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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Science Virgo tourism Capricorn welcome To my channel my name is Chelsea thank You so much for liking and subscribing I Really appreciate your love and support In this reading we are going to find out What's coming up for you within seven Days today is the 13th of December 2022 Time is 9 58 a.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia This is a collective reading for earth Science and if you were to finally Guided to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same or sign let's get your Reading started Spirits and Angels please show me for Earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn What's coming up with them for them Within seven days Nine of cups at the bottom of the deck Okay So please bear in mind that although This reading is a prediction within Seven days but it could be more than Seven days because this is a general Reading and also when it comes to tarot Timing isn't usually quite accurate okay So please bear that in mind so the first Card that came out was the emperor so The emperor can be a father figure Um it could be a grandfather or it could Be an individual an Aries or somebody Who seems It could be something more mature or Somebody

May or may not mean they're older could Be they could be older or that they Could be younger but more mature okay Um somebody who knows what he or she Wants for sure a bit of a stubborn Energy somebody who has some sort of a Routine or structure in your life this Person some of you yeah are signs if you Haven't seen your dad or a father figure Or somebody older than you are or Somebody really really mature Emperor can indicate boss as well like a CEO Um I see a reunion here because we've Got the Judgment of four wands you may Either hear from this person within Seven days or more or that you might run Into this person with the Judgment here Because four wants some you know this is A home uh it's a house the castle Actually but some of you if this is a Family member I see within seven days You're gonna be seeing a family member Or running into a family member who most Likely is older than you are and that You have been really quite invested any Of your time and energy into this person Or that you haven't seen this person in A while seven of Wands you know first Kind of makes me feel like This is somebody I think You may have stopped talking to them or You may have been somewhat guarded okay When it comes to this person it could be

Again a dad a grandfather or it could be Somebody again older than you are more Mature than you are Or it could be your boss again the Hermit hears him a person who got the Knight of Cups in my first For some of you it is you hearing from This person this person could also be a Romantic partner from your past okay Somebody I feel you no longer are Investing Um you no longer invested emotionally Into this person and this person may Have put you in a Hermit mode And I feel like you again you might run Into this person or this person might Reach out to you Um they may want to talk to you the Judgment here And to speak their mind I guess with a Nine of Swords nine of Swords here in One verse something they've been Thinking about Ruminating over and the tower here in Reverse indicates maybe both of you had A Fallout in the past this person could Be a Pisces cancer or a Scorpio I Definitely see a conversation between You and somebody here when you may have Had a Fallout with with a tower in my Voice If the emperor is a romantic partner I I Feel like this person might come in Um acting as though that they have grown

Or that they have become older or more Mature Um they might brag a little bit too We've got the nine of Cups here so they They might tell you what they've been Doing because they may have been the Knight of Cups here in my first right Either this person could have rejected You in the past or vice versa because We've got the queen and a night here in One first so this person Might reach out to you or talk to you And Tell you something that's going on in Your life they may be bragging a little Bit nine of Cups here okay and for some Of you this may be somebody you've been Wishing to hear from within seven days This person or more yeah it could be More you may hear from this person Because nine of cups is a wish Fulfillment card The moment you turn your back on this Person Um this is when they're gonna reach out That's what it seems this is someone you Have given up on or you're no longer Fighting for this person for one's going To get reconciliation as well so this Person may want to reconcile with you Some of you it's you going home to see Your mom to see your dad see your family Um Within seven days there is again a

Reunion with the Judgment here I feel Like people are going to ask you a lot Of questions for those of you if you're Visiting your family or going home to See your parents or seeing your Um some of it's seeing your Ex-classmates or people from your past Okay that you've had history had a History with it could be a gathering it Could be a reunion and I think that You're going to be bombarded with a lot Of questions these people are going to Be asking you a lot of questions There'll be a lot of talking a lot of Conversations I definitely see that Um For once again Connecticut marriage Right or reconciliation judge Mechanicate reconciliation as well so Reconciliation may not always mean you Know getting back together with an ex For some of you yes that could be it but Um for some of you earth science it Could be you you reconciling with Someone it feels more like a reunion There'll be a lot of conversations You're going to be asked a lot of Questions or you're going to be asking These people a lot of questions okay I'm Gonna pull out a few more here my arms Are actually very sore it's shaking Right now I'm not sure if you can see That because I was working out just now And I haven't been working out for a

Very very long time if you follow my Instagram you will see that Um I've been traveling for nine months In total finally I'm back in my country For like one month which is the longest Usually I just come back for two or Three days and then I'm off again so This time is my longest stay Um ever my mom is the happiest yeah um So I was telling myself this month I'm Going to focus on my workout and eat Healthily and things like that you know But we'll see we'll see I'm also a Virgo Most on Earth sign by the way so some of You Nano cups it comes always talk about How cups You know um could indicate Food and drinks for some of you this Week you are going to see people you're Gonna Be reunited with people from your past You're going to be eating and drinking Having a lot of fun uh ace of cups in my First and we've got the Six of Swords Some of you it's on Uh it's you going home yeah well it's December and it's almost Christmas time Christmas is on the 23rd yeah some of You you are going home Six of Swords Especially if you live far away like if You live in another country country Either you're gonna have a Skype or Video call Um with with your friends and family if

You can't go back to your country or Vice versa if there's somebody that you Care about Um I definitely see you talking to People from your Paso just catching up As well but some of you yeah that could Be an ex Wishing you Merry Christmas Happy New Year And whatnot with the full once Emperor So we got the king of Wands in my first This is a fire sign every Sagittarius Leo I don't know why I'm getting this one Person you're ignoring right now and That you're not emotionally invested This person You might see certain signs about this Person they may or may not reach out but There are certain signs that you might See of this person okay Um You may see their name somewhere Sees something that reminds that reminds You of this person in general a very Very strong fire sign or it could be Water sign here And nine of Cups you know for some of You gonna someone is gonna reach out to You and you're gonna be happy to hear From them but I see rejecting them at The same time with ace of cups here in Reverse and it helps you move on with a Six of Swords it's almost like I've been

Wanting this person to come back or I've Been wanting to hear from this person Um Because the Nana cups you know right Next to judgment here feels like I'll be Happy to hear from this person so that I Can reject them with ace of cups and one First so that I can move on and gain Some sort of a closure with a Six of Swords okay All right our science purgatories and Capricorn this is your reading and I Hope you resonated in some way you Should perform if you did please hit Like share and subscribe I'll leave you With a couple of playlists on the screen Right now the first one is from my Second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to and The second playlist it's from this Channel has all of the readings that I've done for you and for the rest of The signs with different topics and Different questions these reading are Still are still really new and they're Still relevant because I post them every Single day and in fact I upload them Right away once I'm done with all of the Readings all right our signs um I hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow take care bye

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