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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Their signs Frugal Taurus and Capricorn Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out What's coming up for you within 24 hours For those of you who'd like to book a Personal reading with me information is In the description box below Today is the second of February 2023 Time here in Bali Indonesia is 11 11 10 A.m please bear in mind that they say Collective reading for Earth signs and If you were to finally got it to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Earth sign right now let's get your Reading started Experience just please show me for earth Science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn What's coming up for them within 24 Hours Her phone at the bottom of the deck the Moon in Reverse feels like a wake-up Energy so you're gonna wake up and You're gonna boss up with the emperor Here and with the 501s you are going to Hustle some hustling to do okay um Earth Signs it could be anything could be Related to your career related to your Work Yeah the emperor is definitely a CEO a Boss but To me right right away I saw the moon And reverse like waking up from night Time like waking up because the Moon is

Nighttime so when it's in Reverse right Now it feels like I'm waking up but my Dreams I'm waking up from Um a little wake-up physical wake up and Then I'm gonna start bossing up here the Emperor hustling fighting fighting for What you believe in Um But also for a lot of you you know The devil here can indicate like it's it Feels really strong because the emperor The emperor and the devil these two Cards are major Kana so so you're gonna Fight for something very strongly or That you're gonna get really really busy 501 is definitely busy or interacting With people Um and we've also got the 901 survivors That is that is if it's like a typical Kind of day for some of your Earth signs And you're just hustling Um working your ass off but On the other hand 501s indicate drama And we've got the devil and then we've Got the 901 CMR first you might not be So prepared for a drama coming your way Because the Netherlands here is in one Verse so if it's in upright position You'll be prepared but in my first like You're not prepared for this though and Then the devil here in the 501s can Indicate something that you didn't Prepare for again it could be drama or It could be

Um Arguments arguments drama or people Gossiping about you Um and the devil the It feels like jealousy as well some of You you may experience certain people Getting jealous at you Or you literally follow once in the Devil here not at once it feels like Again or science you're not gonna be Prepared for this Because your guards are not not up right Then I don't want so much that means Some of these people there are multiple People here some of these people are Just Could be somebody you trusts Somebody you wouldn't expect People you wouldn't expect to have beef With that's just for someone media earth Science you know Um let's have a prediction reading there Are a lot of details from the beginning To the end so it's not gonna apply all Of it okay maybe just one or two and Also bear in mind that although it's a 24 hours prediction reading it could go Longer than that okay So you it's like you're not prepared for Something okay [Music] Um Maybe because you actually trusted these People or it could just be one person

Yeah but Um [Music] I think with the emperor and Ado wants Three at once in words these 801s candy Communication like a lot of Communication so for some of you are Going to be arguing with somebody And maybe you wouldn't expect that this Person would behave a certain way I Think somebody is gonna behave out of Character somebody that you know and you You will be again caught off guard on How this person is treating you or what This person is going to say to you Yeah that's what I'm seeing here and 301's in my first another thing I'm Seeing here is that you're gonna make This person feel really irate Um Because you you just ignore them you You're gonna turn your back on them and Just don't want to deal with them the Emperor here you're like sitting in your Power and like you're above them maybe Somebody is going to say something to You like oh you think you're better than Us you think you're better than me or it Could be little or it could be you know Um how do you say Like hinting could be hinting at you as Well I think you're not gonna feel good About that Um unless we'll start being more first

Or science but some of you maybe it's You telling somebody off right with the Devil here Um because this person And then you're gonna get kind of angry Because this person just ignores you if You were to be the one who is who Initiates this this argument this Squabble okay again it could go vice Versa and then the moon him over is the Nine of Wands and then we've got the Three of Cups here There are people I see communicating With people See through cops here indicates you You close with these people maybe it's Just one person yeah but You guys used to celebrate you guys used To hang out socialize everything was Good and dandy right and then with Another ones here exciting it's Definitely an exciting Um Energy I would say like these are your Friends or science or maybe just one of Your friends But I feel like from three cups to the 501s From Happy Happy celebrate you know Socializing to like now we're gonna Fight five ones some of it's a friend And for some of you this could be Someone you could be currently connected With okay romantically stay what

Resonates with you Um yeah it could be a love interest if You're currently connected with someone Could also be someone from your past Could be a friend could also be a family Member because Emperor Connecticut a Father figure three of Cups these three Girls here they're actually sisters Um the original meaning of three cups is These three are sisters right Celebrating some could be a family Member It could be a friend it could be an ex Or it could be somebody you could be Currently connected with romantically Okay So I see a lot of conversation coming in 801s the emperor some of you are just Going to be making a lot of decisions Um or a very important decision in Regards to your life in regards to your Career within 24 hours or so Well this Emperor is going to want to Talk to you this Emperor is an Aries Could also be a Sagittarius Leo Someone wants to talk to you will be Talking to you but then the Three of Wands yes in one verse Either you're gonna ignore this person Because you think this person is being Toxic Or trying to manipulate you because the Emperor is quite powerful and then the The devil can indicate manipulation so

Someone or signs could be a Capricorn Could be an Aries Leo Sagittarius I feel Like someone is going to try and Manipulate you okay with their words With the 801s here and just to make it Fluster with the 501s here you're gonna Feel really flustered by it It's Gonna Make You second guess Yourself Or both of you will actually end up Arguing forever ones I see more Time flies I'm flying to Australia Tomorrow I'm gonna be in Australia maybe A month or two Yeah so but anyway so we got the heart Found here four Swords and one first Four Pentacles and one first Okay I see you continuing with your Routine uh within 24 hours or so some of You are going to be meditating going to Be praying or learning something because They have fun indicates a teacher Student you know Dynamics and then with Dynamics so we got the magician in my First six who wants to suit them on First And then three of Pentacles something You could be building working on But generally I feel Earth signs I feel you know photos like restlessness A very restless energy and four Pentacles and one first I think you're gonna be thinking

Um what to do with this person that's One person particular who is going to be Talking to you okay communicating with You And I think you're gonna have to make a Decision Based on what this person is going to be Telling you and you're going to feel Conflicted Yeah it's gonna bother you for a bit You're going to be obsessively thinking About what this person Is saying to you or ha will say to you Um See eventually you're gonna make a Decision here two so it's based on what This person is going to say to you And then I think This person may say something to you in Regards of maybe through cups to see Each other let's talk face to face Through Pentacles let's work things out It could be a friend again someone that You've had some drama with with the 501s Here 601's getting recognition or winning Something coming home From Battle from War I see you Successfully getting things done within 24 hours or so it could be a project a Project it could be work I think I'm gonna feel good about Finishing something because the 601 is This person this you know is home after

Like this battle of war and these people Are cheering them on so you're gonna pat Yourself on your shoulder Earth science within 24 hours or so for Completing something Yeah For making things happen because they Have an emperor it's something that You've been doing I feel and you're Completing it because the three of Pentacles feels like you're still Building and you're still like working On it and a lot of you may be finishing A task uh anything any project whatever Sexual ones and you're gonna feel so Good about yourself you're gonna feel so Proud of yourself but then you also will Be hearing from someone here 801s Hmm You're gonna be hearing from someone Whatever this person has got the same or Even if they were to invite you to meet Up I think you're gonna like feel a bit Conflicted 501s you're gonna have to Make a choice Whether you're gonna meet with this Person or maybe there's like this Conversation is going to lead to you Needing to make a choice And you're gonna be a bit you know You're gonna be obsessively thinking About that about this decision that you Need to make You might lose some sleep because of

That as well okay earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn is your reading I Hope you resonated in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share And subscribe Um if you'd like to watch more of these Videos which I have posted them I've Been posting them every single day and I Upload them right away so they are very New these are not all readings these are New readings okay Um you can click on daily readings Playlist or you can click on videos And you see all the videos there and I'm I'm trying to do that within 24 hours Reading every day at least once a day Um because a lot of people mention that They like it they like this reading so So I'm just going to continue so let me Know in the comment box below which Questions or which type of reading that You like me to do or All these other readings that I've been Doing which one is your favorite okay And yeah I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below you can Send me an email and I'll reply you with All the details Um and also I'll leave you with another Playlist on the screen right now it says Asia you click on it it takes you Straight to my second channel it's a Travel Vlog Channel only if you're

Interested okay hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye our Signs

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