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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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High Earth signs for good Horrors in Capcom welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea in this reading we're going to Find out how does a person on your mind Feel about you right now to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below and Today is the 5th of March 2023 time here In Marseille France is 11 51 am please Bear in mind that this is a collective Reading for earth science and if you Were divinely guided to watch this video This message is meant for you even if You're dealing with the same Earth sign All right now let's get your reading Started speak an angels please show me For our science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn The person on their mind How do they feel about Earth Science Right now Foreign Cups at the bottom of the deck King cups your person could be a Pisces Cancer or a Scorpio could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius oil Leo can be any Sign okay But if you look at the king of Cups this Is the first time I'm actually noticing This Look at the water it's wavy right Even though the king of cups is supposed To be somebody emotionally stable Available somebody who doesn't really

Want to show how he or she feels but With these wavy water It makes me feel like Your person on your mind right now Feels that you might potentially hurt Them I was in through his thoughts here No matter how much they care about you Or love you There is some fear here in regards to The up and down the waves That I mentioned earlier on that you Know that you're gonna make them cry see It's raining the thrift store it's the Heart breaking energy right I feel like it has more to do with The fear of you breaking your heart and Then they're gonna cry they're afraid That they're gonna fall too deeply in Love with you or for some of you if You're separated from your person right Now There could be feeling that that they Still hurt with the thrift stores here And the moon here my verse no doubt There's no secret that they are hurting They're feeling really sad but they Could be Trying to control Uh you know the king of Cups doesn't Really want anybody to know he or she is Feeling a certain way so This for me indicates or signs that your Person could be hurting right now but

Doesn't really want to show it or not Want to show as much unless this is Someone who feels that you might Potentially hurt them Right But the six of Cups here they feel like Both of you are soul mates Um They do miss you reminisce about the Good times both of you have shared with Each other You definitely have a soft spot yeah in This person's heart Either because both of you have come a Long way or If If you haven't known this person for a Long period of time then they could be Feeling like you are the soul mate this Is a very kind innocent compassionate Love Or that they may feel compassionate Towards you A sense of caring for your sense of Wanting to care for you Because if you look at the six of Cups This person is these two are kids but This is much older than this one here Okay so it's like caring for someone who Is you know more vulnerable or caring For someone With younger or more innocent helping Of being really understanding although They could be feeling that you are

Somebody like that right we're Understanding very caring Someone who doesn't Really judge them that's what I'm seeing It because even though there's like an Age Gap right here the six of cups I feel like you're not judging them you Still respect them Despite the age Gap or despite Any sorts of differences that all of you Have with each other I mean any sort of Differences could be again age or Background ethnicity or difference Difference in opinions right it could be Any of these things So another cups and the Three of Wands Here makes me feel that your person Could be feeling you know what time will Tell right through once indicates future So they could be feeling like you know Time will tell if I could actually Really really truly love this person or Express to this person how I feel about Them time will tell if my love will be Rejected If this is worth the risk If this person is gonna make me cry if This person is Gonna Make Me Feel I want it Or if this person is gonna abandon me Okay Time will tell that's what I'm sensing Here but if you're wondering if your Person does if he or she feel

If he or she has any feelings for your Romantic feelings for you the answer is That yes of course because the king of Cups was the first card that came out Right We've got the queen of ones here they Feel like you can get anyone you want They feel like you are Attractive right or somebody very Ambitious driven Somebody who knows what he or she wants Is sitting on your throne right you're Very powerful So you're personally feeling that you Are very powerful you can get anybody You want you can whatever that you Whatever that you want you will receive It you will get it Um This is why there is a bit of a fear Associated to this energy Earth science I mean I've obviously not just about This card but Surrounding cards matter it changes a Little bit Of how a card should Essentially mean so I feel like Earth Science Your person has some fear that you could Be way too powerful for them And that you might eventually leave them Or hurt them Because you can get anybody you want Right Queen of Wands or that you're

Capable of leaving them you're capable Of hurting them for some reason I know I've got this star here in my Verse yeah They feel like if you're ever gonna hurt Them they're never ever gonna be able to Recover from it Unless both of you are already separated Then they still feel like they need a Lot of healing to do And we got the Two of Pentacles here Yep up and down up and down so they're Not sure Your person feels like they're not sure How things are gonna work out between Two of you how things are going to pan Out because it could go all the way to The left or all the way to the right it Could go really really good or it could Go really really bad right Somebody will get hurt I think this has more to do with the Fear because of the Moon here But then with it being reverse they know That if there's anybody who's gonna hurt Them Badly is going to make them cry It's gonna be you okay and nine of Cups Here is our verse Still not sure if Another customer first if their wish is Going to come true They wish to be loved by you To conquer you to conquer you perhaps

To gain your trust To be The one and only person that That you want to be with okay Well there's something so kind and Compassionate about this connection that They feel it's worth giving it a try And with the Chariot here See they feel like at any time you can Just leave Because the Chariot is sitting on the Chariot right it's a form of trans form Of form of transportation even though These fences are sitting down They could just get up and walk away Right There could also be feeling like they Need to make sure that they have full Control of the situation So that they won't get hurt with the Thrift stores You've got their judgment They feel like they need to assess the Situation To avoid any mishap They also could be feeling like you're Judging them right They feel vulnerable Because of their thoughts here They feel like you have all the rights To judge them maybe because you're more Established you're more experienced Whether you give me some somehow Judgmental sometimes okay that's okay we

Are all judgmental in some way shape or Form Small or big almost an earth sign of a Virgo we've got the fourth swords here A person has been thinking a lot about You The devil obsessively thinking about you Not once you get more verse you're gonna Be the death of them You know Earth signs again this is Actually I feel like the main message Of this reading is that your person Feels like they can't help it they're so Drawn to you they're very attached to You they really want you they have Feelings really they care about you There's something about you six of cups Is so kind so nurturing so understanding That We can't help but be drawn to you at the Same time Judgment could also be Either Like you have the right to be judged or That they could be just feeling insecure Because they feel like you could be Judging judging them doesn't mean that You are Or you've been See another ones in my first If this connection doesn't pan out If there's no reconciliation if they Don't see you again if both of you Separated

Or if this is a newer connection and if Things don't work out the way they want It to again you're gonna be The death of them that means it's They're going to be devastated if I'll Sorts of more verse they'll have the Sense of defeat but very painful defeat Right They yeah they're very drawn to you Again with the devil here It's like they feel like you're gonna Hurt them But they're not gonna hurt you Without them you can still walk away you Can still be okay And that's how they're feeling right now Right earth science Virgo tourism Capricorn this is your reading and I Hope you resonated in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share And subscribe I'm open for personal readings if you Like the book me and my information is In the description box below Feel free to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea love Terry is my Original Channel which is this one this Channel that you're watching from if you Like to watch Um individual sign readings go to Chelsea Terror 2.0 this is my second Channel my newest Channel I don't post this regularly on that Channel just maybe once a week but check

It out if you want to take care of Science Virgo tourism Capco I hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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