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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Fogo welcome to my channel and welcome To your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Gonna get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and Today is the 10th of January 2023 time Here in Bali is 4 31 am all right now let's get your Reading started spirits and Angels Please show me important love messages That Virgos need to hear today Eight of Pentacles in one verse at the Bottom of the deck okay what I'm hearing Right now Virgo is that Love when it comes to love Eight of Pentacles in one verse it Should feel easy Um It should feel as though you know ten of Pentacles the sun ten of Cups and this Is really really nice to be honest and I Feel it Virgo if you've been looking This is you hermit so if you've been Looking for this happily ever after Because the lamp is shining towards the Ten of Cups here and so does the sun the Sun is shining brightly towards the ten Of Pentacles and the Ten of Cups here so I will if you've been looking for this Happily ever after a long long lasting Love connection very very happy Um connection with the sun here

Relationship marriage I think you're gonna get it You're gonna get what you want but we've Got the moon here the moon candy gets Self-doubt for some of you may be Doubting right now this moment Especially for those of you single Virgos you may be listening to me right Now and go like oh yeah right whatever As if as if I'm gonna Get these two tens here 10 of Cups 10 Follicles in the Sun but looks like you Are going to but you see the Moon can Indicate you doubting that so currently A lot of you could be doubting that you Ever ever find Um this this type of Love connection but You know the sun is a major kind of and You've got two perfect tens here so for Me it's a confirmation saying that it's Coming it's coming in the store here Look at it that means your wish is Coming true if this is what you've been Looking for you're gonna find it but Right now this moment with the Moon it Just feels like you you may not have Either met this person yet so maybe You've already met this person but you May doubt that's a thing because the Moon can get uncertainties as well so You may be feeling uncertain about the Future Um it could be with a current connection Or it could be just you being single

Right because the her mechanic get Loneliness as well so for some of you Virgos feel really lonely and you feel Alone uh in this and that and you're Single and when am I gonna find These ten two tens here and Virgos are Perfectionists so I see a lot of you Will not settle for anything less I'm at The store here you're always gonna try And reach for the stars as in Choosing perhaps or Meeting you could be wondering if you Could be excuse me if you would end up Meeting someone that is Up to your expectations right with the Star oh gosh my trust me I've been Clearing my throat all day I Sorry about that So four of cups here and my first two Ones Another star Some of you could be wondering did I Miss any opportunities right with Previous person with a previous person With the Judgment in my first and the Knight of Cups I don't think so Virgo I Don't think so I feel like your past Relationships or if you were married in The past I think it happened for a Reason if it didn't work out it was for A reason Because there's something better coming For a lot of you here with a star Something that you've always been

Wishing for I think You know the star candles indicate Someone that you think it's unreachable Or this is just too good to be true kind Of an energy if you've been wondering You know will I ever meet this person If you're single especially I think the Answer is a yes but the moon here for me Indicates you doubting it yourself you Could be thinking right now like I don't know I don't know if I'll ever Meet me this person who's gonna love me Unconditionally with the king of Cups Here somebody who's not going to judge Me for my past judge me as a person as a Partner someone not judgmental You know the moon also can again Indicate a sense of oh I feel so Bleak About the future especially for those of You Virgos who have been single for a Long time And you still can't meet or find Somebody Who Miss of your caliber which is you You're being a star here right and also Virgo The Hermit is a very wise person For very wise energy so maybe for some Of you you are going to end up meeting Somebody very wise very emotionally Stable And Two ones have ever syndicates you're Gonna choose this person as this person Will choose you seven ones and one verse

You know again it feels like it doesn't Have to be hard maybe this is a Connection this is somebody who is Coming into your life who just feels Easy Um as in both of you just match each Other both of you will not fight I'm not Saying that you know it's not okay to Fight but there are a lot of couples That fight and it works for them but it Really depends how you fight how you Argue Um How you express your opinion about Something but I just feel Virgo this Connection that's coming in that you've Been looking for it's gonna feel very Very easy like you don't have to Constantly have you don't have to Constantly Have to prove yourself Judgment in Reverse it's a Non-judgmental kind of a connection Where love is pure with the king of Cups Here a lot of positivity is the Sun Both of you I think both of you maybe One of you provide emotionally emotional Security another one of you I mean two Person one provides emotional security Another provides Um Financial Security could indicate that But ten of Pentacles the Ten of cups is The best this is the best outcome that

You can get actually because ten of Pentacles it it means that this Connection is going to be a long lasting One and both of you will grow old Together and it's a very sustainable Connection where both of you will be Financially secure Living a good life together And then 10 cups here just really Fulfilled this is a happily ever after Card and the sun cannot get better than That right the sun you're gonna be so Happy some of you you're gonna have a Blended family or have a family together Um it could be just adopting pets Because not everybody wants to have Children I know I don't want to have children But anyway so four cups here in my first Some of you could be wondering did I did I miss this opportunity with somebody From the past from my past where I could Have had these these ten these two tens With them this happily ever after with Them I would say no I would say no this Is not a Mist you didn't miss any Opportunities I just feel like there's Something better someone better coming Along with a star here You've got one two three major corners And this is why I was thinking with Eight of Pentacles and my first that Maybe this connection feels so easy that You don't have to really work so hard I

Feel like Virgos for a lot of you in Your past connections past relationships Or past marriage Felt like you had to put in a lot of Work it felt like It felt like you always had to defend This connection that past connection And maybe for some of you you maybe felt You may be feeling like you were being Judged as well at the same time I don't Know this is really an easy going Relationship that just fits perfectly And it again just feels easy both of you Will just get along will have the same Goals just really happy and really Positive both of you choose each other With the two ones and movers that could Be a bit of a you know with a moon here There could be some doubts in regards to This connection in the beginning but Then it just goes so well it fits so Well that it's undeniable so this Connection I feel is completely Undeniable as in you can't you kind of Can't go wrong with this type of Connection because there's no conflict And he's just super happy all the time The Sun so you don't know who this Person is if you're whenever you talk to This person or when you when when you Meet this person if you haven't met this Person yet you're gonna just feel this Very positive vibe about them very calm And this person is very emotionally

Stable could be a pie Skin So Scorpio Could be a Leo could be an aquarius can Be any fire signs here or somebody like Your Freckle cap Contours Somebody very mature doesn't matter if They're older younger if they're younger They seem to be more mature Um Yeah Virgo And the star indicates healing and Recovery and for some of you it could be Somebody wanting to heal and recover Connection with you because the fourth Cup Summers can indicate this person Sees you as a missed opportunity and may Decide after a while of not talking here Some Silence with the Moon And then may come forward And I'm wanting to offer you peace Wanting to reconcile with King cups Perhaps this person does love you but For a lot of you Virgo I still see if if You're single and I don't know if you've been wondering if You've been looking for that one person Whom it's gonna make your life much Easier eight of Pentacles someone first Somebody that you don't have to Constantly like work so hard to make it Work so it just feels easy this Connection just feels so easy and it it Looks like it but it potentially could Be a very very long lasting connection

Where both of you would grow all Together all right Virgo this is your Reading and I hope you resonated in some Way shape or form if you did Please hit like share subscribe I want To leave you with a couple of playlists On the screen right now the first one is From my second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check it out if you want to Second playlist is from this channel has All the readings that I've done for you And for the rest of the signs with Different topics and different questions But these readings are still new so They're still relevant because I post Them every single day in fact I upload Them right away once I'm done with all Of the readings so Um so they are relevant they are very Very up-to-date all right take care Virgo hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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