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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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How are science Virgo tourists and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading for Those of you in separation we are going To find out how does your person feel About you right now and today is the First of December 403 p.m sorry a.m in the morning Um Bali Indonesian time okay let's get Your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me for Our signs Virgo tourists in Capricorn The person in separation right now how Do they feel about our signs Two of Wands at the bottom of the deck I feel like a person in separation right Now is still kind of hopeful That things would turn around with the Death card here in my first that perhaps This is not a permanent ending because The death is a major Corner being it in Reverse Feels like they don't want to Or it could be hoping for a Reconciliation or don't want this ending To be a permanent ending Two of Pentacles here is in what verse And we've got the world and the nine of Wands They are hurt from the separation Fearful that this could actually be a Permanent ending because of the world

Here Fearful that this could be A new chapter for you Um and also a new chapter for them That means things are going to change Right things are not going to be the Same as before and the three of Pentacles they move first They feel like It is a little hard to either be on the Same page And it is unclear with Ace Associates As to Why because the lovers here is in one Verse indicates a choice right They're still unclear unsure if the Choice was right Um regardless if it was you who made the Choice or it was them who made the Choice I'm not sure it was if it was the right Choice okay I feel like this Choice has contributed To this separation here And I've got the nine of Cups here in my First Your personal separation right now is Not happy Either because they can't have their Cake and eat it too Um this part is not for all of your Character signs this part is only for Those of you if your person has somebody Else if your person does have something

Else They are dissatisfied they're not happy Because they can't have their cake and Eat it too they can't have you and the Other person at the same time but Um if your person doesn't have anybody And it's And both of you are separated I feel like they're not a cops you're my First you're not They're just not happy they're Discontented we've got the United cups Here so Neo percent separation could be a water Sign Pisces cancer or a Scorpio how many Fixed signs Sagittarius uh Leo Aries Scorpio again can't be any sign okay but Some fire Water But your person still has feelings for You even though both of you are Separated They feel like you have given up on this Connection you've made a choice to give Up on this connection or if they if They're the one Making that choice to give up on this Connection they're unsure because it is So autism at first If this was the right thing if this was The right decision They still look up to you the world here Or that they still admire you or still Are attracted to you but they feel

Really hurt right now Within 901s They're still hopeful they remain Hopeful that maybe one day That both of you could reconcile or see Each other again See more Now my nose is stuffy and we've got the Eight of Swords Eight of Cups here more First yeah something about returning They feel like even though Bolivia is Separated they could be hoping that it Would return or that they would be able To return And they've been thinking a lot about You since the separation A little bit upset though with the Knight of Swords either they feel like You're upset with them right now or that They could be upset with you or upset With themselves okay they could also be Very upset with themselves we've got the Final cops here Emma first yeah There's this energy of them hoping that Perhaps Things will change In time or That maybe you would see things Differently That you would at least Think about them positively even after The separation because file cups Communicate You know the glass have full And not half empty so

We've got the sun here in my face They're not happy okay period sun in Reverse not happy not a customer if it's Not happy Ada ones feeling hurt Feeling stuck Hoping another decision is going to be Made Because this decision has been made Already with the lovers him up first Right we've got the two ones here that's Another decision so they either could be Doubting a decision that you have made Or they have made Or that they could be wishing for a Second chance For another decision being made hope That makes sense to you we've got these Seven of Cups here in my first See just a little bit more here I'm Gonna pull out a few of these Oracles in A bit So it comes in my first Temperance and Reverse on the page of Pentacles and one First yeah they they don't feel good I Don't know they feel that this decision That has been made was not Kind of fair it's not balanced Um they're not happy that maybe both of You won't be able to talk anymore Um yeah your person could be a photo cap On tourists like you are can be any sign The approaching like Chris I'm gonna pull out a few of these Oracles

Me I know I was a distraction from your Pain Hmm They could be trying to distract Themselves from feeling the pain that's What I'm getting here I hope that you Can forgive me one day either that's Them feeling like they want you to Forgive them or that it could be them Trying to forgive themselves okay I want you they actually do want you I look for you everywhere I know I messed up everything I'm grateful for the spiritual lesson I bury myself in work to forget you So earth science currently your person In separation could be working a lot Um I'll try to keep themselves busy busy So that they won't think about you too Much and they are grateful for what you Have taught them in life Or through the separation They may feel like they have done Something wrong or that they've messed Something up that could have contributed To the separation and you reminded them Of a lot of things right I look for you Everywhere perhaps it's somebody who Feels like They need you or that Perhaps you could have been somewhat of A backbone for this person Um and both of you may have shared some

Memories together Um yeah I do see them missing you they Do want you still even the both of you Are separated Yeah that's what I'm seeing here I'm Gonna pull that few of these love Articles Okay Spirit says Embrace through each other You find the missing pieces Perhaps this is what it is I look for You everywhere both of you kind of Complete each other manifesting Miracles Your dream is soon to become reality Trust your heart and continue to follow Its guidance Sexual Union honored a place in one Another where you are one Eternal Soul For there you will find true Bliss Only time will tell So this one indicates there could be a Chance of a reconciliation but give it Time Because I do sense that your union with This person is Kind of special okay Although it seems for some of you that It may be a stretch Um It may seem like it takes miracle For both of you to reconcile but species Only time will tell and once both of you Find each other's missing pieces And perhaps both of you will get back

Together okay in time in Divine timing All right earth science Virgo tourism Capricorn hope you resonated in some way Shape or form if you did please hit like Share and subscribe I'll leave you with A couple of playlists on the screen Right now the first one is from my Second channel it's a travel Vault Channel check it out if you want to and The second playlist is from this channel Has all of the readings that I've done For you and for the rest of the signs With different topics and different Questions but these readings are still New because I post them every single day Once I'm done with all the readings I Posted right away so it's as live as it Can be okay hope to see you back here Again tomorrow take care science bye

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