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Almost Daily Reading  2022 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Welcome to my channel and welcome to Your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important messages That you need to hear today and today is The second of December 2022 time is 4 58 P.m Indonesian time okay I'm not Indonesian By the way I'm Malaysian I heard Somebody asked I saw somebody ask me That in one of the comments but anyway Let's get our reading started spirits And Angels please show me important Messages that Virgo need to hear today These are ones at the bottom of the deck Okay so the first card was the 801s this Indicates good news some sort of a Movement or travel because we've got the Wolf Fortune here something to do with Your Travels or trout travel plans 10 on Wands in my first okay for those of you Currently traveling uh Virgo Space could be saying that with the Six Of Pentacles and the Ten of Swords Hitting overs it's actually good for you If you're currently traveling Um you might find some work Opportunities that's for some of you I'm Only saying that because of these Six of Pentacles here some of you could be Doing charity work

Um or someone maybe offering you Something or a place to stay or a job Um I think it's actually good Or if you're traveling right now space Could be encouraging you to do some Charity while you're working I don't Know I just saw people cleaning up the Beach the beaches some of you may be Doing that it's very specific not for All of you Um anyway For a lot of you Virgo I feel like with 801s here this indicates some Communication coming in someone may be Asking for a second chance to reignite Passion with you with Asa wands This is someone you have already kind of Told them not to contact you ever again Okay And this person may be feeling very Conflicted But eventually it feels like they will Reach out with a Six of Pentacles When they reach out they may tell you Something where they might need some Help Sorry excuse me They might need some help or some advice And and two tens here ton of Swords I'm Always antenna sauce tennis Indicates maybe you've had an ending With this person with it being in Reverse it feels like this person may Want to try and

Reverse the ending okay That's for some of you but there's Something new here coming in it's the Ones Virgo Either it's something new or it's Something from the past wanting to renew Your connection with them Um Or again that this could be actually Somebody new but the Azle ones once Indicates passion desire for some of you You may feel inspired while you're Traveling or you may feel inspired while You see something online because Adam Wants its fast communication Wheel of Fortune candy get something like online Internet so unless basically encouraging You to seek for some inspiration online Or somebody that you may look up to Get some ideas if someone can indicate Ideas as well get some ideas from your Idols people you look up to or you can Just simply Google it feels like a lot Of answers on the internet these days Right Um we've got the queen of SWAT team Members this is actually you and we've Got the Justice in Reverse some good News pertaining something that may have Done you Injustice or someone who may Have done you Injustice some news coming In okay someone may reach out to you or You may hear from your lawyer from Um but I think it's a good news it's not

A bad news because Ado wants to me it's Good news and we've got the Wheel of Fortune here so you may hear something Quite unexpectedly I feel because You've already given it some rest some Rests I hope that makes sense to you Like you've been through it and you've Kind of you may still be holding some Grudges Certain resentments towards the Situation towards that person in Particular But you've kind of like Let It Go in a Way like Let It rest but then you're Gonna hear something from this person or From this company or organization Organization And you're gonna feel happy about it Though with a Wheel of Fortune you're Gonna feel like Oh I thought I've lost It but I didn't lose it I thought It wasn't gonna happen but it's actually Going to happen okay Got these seven of Pentacles here but I feel like you're gonna once you hear That news you will feel a little bit Conflicted Um because seven Pentacles here or Specifically encouraging you to look at The finer prints or make sure that this Person or this organization or this Company That's going to that's offering you Something here with the Six of Pentacles

That is actually True or it's honest or it's sincere or Genuine okay But this is definitely a new opportunity For girls for a lot of you it's an Opportunity in love some of you it's Opportunity in work or in your career Six of Pentacles some of you again I do See or hear you're doing some charity Work It could also indicate loans for some of Your Justice right to indicate loans Someone giving you money someone loaning You money Another thing I'm seeing here for a girl This is very specific not for all of you What do you call like those funds Um GoFundMe or something like that It's like a suggestion here I feel uh Specifically is suggesting you to try GoFundMe if you want to fund a project You want to fund something it can be Anything okay where you need money Either to help people to help yourself To help build your business that's for Some of you for those let's see more Got this star here so It could be today tomorrow in the near Future or Divine timing the wheel of Fortunate the stock candy you're being Recognized okay In a good way of course Some of you I don't know why I keep

Hearing you may be doing Some humanitarian project and getting Recognized for that with the star here Or someone you may have helped before Might return the favor or my or my tell People how good you are at what you do And I'm seeing a lot of recommendations Good reviews coming in for you guys for Those of you who has a business or if You rely on good reviews for your Company's reputation Popularity so I definitely see that Happening today tomorrow or in the near Future we've got someone here this Person is a fire is an Aries Sagittarius Or a Leo This person really wants you okay and They're very passionate about you but We've got the seminal swords here so This person I feel is planning something I think the Seven Swords came out in your last bonus Reading as well I feel like it could be the same message Or similar message that this person Could be planning of returning or keep Still checking up on you This is someone who may be feeling Defeated right now at the moment but Either sorts in love first it feels like They've been holding back for a while But now they're starting to plan Something and some of the cops here Emma First this person has been thinking a

Lot about you overwhelmed by Their own imaginations about you Even could have dreamed about you And also indicates that making a choice To actually take actions towards you but They're doing in a way doing it in a way Where it's kind of sneaky Because they know you're smart with a Queen of Swords him over saying no they Gotta be smarter than you are in order To either get your attention or to get YouTube Do as they say Or to accept them or to reconcile with Them with the star here Well we'll fortunate star these two Three four are major Condos for some of You Virgo I feel like If in the past People have been treating you people Have been treating you unfairly Or you were not being recognized for Your effort Um For your kindness that's what I'm seeing Here it feels like a reward you're Getting some sort of a reward from the Universe Or from somebody Or a company organization okay Definitely good news here either ones And something new as well Some of you it's you traveling and Meeting someone new or getting really

Busy Uh being physically intimate with Someone in particular or it could be Multiple people that's some of you the 501 is getting really really busy it Feels like if I want to look at it and Get people wanting vying for your Attention fighting for you competing for Your attention And you may have to choose from Either one of them or few of them and You may also end up Virgo Um sharing your time with these people If it I mean these people could be Anybody yeah could be friends could be Romantic potential romantic partners But I see you observing them seven of Pentacles here and for a lot of you Virgos you could be actually going Through healing and recovery and don't Really want to carry the burden of being In a serious relationship as of yet if This is what you're going through right Now Virgo I do see a lot of people Wanting attention and you may be going On different dates sharing a Time effort Energy and just take it slow with the Seven Pentacles oh this could be a Spirit's way of saying that perhaps Instead of jumping into a relationship Right away Um talk to me as many people as you want To date as many people as you want to

And just observe and see how things go And then when the time is right with a Wheel of Fortune you might end up Choosing the right person for you But this is definitely a very lucky card Right luck is coming your way fast Antenna wants and reverse indicates you Don't have to carry the burden and the Responsibilities that you've been Carrying for so long And life isn't going to be so hard Anymore and that's a new beginning That's gonna excite you Um And six of Pinnacles gonna get equal Give and take relationship someone or Your friends May recognize you being Somebody very kind very compassionate And they may want to do the same for you Or if this is a romantic partner he or She may feel that hey Virgos are so kind Um So kind so caring so compassionate Perhaps I should do the same Yep I see this person is going to treat You fairly And for some of you this could be Someone you've given up on again this May be someone you You have separated from maybe this is Someone who is kind of selfish in the Past Okay Virgo this is your reading hope it Resonated in some way shape or form if

You did please hit like share and Subscribe I'll leave you with a couple Of playlists on the screen right now the First one is from my second channel it's A travel Vlog Channel check it out if You want to and the second playlist is From this channel has all the readings That I've done for you and for the rest Of the science with different topics Different questions but these readings Are still new so they're still relevant Because I post them every single day and Virgos For those of you who don't know I know I'm repeating this Um I post your videos right away after I'm done With the reading all the readings all Together I will post everything all at Once okay so they are as live as it can Be and also I'm open for personal Readings if you like to book me my Information is in the description box Below I'm not sure if I already said That but I hope to see you back here Again tomorrow or a few hours later take Care for a goodbye

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