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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hello earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To find out who has been thinking Heavily about you lately and why to book A personal reading with me all Information is in the description box Below today is the 8th of March 2023 Time here in Marseille France is 1 10 P.m please bear in mind that this is a Collective reading for earth science and If you were to finally guided to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Earth sign all right now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me for earth science Virgo Taurus in Capricorn who has been Thinking heavily about Earth Science Lately and why Please bear in mind that roles can be Reversed between you and the person The full at the bottom of the deck so This person could be an Aries could be a Virgo Taurus Capricorn something like You are Um we've got the another ones and what Verse could be a fire sign as well every Sagittarius Leo Capricorn this person Look at the Devil here Obsessively thinking about you maybe Because they currently feel rejected by You Ace of Pentacles and one first And they have been killing Taps on you

Um It could be Googling you could be Looking at your social media or Wondering how you're doing I feel like this this person feels Rejected by you or you know again it Could go vice versa either this person's Rejected your human rejected this person At one point in time but it has already Happened okay this is this is sitting in Your past position so the star here is Similar first so this person has been Thinking heavily and we're gods of Something that may have happened between The two of you where it needs healing And Recovery full of Cups maybe this is Someone you're kind of dissatisfied with Currently Um something has happened right maybe Feelings will hurt something has Happened Where I feel that Our signs if you're the one rejecting This person you're the one who has Rejected this person it feels like Rightfully so because of the devil here Maybe this person has done something That was totally unfair to you Or the whole situation was just unfair Could be because of selfishness because The devil you know anything that is too Much Is toxic it can be anything indulgences Toxicities selfishness controlling

Behavior Possessiveness Addictions abuse can be any of these Things so neither one's here smovers for Some reason I feel like there could be a Couple of people currently thinking Heavily about you right now Earth signs Another one would be a fire sign so There's fire there's Earth and there's Also Libra Gemini Aquarius which is air Could be two or three people here okay Unless all all of these three are the Same person it could it could be doesn't Matter sometimes even if we have Multiple Court cards it doesn't mean That there are multiple people who could Indicate just this person embodying These few characters here okay But what I'm seeing right now are signs Is that maybe this person is thinking Heavily about urine because you are Not really wanting to talk to them that Much or not want to pay them too much Attention Um I think this person is wondering if You also have somebody else if you're Talking to somebody else this is Suspicious energy here right page of Swords is always suspicious I feel like With the 10 of Cups Six of Swords and The Knight of Pentacles look at the nine Of Pentacles and the Knight of ones both Of them are actually looking at each Other so on the download this person

Will be thinking heavily about you right Now because they wondered if they could Have competition okay If they have if you have somebody else Or if they have a competition or maybe They're feeling competitive with you That's for some of you because these two Even though are in Reverse but they're Looking at each other and with the page Of Swords right next to King Of Wands if You look at the way the cards interact With each other he or she is like Looking at these two here like Suspicious about do I have competition Yeah so this person could be feeling Kind of insecure as well because the Devil can insecurities They could also be thinking heavily in Regards to the Future ten of cups if Both of you have a future together if Both of you will get back together Reconcile Um just future in in general it feels Like ten of Cups also can indicate Happily ever after will they be happy With you are you happier without them or Have you already found new happiness Elsewhere okay So Six of Swords this is the one I feel Maybe for some of you you just find this Person to be Unhealthy for you in some wishable form And then someone you have decided or in The midst of deciding to

Maybe walk away and look for your own Happiness elsewhere right because this Is uh earth science this Knight of Pentacles is you Virgo Taurus Capricorn Right so I could also be the other Person but if this is you Would it be removed first It feels like you may not be fully Invested in this person you may think That you you may be thinking that Once upon a time maybe This person could have shown you some Sort of like as if they were genuine as If they were committed To your friendship it could be a Friendship or it could be a romantic Connection And But Feels I would have been reverse it's Something that I think or signs some of You you may have decided you know maybe This person is not going to give me what He or she Said they were gonna give to me maybe There is you know lack of stability lack Of honoring one's word uh One's words okay so but I feel like Earth Science for a lot of you maybe This is someone You have already felt I think you are Dissatisfied with this person full of Cups you're not really wanting to deal With them currently

You've been showing dissatisfaction in Some way shape or form that you're still Hurting Or maybe this person is still hurting And they're dissatisfied about something If they're ignoring you if if the shoe Is on the other foot if they're ignoring You Um doesn't mean that they're not Thinking about you they definitely still Are You know with the page of Swords anymore We're still keeping Taps on you see look At the Ace of Pentacles here mother is This connection started off strong like It was going somewhere It just didn't take off And the Knight of Pentacles and one Verse didn't take off so this Satisfaction about somebody's Um In it's like initially It looked promising yeah But it didn't take off maybe something Was being realized something was being Seen here with the Devil There's some Insecurities of fear possessiveness or It could be any of these things but I Feel like all third party situation Lying cheating not honoring one's words Again like making promises with the star Here Like promising the stars and the what do

You call the stars in the sky You know being all romantic and then Boom reality sets in and that's not Really that case so but this person has Been thinking you haven't even got to Again ten of cups if both of you would End up still being together continue Being together or getting back together Both of you are separated Think you have the in regards of Six of Swords you leaving or you have already Left About how you're dissatisfied with them And you have already left or thinking About leaving them They still want to know if you're Interested and we've got the full right Here Two cups in one verse yeah this is Someone you are separated from ace of Cups or some disagreements between two Of you not seeing eye to eye not being On the same page Now you could be thinking heavily in Regards of will can both of you actually Have this new start right with the full Can both of you take a new leap of faith Will there be a Reconciliation or will There be a happily ever after an ace of Cups right here they could be feeling Like they do love you they do have Feelings for you or develop new romantic Feelings for you and seven of Swords Here isn't real first

And we're thinking in regards of how you Have caught them right you have told Them something that was true Um That they may or may not have known Prior to this but basically being caught In action seven or so tomorrow verse or True colors have been revealed and it Ain't that pretty right So this is either someone that you have Caught them or you have seen their true Colors And it didn't work out earth science Maybe you've decided you know what I'm Not happy what I'm seeing right now What I've what I have caught or realized About someone about this person and then You have decided or on your way to Walking away from this person so this Person could be thinking heavily and Regardless of you letting this Connection go and you possibly could be On your way to looking for someone else Is a Cubs or searching for a new love Searching for your own happiness Elsewhere Let me pull out few of these articles Here I'm becoming a better person So this person is going to be thinking Heavily in regards of how things need to Change maybe they need to make some Changes or that you need to make some Changes you could go vice versa I left

When I saw you with someone I feel like This has more to do with this person Like suspecting you may have someone Else just being new to you is Intoxicating so this um devil here Indicates that this person be thinking Heavily about you right now because they Are attracted to you they want you All that they want to be close to you But there's something that's not vibing Here Um earth science something that is again Unhealthy I feel you even though we are Apart maybe both of you are separated Right now and they still thinking they Could still be thinking about you I wish I could take back my words they may have Agreed to something said something that They are regretting And maybe they would like to make some Changes here with the I'm becoming a Better person I do send some regrets Here or signs this person could be Thinking heavily in regards of certain Words and things that they have said Actions they've taken that I think they Could be regretting all right Um Virgo Taurus and Capcom is your Reading and I hope you resonated in some Way shape or form if you did please hit Like share and subscribe I'm open for Personal readings if you like the book Me my information is in the description Box below

Um feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot which is my Original Channel and child support 2.0 My newest Channel All right earth science don't forget to Hit on the Bell notification button I've Been having I've been receiving some complaints Saying that they were not being notified Every time when I post my videos alright Take care Virgo tourism Capcom hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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