Um keeping tabs on you Um finding out details about you And then we've got the art Six of Swords Here and versus person is thinking that He or she would stick around would stay And focus on his connection find out More about you learning more about you Unless this is an X for some of you it Could be an ex as well with a devil here

And the Six of Swords remember sometimes Communicate somebody returning for some Of you it's someone returning to someone Who is just this new person who is just Going to be or is currently obsessed Obsessed over you and really would like To stick around would would like to work On this connection focus on this Connection uh it's a new love that's for Some of you again it could be a new Level or again an ex who may be starting To feel like Um they're falling in love with you I Would like to work on this connection or Work on returning to you or have you Returned to them we've got the four ones And reverse and then we've got the four Cups there is an offer coming in for Some of you course if you're single Um But I think you're gonna doubt this Person though with the page of Swords You are going to like turn your back on This offer because this person's back is Facing the ace of cups here so it feels Like some of you you're just gonna say I'm busy working focusing on my work but Page of Swords is looking towards the Four ones in my first some of you you May be suspecting if this person is for Real is are they stable Um Does this person actually want a Relationship is this just all about you

Know ace of cups all about you know love Bombing or Is this Gonna Last that's what I'm Seeing here and with the Queen of Pentacles here in my verse this is Definitely your energy I feel and the Four of cups here I feel you are you you Possibly ignore this person or some of You could be ignoring this person And either you don't trust them or that You feel like They're not good enough for you it could Be that as well or that they could be Toxic or unhealthy for you with the Devil okay that's just for some of you Currently there is someone in your life Right now unless this person is coming In in the near future and we've got the Four Swords I feel like you're gonna Take your time to suss this person out And we've got the eight of Swords here And one first don't want to get stuck in This connection but I feel like you'll Be thinking a lot about this offer some Of you again this is an offer coming in From an ex that you're going to be Suspicious of their intention Um you're gonna be suspicious as in like Did your ex relationship with someone Else Um didn't work out is it because it Didn't work out and this is why they are Returning some of you might think that Right when they do return and maybe

They've already returned but you know I Definitely see you with a page of Swords Questioning their intention Um all could be also questioning is this Time around is it going to be different Are they going to be stable are they Going to offer me a relationship it Could be that as well But some of your tourists could be just This new person who really really wants You and you may not be 100 all in yeah Because you may have negative thoughts About love or about this person through Your thoughts perhaps you still haven't Completely healed yet we've got the Higher font and we've got the tender Wands feels like a one-sided Relationship or connection this person Is going to be so so into you or it's Already so So Into You Whoever this person is But I feel like again it's one-sided Because this person will be carrying all Of like the burden the responsibilities Of you know making you love them making You like them I don't know I just see One person who like to put in work into Catching your attention or wanting to Have to start with you this person could Be again Drunk in Love with You obsessed Over you but through swords can indicate Maybe you've been hurt before so you Haven't complete you heal healed yet and You may have a very negative notion when

It comes to this person or love in General we've got the higher font here This is good I feel like for some of you However I have volcanic kid a marriage And the three sources of the volcanicate Third party situation for those of you Towards if you're in the third party Situation Um I think somebody will have to make a Decision to make a choice here okay it Could be you or your person but four of Cups spirit says if if your person has Somebody else you're the one being put In a third-party situation spirit says You don't have to accept their offer Right it's just I just don't think it's Good enough just the love itself is not Good enough Um This person cannot offer you commitment And will break your heart okay so that's What I'm seeing if you are involved in The third party situation but for some Of you unless if you're the one who put This person into the party situation you May have to choose you may have to make A choice yet and with the higher front Candidate making a choice where Um Where you know that this is the right Person when you know that this person is Um the one who is A good person and somebody who is Completely committed as you are okay

That's just for some of you if that's Your situation right now but I Definitely see for some of you if this Is someone completely new Um still being really guarded right I Still being really really guarded Um Like just you don't trust this person For some reason okay But the horror Funk indicates having Faith so it's brisk be saying to have Faith and love and don't get too jaded With the devil here or feel too negative When it comes to love All right let's pull out a few more Few oracles here See Flirt yeah that's someone who is Flirting with you currently or will be Flirting with you in the future this Person again is crazy about you right We've got true love this person may see You as their true love or that they may Love you pay attention to red flags yeah For those of you Um involved in a third-party situation I Feel like if if your person puts you in A third-party situation I just don't see Them Um I see them manipulating you with the Devil here yeah I see them manipulating You they may love balmy tell you how Much they love you and whatnot but Spirit says to reject them to be honest

That's what it says here okay look Deception so this person may lie to you About somebody else this person could Also be married right the hierophant or Is involved in another serious Relationship and separation spirit is Definitely encouraging you to separate Yourself from this person whoever this Person is who could be lying cheating on You or putting you in a third-party Situation that's definitely what I'm Seeing here only for those of you Taurus If this is Um what's happening to you right now if This is your situation Okay See the true love it kind of makes me Feel like this person is going to love Balmy and Floyd flirt with you and tell You what you want to hear but it may not Be true because again the devil here They have that intentions could be Selfishness Manipulation and you're too good for Somebody like that with a higher fund And this is your energy all right Taurus Is your reading I hope you resonated in Some way shape or form if you did please Hit like share and subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with couple of playlists on The screen right now the first one is From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it if you want to and The second playlist is from this channel

Has all of the readings that I've done For you and for the rest of the signs With different topics and different Questions but these readings are still New so they're still relevant because I Post them every single day twice a day These days and I upload them right away So they are very very up to date and I Mentioned the date and the time and all My reading so you know that they are Fresh and new all right Taurus I hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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