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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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By Earth Science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to find out what's coming towards You within 48 hours today is the 19th of December 2022 time is 8 26 p.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and please bear in mind That this is a collective reading for Earth science and if you were to finally Guided to watch this video this message Is meant for you even if you're dealing With the same Earth sign now let's get Your reading started space and Angels Please show me for earth science Virgo Taurus in Capricorn what's coming Towards Earth Science within 48 hours Thank you 10 of swords and my first at the bottom Of the deck So well this is a prediction for within 48 hours but you know don't count on it Okay I mean when it comes to tarot Timing is usually not very accurate so It could be within 48 hours or more or Less or you could already be going Through this currently okay so you got The another swords here this for me Indicates there is some sort of a Communication an urgent or a very fast Communication coming in within 48 hours Or more and Six of Swords this person is From far away okay because there's water

Here there's a boat so possibly a call Or a message from someone overseas okay Or some it could be a different town Different city or different country Different state and four Swords this is Somebody I think That you've been thinking about okay or This person has been thinking about you And with the Two of Wands eight of Pentacles in my verse and the eight of Swords here in my first candy kit this Is someone that you may have Kind of released but also at the back of Your mind you sometimes wonder how this Person is doing I think you're going to Be hearing from this person yeah or it Could go vice versa and this person Could have been indecisive Whether to speak with you with another Thought here or eight of Pentacles in my First brother to work on this connection If they could actually work on this Connection or work on themselves this Person could be a fire sign Knight of Wands and my first uh Aries Sagittarius Or a Leo strong Leo and 501s and my First for me indicates maybe this person Would like to make peace with you or end Some sort of a conflict with you so this Person you might see this person because The sun is something very clear very Bright Um and this is someone not a once a Month first that maybe I think maybe you

Are upset with this person or at one Point in time you have told this person Off okay this person may have been in And out or unstable or it could be Anything but someone that I feel you had Some sort of an altercation with with The 501s here in my first You might or might not hear from this Person because the thing is the two ones Number two can indicate it could go Either way right yes or no but the Intention is there for a lot of you Earth science at least I would say 70 of You you will be hearing from this person Within 48 hours or more okay Let me know in the comments below if You've already heard from this person or You know tomorrow and within two days if They do reach out to you let me know I'd Like to know Let's see more See two of cups For some of you Earth signs it is Someone with the hermit here that again I feel like this is someone you've been Thinking about right you've been Wondering when are you gonna see them Again when are you gonna hear from them Again but it also could be some sort of A good news because the sun communicates Good news some of you you within 48 Hours you may hear some good news Surrounding travels or children or pets [Music]

Um Surrounding your home as well that's When I'm getting here Um or it could be good news about Somebody returning Six of Swords Somebody visiting you from afar Okay I've got the nine of Pentacles in Reverse tennis ultimate versus someone Whom it's gonna end some sort of Conflict with you perhaps you're gonna Receive a message wishing you a merry Christmas or happy Holidays happy New Year Um possibly you know within 48 hours or More and two of Cups candy maybe this Could be a really good friend or or it Could be somebody you could be currently Um in a relationship with in a romantic Relationship with Or it could be an ex somebody from your Past okay or something you haven't heard From in a in a while but another swords Is a very fast energy so I feel like This is happening Pretty quickly or also could be quite Suddenly okay you may hear from someone Either Trying to enter and some sort of Conflict with you apologize to you Um for some of you there could be some Good news surrounding work that maybe You get an extra day extra days off That's just for some of you and that you Don't have to actually work and you can

Just rest a little bit That's what I'm getting here because the Full sword is going to get rest some of You might get a little bit sick too but It's it's not about that sick it's not a Bad sickness okay it's not bad I just Feel like you just need some rest hence The eight of Pentacles here is a one Verse that means you cannot work so you Could be recovering from some sort of Sickness for some of you you will Recover within 48 hours and you will be Able to go out and about with the sun Here or within 48 Hours you might get a Little bit sick yeah and you may take Some rest at home but it's a good rest Because of the sun here because the Hermit also can indicate you isolating Yourself like you need to stay home okay And that's just for some of you but Don't panic I don't see it as like like You're gonna get really really sick or Anything like that just a little bit of You know flu or it could be anything Because the sun is a very positive card So Um or that you're actually going to Recover within 48 Hours the two of Cups Also kind of keep some of you may be Meeting your soulmate within 48 hours or Meeting someone who could be a really Really good friend of yours who could End up being a really good friend of Yours but I definitely see someone

Um that you may have released here in The past whom you may be hearing from Okay and this person may wish you you Know the sun feels like a holiday card To me right now like it's happiness Celebration right another Pentacles and Words can you get maybe someone who is Codependent on you or you may have been Codependent on this person at one point In time but um sensing this person is Going to wish you something okay wish You again it could be merry Christmas or Happy holidays Happy New Year's Eve just Card we've got the nine of Cups some of You you may be receiving this message From someone from your cast And then you're going to gain some sort Of closure and you will meet someone new With another cups if you do go out okay Or if you're active online or something If not if you're gonna stay home and not Going to meet anybody then that's not Gonna happen it's only for those of you If you do go out And or if you're active on maybe some Dating apps you might hear that somebody Is interested in you if there's someone New and if you are single But the death card also can indicate This person and you this connection has Ended It has already ended right I feel like You might hear from this person again With the two of Cups this person might

Express how much they care about you how Much they love you to suit your mom First you're gonna be seeing something Okay a decision will be made by you or By the other person in regards of Transforming this connection but you Know the death indicates transformation For sure you've got one to three major Arcanas here so I feel like they are Actually good major colors despite the Death card here because we've got the Two of Cups above the death and beneath The death is the nether cops so it's a Good transformation like there is a big Change coming in within 48 Hours perhaps It's a change of heart somebody that you Thought is wild or that you can't tame Or that this person is in and out of Your life this person might just tell You that they sincerely love you they Care about you And that they want to be with you and That they are a changed person that's For some of you yeah unless this is Someone completely new because the Sun Also Connecticut someone new someone You've been looking for Um Someone you feel like you know someone Who can understand you somebody who is On the same page as you are you might Meet this person if you do go out and About Um you do socialize

Or at least you are active on dating app If not it is someone that you may have Ended a connection with you might hear From this person I just hear you know Like like someone wishing you something Here okay or science Virgo Taurus and Capcom this is your reading hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with a Couple of playlists on the screen right Now the first one is from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It if you want to and the second Playlist is from this channel it has all The readings that I've done for you and For the rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions but these Readings are still new so they're still Relevant because I post them almost Every single day and I upload them right Away Um sometimes even twice a day so check Them out hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow take care of science Bye

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