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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Virgo welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and Today is the 27th of November it's 12 0 6 a.m here in Bali anyway let's get your Let's get your reading started Fargo Spiritual Angels please show me Important love messages that Virgos need To hear today This Is Death is at the bottom of the deck This for me in the case transformation But Virgo not a thought some of you Especially if you're dealing with a Libra gemini or an aquarius but can be Any sign I feel like this person could Be a little bit upset with you unless We're also being reversed here that you Could be actually quite upset with this Person but Spruce definitely saying to Not be Hasty with another swords and a Star here in world first if somebody is Upsetting you right now Um or if you're upset with this person Don't say anything Um because four Swords here can also Indicate giving it a break giving Somebody some time to cool off cool down Okay we've got the ton of Cups and the King of Wands this person could also be

A fire sign or has fire Somewhere In Your Chart Um Sagittarius Leo Aries 10 cups I feel like Virgo this is gonna take Some time I don't know it just feels More like you're needing to give this Person some time before you say Something to this person or this person Could be giving you some time Um I'll give this connection a a break Before they make a decision decision or Before they say something to you okay This is a very specific message I don't Know who that's for Um I've got the five of cups in my first The magician in my first the Six of Swords and refers Again the magician reverses it's kind of Like I feel like species is out of your Control don't do anything about it right Now uh in terms of this person in Particular okay and then this person Might just come around with the Six of Swords here more first and the Three of Swords of my first try to mend things With you heal this connection with you And we'll finally actually take actions Towards you but in a much gentler way Rather than Angry yeah All is not lost with five of cups here In my first the death here indicates

Transformation so this person might Change their mind in regards to you or You might change your mind in regards to This person but it's a good change I see Uh Virgo Because ASO wands is right here so this Person might change and might start Feeling more attracted to you because You give it a break because you're Just kind of like Not pursuing them or not Not saying anything anymore that's what I'm getting here okay and the six of Cups here is in oral first There's somebody in your past also Virgo When it comes to love that you could be Thinking That you don't really want to return to This person Could be encouraging you to not look Back right six of cups in my first when You don't look back and the death card Here indicates an ending but you know Basically just putting the nail in the Coffin this when a new Love Will begin The Ace of ones it all this is when You're gonna meet somebody new I'm hearing Blossom some of you are Current connection if you're currently Connected with someone someone new that Connection could blossom into something More but again I feel like spirit says To slow down or to not be Hasty or to Not chase after this person the less you

Chase The more this person will Slowly Think about The potential of this connection with The Ten of Cups here there is a happily Ever after here but then the storm overs Indicates maybe somebody is still hurt And the thresholdier in Reverse somebody Could still be feeling hurt it may may Not have it may or may not have anything To do with you Virgo could be the past Or You could have something to do with you But telecoms is a Reconciliation energy For me someone could be thinking about Seeing you again be reconciled with you Again but the star of verse feels like Um This person may be losing hope of Faith Regardless of reconciling with you or Could be you losing Hope and Faith in Regards to Reconciling with this person but there Is somebody because the king of Wands is A king of action so this King doesn't Matter he or she it's not gender Specific Will take actions in time When the right time comes this person Will take actions towards you I see a Return that's definitely what I'm Getting here but it will take some time Because the emperor here indicates that

Maybe this person is a little bit Stubborn or maybe Yoshi has an ego I see somebody coming forward making a Decision to come clean with the 70mm First be honest with you and to be Acting more serious towards you putting An end to their past starting this new Thing with you with Asa wands this new Beginning that I feel it could blossom Into more I I get this uh for girls some of you I Don't know why they're not so it's maybe You've been kind of blunt or honest with This person you may have told this Person uh what you're thinking what You've been thinking maybe a little bit Angry as well or just really really Honest Um because you did that I feel like this Person with a forceful to you maybe may Start to think that hey Virgo Virgo Could be right Maybe I need to make things right with Virgo with a threshold email first Maybe I need to come clean with Virgo Because the magician here is in my first There's no pretending when it comes to Virgo oh somebody might feel that you See right through them or that you've Been so honest towards them that there Is no point of them Um Faking things I hope that makes sense to You

Um it feels like that Virgo [Music] Um I'm hearing sensitive as well some of You this person may feel or think that You're quite sensitive And that they should actually be quite Careful with you or be very honest with You So that they won't lead you lead you on So that they won't give you false hopes With the story in reverse but truly Virgo this person Starting or thinking about some like Future with you with the Ten of cups And thinking that maybe they would like To do something about it about the Future for the both of you but the Ace Of smoothies in one voice so it feels Like this person may still be unclear Hasn't quite made a decision yet okay Let's pull out few of these Romance angels I've been used it in a while True love One more under one more Under my fingertip and I had to get it Love yourself first Okay Virgo the Ace of Wands candy cane You needing to grow you need love Yourself first You should be first and foremost be Passionate about yourself okay On what you do in life

Um and this is when I feel like you're Gonna meet your true love right here Okay Keep an open mind Some of your Virgos Um If I don't know but it just feel just keep An open mind it feels like For those of you if you think that I only like well I'll only be with Somebody who is like this like that or Look a certain way Perhaps basically encouraging you to Keep an open mind that maybe your Maybe you don't have to stick to your Type I hope that makes sense Um For some of you you know I don't know I'm just giving an example okay some of You Um if you feel like oh and I only like Guys or girls with tan skin and Um I prefer guys or girls with tan skin It's just an example but space could be Saying hey maybe light skin Men or women can be as attractive You know what I mean or it could be Anything anything in regards to the Religion the background just keep an Open mind that's what I'm getting here But the true love and the keep an open Mind here for me Um

Feels like speech also trying to say That For those of you if you've lost hope in Meeting of meeting or finding your true Love your true love is actually there Um Maybe for some of you he or she is Already in your life right now Keep it on and open my feels like maybe This person has been under your nose all This while one second Maybe you haven't recognized it yet That's just what some of you excuse me For the cough and we've got the passion For those of you complaining that I've Always been sick yeah I've always been Sick so Don't don't watch keep watching my Videos and keep complaining that I'm Sick so I'm human and I do get sick so Not everybody is 365 I post every single day I'm gonna Get sick every now and then and I'm Always traveling so Anyway calling in your soulmate your True love could be a soul mate your Soulmate and passion both of you are Going to be very passionate with each Other or currently you could be Connected with somebody where you're Very passionate about got romantic Feelings and Retreats Retreat for me can indicate some of you You may be meeting this person while

You're traveling okay or while you Retreat while you are focusing on Yourself loving yourself first And this is when you're gonna meet this One person here but I sense Virgo see Romantic feelings with the king of Wands Here there is somebody who may have Romantic feelings towards you if you're Currently connected with someone if not This could be someone coming in To your life or where I feel Um something is going to begin here with Ace of Wands Again ASA wants his passionate energy as Well Um very romantic very passionate Connection I feel that's coming in and Also at the same time I feel like all of You Could be soul mates could be true loves Okay There's something coming in because Again the death card indicates an ending When there is an ending that means there Is a new beginning so Some of you you may have already met This person some of you haven't yet If you haven't it's coming in Um Virgo I definitely see that either while You're traveling or this person could be Of a different ethnicity Although you will be sharing the same Passion

Um Just believe Virgo just believe that There's somebody who's gonna love you Almost unconditionally because this is Again a true love energy somebody may See you as their true love as well Fargo Because maybe there's something very Different about you Because I think for those of you Virgos Um I think if you've been really honest With somebody lately if you've spoken Your mind this person might just feel Like wow I've always been dealing with people who Play games or try not you know try not To Um try not to be so obvious or needy or Trying to play cool but I feel like Virgo you This is very specific again if you Haven't been very Cool with somebody as in if you haven't Been playing cool and you've just been Really straightforward and honest this Person might just see you in a different Light as in well maybe Virgo could be The one could be my true love Because you are true to yourself because You're true to the words that you've Been saying to this person okay hope That makes sense to you that's very Specific and that's just for some of you If I go hope you um resonated in some

Way shape or form and I hope that this Connection uh this reading this reading Serves you well I'm open for personal Readings if you like to book me my Information is in the description box Below I'll leave you with a few Playlists on the screen right now check Them out these videos are new because I Post them almost every single day Um yeah and there are different Questions different topics Um check it out if you want to Virgo and I hope to see you back here again Tomorrow take care bye

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