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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Welcome to my channel my name is Chelsea In this reading we're going to find out Who has been obsessively spying on you Lately and why for those of you like to Book a personal reading with me Information is in the description box Below today is the 25th of January 2023 Time here in Bali Indonesia is 12 39 PM Please bear in mind that there's a Collective reading for earth science and If you were to finally guided to watch This video this message is meant for you Even if you're dealing with the same Earth Sun all right now let's get your Reading started Spirits and Angels please show me for Earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Who has been obsessively spying on earth Science lately and why The moon so it's a secret this person Has been secretly spying on you okay There are multiple people here are Science very strong fire Aries Sagittarius or a Leo could also be a Pisces cancer scorpio or somebody like You are Virgo Virgo Taurus or Capricorn Think six of Wands of my bursts and Knight of Pentacles and lovers and the Will of Fortune Means That I think this is someone You are not giving them any attention Right now okay or that they're not

Giving you any attention it could go Vice versa the thing is the moon can Indicate deception so for some of you Maybe this is someone who seems as Though they are not interested in you But they've been obsessively spying on You okay and I feel like with another Pentacles demos because this is an Earth Energy it could be you would it be Reversed can be an indication of how You're not really working on this Connection between you and this person Currently and you may have changed the Direction well a fortune and rejected This person with ace of cups ml first This person may have kind of hurt you in The past or You could have hurt them Could go fights first both of you could Have hurt each other because the Six of Pentacles here is M1 first hmm You have that that one person who is Obsessively spying on you I feel like It's that one person either he has Rejected he or she has rejected you or You have rejected them okay but then There's one more person I feel could be Obsessively spying on you right now is Somebody who loves you who cares about You with a Knight of Cups And you know what Queen of Wands candy Kate a third party The Other Woman or The other man for those of you involved In a third party situation I don't know

Even if you know it or you don't there Is a third party Um obsessively spying on you because I Think this third party May think that their person is in love With you which is here Queen of Pentacles this is you Hmm feels like a competition that's what I'm getting here if it's not a third Party could just be someone who is kind Of jealous of you but this role makes me Feel like this person has feelings for Maybe your person Um it could be anybody it doesn't matter If your person is involved with this Person or not with a third party or not But there's someone who is interested in Your person if you are currently Connected with someone okay and this Person is obsessively spying on you Looking at what you're doing most likely On your social media Um because the Wheel of Fortune Communicate internet or maybe phone if They're that close to your person but Let's see more Card as well because it's a very sneaky Energy so someone is sneaking around Lurking around Um obsessively spying on you and we've Got the Justice here and the strength of Mob first For some of you this is very Specific and it's just with someone

Because it justice can indicate law Um or You know it could be an employer Something legal okay a police Only for some of you not all you're the Government or Um like an official personal and Official organizational company that Could be spying on you trying to gain Some information in regards to you and This part is really specific and it's Not for all of you I feel like for the Most part earth science you have Multiple people actually could be Obsessively spying only one could be an Ex I feel someone or could be a friend That you no longer a friend with but Someone from your past then you've got One currently for those of you if you Currently connected with someone this Person most likely either is a fire or Yeah it could be a fire it could be a Water it could be a And the Earth sign Um Feel like this person is interested in You okay but there is some competition Here I don't know they could be Obsessively spying on you because you May have other options okay but there is Definitely this competitive energy that I'm getting here somebody is competitive Hence they could be spying on you Yeah it could be this person you're

Currently connected with looking at your You know social media if you have social Media trying to look at everything Trying to find some information in Regards to you because they're Interested in you I don't see it as like Someone malicious at all I think this Person just has some feelings for you or Cares about you while you do have Another one whom I feel it could be Jealous of you could be a third party Someone who may be interested in your Person if currently you have this one Person here because this role makes me Feel like it's it's connected in some Way shape or form okay Got it five Pentacles they are once a Month first so there's somebody very Sneaky here in the past who may want to Reignite Passion with you but I feel Like they are not coming forward they've Been keeping really quiet here with the Uh the moon the strength here in Reverse This person doesn't have any courage to Want to reignite Passion with you or Reach out to you express to you how they Feel so it does look like Um they are suppressing their emotions Or they just don't want you to know at All Justice here can indicate maybe this Is somebody who looks as if they are Serious or Um or this could be someone you have Made a very

Um Decisive of firm decision in regards to Turning it back on this person there's Definitely someone you have ignored or Rejected it's a cup support okay maybe For some of you this could be someone You used to love and care about as well Would it be in the verse it could mean That you you maybe could have retrieved Your cup of love and you no longer are Giving to this person six epitical Movies I think this person has hurt you Before in the past okay Maybe they were not stable maybe they Were not a good friend Um it could also be related to money Um money issues Um I don't know I'm getting this very Specific another specific message of Some of it's a friend who may have Borrowed money from you but Hasn't returned the money to you about An item from you that is valuable to you And hasn't returned it to you this Person will be spying on you okay that's Just for some of you but for a lot of You I feel like this is someone that Again you had a connection with at one Point in time it feels like you did care And love for this you didn't have love For this person you cared for this Person but now you could be just Focusing on yourself on your money and For some of you you know Queen has a

King actually but Um I don't know especially if for those Of you are science we are currently Seeing someone Um or if it looks like you have admirers Because you could also be embodying the Queen of ones where you're looking Really attractive Um this person may be interested in you Maybe these two queens belong to one Maybe it's you Embodying these two queens here and this Person Knight of Cups Loves these traits about you and they Could be spying on your pictures Um it could just really be interested in You very attracted to your qualities it Feels like you are somebody very down to Earth and somebody very stable Financially stable Um or secure and you have a lot of Confidence something about your Confidence with the queen of ones here That this person is actually falling in Love with nine of Cups zero nine zero Nine I just saw on my stopwatch could be Your angel number go ahead and Google it If you want to zero nine zero nine Angel Number there could be some other Important messages over there that could Be useful for you okay but generally or Science I feel like there are a couple Of people at least one could be Obsessively spying on you one you have

Rejected already before and I feel like This person this person still have you Know Deep Emotions for you with the moon Here And they could be spying on you see if You have a new someone someone new if You have someone new because Asus Indicates new beginning if you have Someone new if you do have someone new About Pentacles I think whatever they're Seeing just makes them feel really Really sad Um yeah they feel really sad for sure The strength here I'm offers a very a Little bit of a cowardly energy so this Person may not want to come forward may Not want to talk to you or reach out to You but just secretly spying on you You have someone secretly also could be In love with you who could be spying on You I feel like this could be someone Current okay or someone kind of newish But the world Fortune also candy kid you Know it's a new New Direction New Path Um could also indicate a new chapter you Know kind of similar to the world card Right now at this moment I feel like This is someone maybe you know we'll Fortune right next to the Ace of Customer but it's a change of heart Someone may have a change of heart you May have had a change of heart in Regards to this personal vice versa but Whatever the change of heart is the

Another cups in upright position so it Makes me feel like this person may be Falling in love with you but afraid to Fall in love with you and I know ones Um I think this person is kind of crazy About you yeah But there's a lot there's a lot of Energy where these people who could be Obsessed with spying on you right now They're afraid to get hurt or afraid to Get rejected by you well you've already Rejected them at one point in time and They Um They're very pessimistic with the moon Here Not sure if If they were to reach out to you if You're gonna reject them right because You stand in your power right now Virgo Taurus and Capricorn with the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands here I Feel like this is you okay this is you And you're so confident you're so Beautiful you're You're making a lot of important moves In your life and you're you've been Achieving a lot of Success that's what I'm seeing here and I feel like Um Yeah there's a definitely fear in Rejection From both sides both sides I mean from

Both people here and a past person and Possibly a new person as well and also Could be a third one which is a third Party or somebody somebody who is Jealous of you Oh my throat hurts sorry I had a very Crazy night last night I went out with My friends didn't plan to actually Only plan to have dinner and then next Thing you know we we went out partying But anyway take care of science Virgo Tours in Capcom this is your reading If you know what if you want to watch More of my readings I've already posted Um they're all very new I post them Every single day even twice a day so Check them out there are different Topics different questions because I Don't want to do the same reading every Single day I'll get bored like just love Yeah I'll get really really bored so but Anyway check out the other readings if You want you can click on the daily Readings playlist Or click on videos And scroll the way down and look for Your sign there could be some other Important messages for you ah no yeah Yes yes yes click on videos and then Scroll all the way down look look for Your sign yeah there could be some other Videos that you might be interested in Or other important messages for you that Possibly you need to hear another

Playlist I'm Gonna Leave You is from my Second channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check that one out if you want To and I'm open for personal readings if You like the book of me my information Is in the description box below I've Added a few options Um yeah for your convenience take care Of science hope to see you back here Again later or tomorrow bye

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