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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hi Virgo welcome to my channel and Welcome to your bonus reading my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Gonna get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The um 9th of January 2023 time here in Bali Indonesia is 10 41 am All right let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me Important message that Virgos need to Hear today Another one so the bottom of the deck For a girl For some of you it could be you or Somebody very close to you okay there's Some hard issues here three of swords And eight of Wands in my verse feels Like there's a blockage In the heart somewhere in the heart I Don't know who this one is for so if You've been experiencing some like chest Pains Um because the towel here is a more fur So only for those of you Virgos if you Have been experiencing chest pains or Someone very close to you tells you they Have been experiencing chest pains or You know how the symptoms are for heart Problems like maybe the The arm gets numb or something about the Left shoulder if if you've been Experiencing that

Um it's time to definitely get it Checked out or it could be if someone Close to you has been telling you these Symptoms It could be related to the heart through Your swords and 801s eight the ones it Looks like those what do you call the Veins the nerves when it's different First that means it's blocked something Is blocked here okay and the tower mover Is candy kid it could burst or it could I'm not trying to scare you only if you Have been experiencing something like That have you been feeling that way okay Like some chest pains or or somebody Close to you because the devil here it May have something to do with Um either smoking too much cigarettes or Eating too high cholesterol food Okay I feel like it's related to some Sort of a diet okay but 601 and a page of ones here for those of You Virgos if you 701s Um seven ones is like keeping unhealthy Things out of your life or out of your Diet it could also be related to stress Because through sorts you know it's it Looks very stressful to me and plus Again the devil can indicate you know Something unhealthy it could be Unhealthy thinking and unhealthy Consumption of food or tobacco anything Or it could be any any kinds of Addiction yeah so but I do see but don't

Worry about it those 601s page of Wands Page is a barrel of good news And pedro161's mean I feel like you it Wouldn't be something serious or that You will Kill yeah you'll heal successfully if This is you Um as long as you cut certain things off In your diet Or just again any kinds of unhealthy Things that you've been doing or Substances that you've been taking I Don't know it can be anything alcohol Whatnot so or it could be someone very Close to you again Five of Swords and Then we've got the queen of cups when it Comes to love it does feel like there's Someone really really really obsessive Over you right this person loves you but I think or cares a lot about you but I Feel like they are playing the long game Um feels like a long game because the Pager ones kind of makes me feel like It's like some sort of a hopeful energy This person could be hopeful that with The 601s that eventually they will get You they will Um Get your attention it could be that or Getting you to love them right queen of Cups here this person could be a pice Cancer scorpio can be any sign I'm Seeing a lot of fire Aries Sagittarius Leo

Hmm I think this person with page of wants Definitely wants to talk to you or or That he or she desires you This person can stop thinking about you And I feel like it's a long game so many Virgo Um maybe or you are already connected to This person if not then this could be Someone coming into your life I think this person with the three of Swords here in in the tower in my first If this is someone you've already known Before you know they could have been Crying because of the clouds and then The rain here The tower in my first they could have Been crying over something that may have Happened between the two of you maybe an Argument maybe a separation this person Can be anybody could be a friend or it Could be an ex but I see you blocking Them several months or not wanting to Speak with them as much or not wanting To speak with them at all but that makes Them feel even more interested even more Obsessive about you that's for some of You yeah if this is someone from your Past I feel like with the 901s this Person may have hurt you right you may Have your guards up because they have Done something with the tower and more Personal foul so it's you know Five of Swords candy cane

Again somebody who wants to have an Upper hand or [Music] Um Someone who plays games or plays mind Games So if you're currently dealing with Someone who plays a lot of games yeah Virgo Is saying the reason why they're doing That it's because it's not because they Don't love you it's not because they Don't care about you I think maybe they Care a little bit too much for their own Comfort because the devil here is Something that is way too much one Second Um and then sorry something was biting Me but anyway six little ones and the Pager ones here I do sense this person You know 601s is somebody who just came Back from war or some sort of a battle So this person could be trying to battle This their own mind with the devil here And with the Five of Swords again it Kind of makes me feel like They they're not comfortable with how Much they feel for you this person Hence Fiverr swords sometimes you do Think should I just give up is this too Much for me or should I continue Fighting for it I think the way the strategy of fighting For you or for your attention for this

Connection Is not normal it's not what it most People wouldn't do that it feels like They are investing it investing their Time and their energy Without showing that they're investing Their time and energy I hope that makes sense to you that's Why it feels like a long game right like There is They're waiting for the outcome but They're not in a rush They're not in a rush yeah Most likely it's a fire sign or a Capricorn or could be a water sign Okay I'm gonna pull out more cards here Some of you may feel obsessive over Over traveling the page of Wonder Exploring new things new food new people New culture or new places Um six ones in the devil kind of makes Me feel like this is what You must do you want to do And some of you I feel like you could Have been doing some research on places To visit or Also six of Wands can indicate success Um get getting a lot of attention But those attention healthy because of The devil here Are they healthy healthy attention so There could be some good attention that You will be receiving from certain People and there will be some bad

Attention attention an unwanted tension That's what I'm getting here But if if you have people talking about You or if you're a YouTube YouTuber and You have people commenting on your on Your channel sending you emails about All kinds of nonsense 701s here suspices And you don't have to you don't have to Reply you don't have to engage Yeah because it's just gonna Mess up with your head here with the Devil keep seeing the goat's head is so Big So it's gonna mess up your head and it's Gonna make you grow these two horns here You see make you grow these two horns Here and you're gonna turn into the Devil into the devil it's gonna feed you But not in a positive way Feed your head and you're gonna get so Angry Yeah that's when I'm getting here and We've got the Ace of Pentacles Got these seven of Cups and the three of Cups in my first Yeah I see a lot of Love Options coming Your way another cups you've got one Younger than you are perhaps what could Be a little bit old I don't know it Could go vice versa or you're younger He's older or she's older but But there are a lot of offers here love Offers and I sense one of it is going to Be a very genuine one and it's a water

Sign price because of Scorpio but I also At the same time this is somebody who Has been hurt before a very sensitive Soul that's when I'm getting it and they Have a very this person is going to be So addicted to you Because of the devil So it could be the same person for all We know from the first one that I Mentioned earlier on if not this could Be completely new because it's an ace Indicates A New Beginning right could be New and what could be the same person But we've got the Judgment here among First so you see I keep getting this Energy of this person it's just like Really afraid and that to fall in love With you I keep getting these messages For you uh Virgo lately that They're not comfortable with how much They care about you they're not Comfortable about How it's going to affect them how it Would possibly eventually hurt them Through your thoughts And look we've got the hierophant here Some of you are learning new things Ace Of Pentacles you're thinking about Learning something new learning new Skills Or searching I see a lot of you could be Googling a lot about something new again It could be an organization the higher Fund here or school education

For some of you still studying or Searching for a job or searching for Love If you do have dating apps I see you Getting kind of confused with all kinds Of options available or messages that Have been sent to you that's for some of You if you are on the dating app but I See you researching something new that You like to embark on That I think it's pretty good with a 601 Page of ones I feel like it will come That will have there will be a price That you have to pay for this though Because the devil it makes me feel like Making a deal with the Devil But not not literally some of you I mean For most of you not literally but it Feels like It will come with some kind of a Fame 601s You will be famous Because of this new Endeavor some of you Are already on it On this journey some of you it's coming Okay it's coming but But it feels like it's it's something Really good either you get to travel a Lot or that you gain a lot of admiration You get a lot of fans Like Fame for some reason I feel like You're going to be famous But you know again the devil like what I Mentioned early on

The fame may be you know it's good and Bad you may get Um very positive Um comments feedback or admirations from People but also there will be some Some things that you won't be very Comfortable when it comes to This Fame I feel like you're gonna get Famous Virgo Or someone very close is gonna get very Famous yeah or someone very very close To you okay And and if someone very close to you Gets famous this person will will bring You along On this ride here because there's two People together Yeah But only one of you is famous only one Of you This is quite an interesting read don't You think Virgo I've never seen anything like this Before But I say with the Ace of Pentacles and then With the 901's father so you have to Play your game well You have to be very Tactical I'm hearing killing killing them with Your kindness for some of you you need To kill people with your kindness Showing them how kind you are instead of You know butting heads with them

Or just ignore with the 801 Cinema first And 701s just basically Not let these people get into your space Whether it's physical space or mental Space Yeah And then we've got these three cups here In my first Hmm See for a lot of you are starting to do Something new researching something new Googling something new Preparing preparation that's what I'm Getting if not space could be Encouraging you to prepare before you Start this something new that you've Been trying to to start here with Ace of Pentacles It is something that you love or would Love to do But it can be very competitive with the Five of Swords here You might feel like giving up at one Point in time But stand your ground be strong and with 801 so you don't let any there'll be a Bit of a setback I would say but you'll Be successful eventually six of Wands The devil I don't really see it as like Such a bad thing You know how Sometimes well many times people who are Very obsessive over a certain career Certain skills and talent when you're

Obsessed about something that you do you You you become better than anyone else That means you try to learn more you eat And sleep and drink that knowledge that Those skills that you're trying to learn Or trying to polish and I think because Of that Virgo You'll be so successful you'll be better Than everyone anyone else because you Have this devil energy where you are so Fixated on it so obsessive over it that That's all you do you live breathe eat And drink that one thing that's one Thing that I see is coming up for a lot Of you guys It could be happening already right now But I definitely see you're getting a Lot of recognition with the 601s With a page of Wands good news coming in In regards of this new Endeavor okay Virgo this is your reading and I hope You resonated in in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share And subscribe I'm Gonna Leave You with a Couple of playlists on the screen right Now the first one is from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to and the second Playlist is from this channel it has all Of the readings that I've done for you And for the rest of the signs with Different topics and different questions These readings are still new so they're Still relevant because I post them every

Single day in fact I upload them right Away once I'm done with all the readings So they are very very up to date all Right take care Virgo hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow bye

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