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Almost Daily Readingย  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs ๐ŸŒˆย  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini ๐ŸŒŸprovidingย  general spiritual love, finance, career adviceย  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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๐Ÿฆ„ Allow me to be myself when I read and to deliver these messages how I see fit. My feelings, intuition and mood vary from day to day and I ride along with the waves when I read for you.

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* This is a general reading. May not resonate with everyone.
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There are signs for the tourists in Capcom welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support and this reading we are Going to find out how does a person on Your mind feel about you right now and Today is the 21st of December 2022 time Is 3 48 p.m Kuala Lumpur Malaysia please Bear in mind that this is a collective Reading for earth science and if you Were to finally got it to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same Earth Sign now let's get your reading started Spritz and Angels please show me for Earth science Virgo tourists in Capricorn their person on their mind Right now How do they feel about Earth science Ace of ones at the bottom of the deck so This person is very obsessive over you Because they've got the devil here Ace Of Wands indicates this person is very Passionate about you they desire you and The devil and this I mean this Combination the Ace of Wands and the Devil indicate that this person wants to Be sexual with see okay and the nine of Pentacles is definitely your energy so This person has a lot of respect for you I think they're very attractive to you Because you're very independent Self-sufficient beautiful graceful or

That you have really good taste Tastes are really high standards Um for yourself and for others perhaps We've got a world here the work indicate You are somebody worldly or that you're Somebody very different you may have an Accent or you may have a different skin Color or different textured hair Different color eyes something different About you and that makes you seem really Really attractive attractive to this Person This person could also be feeling like They would like to have a or start a new Chapter with you because it is Isis Indicates A New Beginning like wanting To have a new beginning with you if You're not with this person right now Perhaps this is the morning to read Night passion with you but if you are Currently connected with this person I Feel like they are really interested in Starting a new chapter with you okay We've got the Judgment in my verse 801s Here there is no doubt everybody knows That or signs it's very obvious that you Are naturally very attractive it could Be the way you look or it could be the Way you act uh the way you talk or just You being you having achieved a lot in Your life here with the nine of Pentacles and for some of you you know Now particles again communicate somebody Who has really high standards so this

Person may be wanting you or is Obsessive over you because they think It's really hard to get you okay yeah a Little bit hard to get or you could be Playing hard to get to this person and We've got a high pristachioma person That I don't want them up very so this Person could be a fire sign Aries Sagittarius or Leo it could be any sign Fixed signs could be a Capricorn Pisces Libra Gemini Aquarius So your personal mind right now feels Like they really want to talk to you a Lot of thoughts it's almost like it's a Very impulsive energy so they may be Feeling that you make them feel Impulsive you make them act out of Character that you make them lose their Patience because it feels like this Person really wants you so badly okay And 801s again indicates them having a Lot of passion towards you they desire You Um they feel like they want to talk to You but they're not sure if it's a good Judgment call or not Um they wonder if they were to tell you The truth if you you know whether if if You're gonna receive it receive it well Or not are you going to judge them or Not you know what the Judgment here Remember so we've got the Ace of Pentacles in one verse this person may Be feeling like okay I don't know yet

Where this is going Um as in if they want something Long-term they don't know yet okay Because the Ace of political summaries Can indicate some sort of a delay Um they may feel like this is moving a Little bit too fast or too quickly Um and they may want to kind of slow it Down because this is very fast the 801 Is a lot of Um swords here super fast and then then You have these two cards here in one Verse that means it's moving really fast But they feel like they need to kind of Like slow it down and delay it hope that Makes sense to you I'm gonna pull out a few of these Oracles Sorry about that I replay our conversations over and over Again I feel like this person really Likes the conversations that both of you Have with each other because Ado wants They could be feeling like they want to Talk to you more or talk to you again or That they could have been really Enjoying the conversations that both of You had with each other we've got I knew Exactly what I was doing so this person Could be a little bit manipulative Because of the devil card here right it Could be trying to get your attention or Acting a certain way of seeing certain Things to make you feel attracted to

Them or make you feel like you want to Reconcile with them if you're separated With this person some of you this could Be someone new as well okay just stay Where I resonates with you you and I Were too young this person feels like You have a very youthful look about you Maybe you look young younger than your Age that's what I'm getting here and We've got you don't know how hard it was To let you go Um you know it could be a big let go as In like a separation but it could also Be like okay if you were to say I'm I'm Gonna leave now I'll chat I'll chat with you tomorrow For them it's like I don't want I don't Want this conversation to be over I want To chat with you as long as possible Right that's for some of you we've got I Know I messed up everything so I feel Like this person is very conscious about What they have said what they have done If they said the right thing or will you Judge them with the Judgment here in my Verse unless this is someone you Separated from then this person could be Feeling like they messed something up Right and they feel like maybe they need To talk to you about it but they're not Sure maybe they think that you're still Upset with them with the Knight of Swords we need to let each other go And then I'm grateful for the spiritual

Lesson for some of you maybe you've Taught this person a lesson by letting Them go by cutting them off or by Telling them the truth about something Here as especially if you're separated From this person right if not if this is Somewhere relatively new I do sense that Um they could be feeling that maybe you Are too good to be true or maybe you are Out of their league they could be a bit Self-conscious because the devil can hit Some Negativities right Um But you know what you you may have Taught this person certain lessons or Something that you've said to this Person Um that I feel could have made them Realize that you you're possibly Available to them in your life and hence They are like even this person is crazy About you actually Ace of Wands and the Devil Um doesn't matter if you're separated or If this new person but this person is Crazy about you they think you are very Different from the rest with the world Here and it will be a little bit hard For them to meet somebody like you again Hence they they still I don't know I Feel like this person may have some Insecurities they don't feel like Themselves or that they feel like

They feel like either you're not really That attracted to them or that they feel Like they're not doing enough to make You feel attracted to this person unless It's somebody you separated from be Separated from this person this could be Someone that could have made the wrong Judgment call right in and out of your Life but then I don't wants him up first And you may have found certain Information about this person and you Could have been really upset with them They may have done something with the Devil here's something bad I feel like This person could be feeling like maybe They need to speak with you but they're Afraid that you know you might greet Them with hostility hostility with the United States here sorry I'm running out Of breath I just saw zero nine zero and I check out your angel number if you Want to I'm Gonna Leave You with a couple of Playlists on the screen right now the First one is from my second channel it's A travel Vlog Channel check it out if You want to and the second playlist is From this channel it has all the Readings that I've done for you and for The rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions and these Readings are still new so they're still Relevant because I post them almost Every single day actually I post them

Every single day like twice a day so um And I upload them right away so they are Definitely very very up to date all Right our signs take care and I hope to See you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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