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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hello are signs for Go toys and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're gonna Find out why did your person suddenly Pull away for those of you like to book A personal reading with me information Is in the description box below and Today is the 7th of February 2023 time Here in Canberra Australia is 12 12 14 P.m please bear in mind that this is a Collective reading for earth science and If you were to finally got it to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Earth sign and I titled this reading Into individually so it's easier to Search Okay Um anyway let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me Why did Earth Science person pull away The star at the bottom of the deck Maybe this person is going through a Healing and Recovery currently and also The star can indicate for some of you if You are more successful or you're Somebody very popular somebody very very Attractive or more attractive than this Person they could be pulling away from You because of insecurities fear right With the 901s here perhaps they are Guarded they're afraid to get hurt and Also Three of Swords not at once maybe This has something to do with their past Trauma they don't want to feel hurt or

Get hurt again Um and we've got the Wheel of Fortune Here my first stuck in the past right Okay if some of you are signs if this is Someone relatively new I would say you Could be some somebody very you know They may feel like you're out of their League okay and maybe they have similar Experiences in your past hence they Could be pulling away because of that But if you're wondering if this person Has feelings for you or is attracted to You I would say yes still very attracted To you with the Easter ones perhaps fear In starting something new fear of it Growing Um Yeah and also we've got the eight of Swords and my first four cups of my First however I feel like our science This person is gonna not want to miss This opportunity with you I sense them Are going to maybe eventually tell you What you're thinking with a sodium overs But it's gonna take some time before That happens Um And also the sun him up first maybe the Unhappy pessimistic about you know this New beginning this new Love and the Devil see they are traumatized and they Are plagued with negativities negative Feelings negative past Um trauma right full Pentacles and one

First maybe they have dropped the ball In the past or somebody had dropped them So I think our science for a lot of you Again the story this is you and Especially if you're really doing well For yourself you're very popular very Attractive could be any of these things We could just be them feeling insecure Right the devil again kind of Insecurities fear Um Also could be just them overthinking Over analyzing right once they release That with insults here at one first I Think they will be more keen in reaching Out and to show more Passion or desire for you to show you More attention right now they could be Pulling away because of fear very strong Energy here right with the devil here Fear of the outcome and fear that they Are not good enough for you Fear because of the past stuck in the Past will Fortune my voice however are Signs if this is someone kind of old Like an older person like you've been With this person for a while I think maybe three or swords candy cane Maybe this person this sad heartbroken Right because of hurt and pain again Something that has happened maybe it has Something to do with you the little Fortune movies can't move on from you Can't move on from them feeling hurt

Because of something again that may have Happened between the two of you And the Ace of Wands eight of Swords I'm Always in four cups and one first they Could be pulling away because maybe it's The ones This is somebody who's thinking maybe I Should start something new maybe I Should just have a fling or you know Just F around You know Um it's again it wants to me it's a Fling kind of an energy so Perhaps this person is not in their Best how do you say um Not in the best form not in the best Energy I think if you have had history With this person they may be pulling Away because they want to try something Else something new that isn't is is Really toxic for this person anyway Because of the devil here feels like They are drawn to They're called upon to do this because Of hurt and pain you know how some People because of the star here some People try to heal by doing worse things By doing unhealthy things Um by having flings or one night stands And things like that so they could be Trying something new and it's not Healthy and they're not happy doing that With the cinema first actually Four Pentacles you have one verse like

Literally you know just put your hair How do you say um that word I want to say putting their guards down Just being loose that's what I'm seeing Here there's a four Pentacles if it's an Upright position you know you're holding Very tightly onto something but when It's in Reverse it's like letting loose Or being loose I see this person pulling Away from you because I mean primarily It's because of the Three of Swords Because they are in pain and may have Something to do with you you may have Hurt them in some way shape or form and The world Fortune here about first they Can't move on from it they can't move on From you could also indicate maybe both Of you are separated currently but I see Them pulling away because they just want To let loose they just they don't wanna I feel like this is some sort of a Remedy they could be trying to remedy The the pain and the hurt by Doing something irresponsible right it's Definitely not respond responsible card For the uh with the four Pentacles and One first and look at the Devil and the Son of a verse doing something Shady in The dark doing something irresponsible To try and heal to try and remedy this Pain and hurt that they could be feeling Currently Hmm interesting let's pull up more cards Here as signs

Six of Pentacles are more verse seven of Pentacles I think if there's some issues Currently between you and this person They're pulling away because they feel Maybe it's not equal Um Six of Pentacles not equal given take Maybe you gave more they gave more But if this is somewhere relatively new They don't think it's balanced they Think you are better than them they Think you're doing better than them I Mean the seven Pentacles here they're Wondering if this is gonna be worth Their time their energy their investment Um They're not sure if it's gonna be worth It and only because maybe again with the Fear here Fear With the Devil here that Have fear that you're gonna hurt them Eventually and they could also be Wondering if you're feeding another Person since maybe you're very Attractive very Successful and you may have other Admirers they could be wondering what The seven Pentacles here whether if You're feeding another person and their Mind with the devil here they could be Playing all kinds of scenarios in their Head right you've got the queen of Cups Here Okay so this person would be a piece Cancer or a Scorpio and we've got the

Eight of Pentacles here as well huh I Feel like this person does have feelings For it does care for you even though They are pulling away from you They could also be focusing on their Work eight of Pentacles okay so two Different groups but some of them they Could just be focusing on your work just You know Obsessing over their work because again The devil can indicate obsessiveness Right it could be obsessing over their Work another group of them they could Just be doing things that are unhealthy For them Because they try to again heal their Broken Heart Or again a sense of fear insecurities Hmm But I feel like our science If this is someone you separated from And hence they are kind of pulling away From you there could have been some Issues hurt and pain here again through Swords for the 901s I think They could be pulling away because They know that they want you with the Star and the queen of Cups they do have Feelings for you But they are like immersing themselves In work with eight of Pentacles and for A lot of you are signs you know if this Is just something really Petty something

Really small your person who is pulling Away from you right now could just be Truly busy with work That could be just that that's for some That's for some of you okay or signs Purgatories and Capricorn is your Reading hope you guys need it in some Wish people form I've posted your Individual sign readings bonus readings Just now not long ago so you can click On videos and you'll find these bonus Readings for you Um you haven't done it in like a couple Of weeks or so so check them out if you Want to okay Um and yeah I'm open for personal Readings if you like to book me my Information is in the description box Below to send me an email and I'll reply As soon as I can I've added a few extra Options for your convenience and also I've been posting every single day with Different topics different questions so Check them out if you want to just click On videos and take care guys hope to see You back here again later or tomorrow Bye

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