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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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They are signs Virgo Taurus and Capricorn welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea thank you so much for liking And subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to find out who's missing you like Crazy and why merry Christmas and happy Holidays for those of you celebrating And today is the 25th of December 2022 Time is 7 58 p.m in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now this is a collective Reading for earth science and if you Were definitely guided to watch this Video this message is meant for you even If you're dealing with the same or sign Alright let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me for Earth science Virgo Taurus and Capricorn Who is missing them like crazy and why Hmm Foreign At the bottom of the deck a very strong Fire sign here King Of Wands Emma first Aries Sagittarius or a Leo this is Someone you have cut off that you don't Really want to speak to anymore two Swords or currently you're not speaking To this person the devil hears him up First this person was very very toxic And I think he did the right thing here With the Harry fund Um for not For not entertaining this person anymore Yep that's what I'm sensing I think this

Person is also it's me this person is Missing some sort of a structure I'm Hearing backbone you're maybe this Person's backbone and you give them like A purpose like a like a created create a Certain structure with them like I don't Know it just feels like you you were Somebody very reliable there was some Sort again like Um I would say or routine structure Routine you've had a routine with this Person Um they miss that routine uh that kind Of a structure or backbone like because It feels like you are Somebody very strong and you are Somebody behind them At all times I hope that makes sense to You but I think you could have cut this Person off or stop talking to this Person because no matter how much you You tried right I think this person is Incorrigible Couldn't really quite change King Of Wands of my first because they're quite Set in their own ways and Two of Pentacles is right here we've got a page Of swords in my verse this person has Been Keeping tabs on you Has been spying on you and then we've Got the Wheel of Fortune here this Person could be spying on you online and Pretending to be somebody else because

The magician can indicate like somebody Being Incognito using a different name Or different A different account a fake account to Check up on your spy on you and six of Cups here some of us is somebody you Have bad memories with and I feel like There's someone you will constantly tell Yourself oh you've been constantly Telling yourself like do not return to This person or I don't want to return to This person because I think you know You've you've made a point already with The hierophant here it's a major Arcana So a very important decision that you Made and you you I feel like you you had to do what you Had to do in terms of blocking this Person or not wanting to speak to this Person ever again and with the two Pentacles this person is constantly Wondering you know what are you doing And not sure what you're doing and they Could be could have been guessing Guessing what you've been doing and I'm Paid Authority again could be stalking You or spying on you Let's see more see seven of Swords very Very sneaky energy so this person has Been sneaking around checking up on you I think most likely it's on your social Media with a Wheel of Fortune here Um because you can't make it a worldwide Web right and this person could also be

Living far away from you or this person Doesn't feel like they are close to you Like physically Um the proximity itself is it's not near It feels far okay and Six of Swords in My first four Swords and reverse yeah This person thinks about you a lot Constantly thinking feeling really Restless thinking of ways maybe to Manifest you with a magician Thinking of ways to ask for a second Chance but I think you've had it with This person though with the two swords You're like ugh I don't want to see this Person anymore I don't want to deal with This person anymore because they were Again with the devil in Reverse it's Really toxic somebody very unhealthy for You In your life I think in the past six of Cups in my first here again feels like You You have really bad memories of this Person they may have done something Something wrong or something Manipulative for the magician or could Have done anything but you know the king Ones in my voice can you get somebody Who could have been in and out of your Life or just unstable or may have had a Bad temper a bad attitude or you know Could be anything but the nine of Particles here and my first indicates This person is missing how they could

Rely on you and this is why I feel like The higher found here again the Combination of the Cartier makes me feel Like you have been this person's Backbone you have been this person's Support some like a structure you you Meet their life way more organized Um there there's again a routine that I Feel very organized routine that you you Had with this person okay Um it could be in any form Um it could be studying together or Working together or going to the gym Together or cooking together you cook For them or they cook for you either or There's this part I think Earth signs That they miss like being a part of of Something Um It's almost like you know when they were With you they felt like they were a part Of something big or a part of Um a healthy proper routine kind of a Lifestyle I hope that makes sense but Then this person maybe the king of Wands Him over to the devil and my words could Have you know been kind of like it feels Like sometimes they're okay and Sometimes they're not okay Their behavior okay and that particles About versus a codependency energy they May be codependent on you things that You used to do for this person they miss It and the temperance here candy cane

You've been really really patient with This person I feel and but you've had it That's what I'm seeing here Um If you've had enough of their Antics the Temperance Connecticut reconciliation as Well so this person could be wanting to Reconcile with you and the moon and one First wanting to open up communication I Think they've been thinking about what To say to you how to say to you Um The magician is holding what do you call This thingy I can't remember we call the Stick here Um it looks like a pen to me right now So they could be pinning something or it Could be a phone holding a phone and Just typing messages and think about Ways to speak with you but the magician Also candy kid against someone you know Um wearing a false off mask like Pretending so to me this can indicate They could have been pretending to be Somebody else using a different account And trying to check you out on your Social media and then we've got a page Of Pentacles here this person could be a Virgo Capricorn or a Taurus I think this Person misses talking with you right Again it just feels like you've been This person's backbone both of you may Have had a lot of conversations that Have been very helpful for them you may

Have given them a lot of advice help Them supported them And I think they miss that part of it But there have been really bad memories In the past that could have been again With the devil and reverse is really Really Bad past or toxic past Between you and this person I'm sorry if I sound like I'm mumbling I'm actually a Little bit hungover I I went out I went Out last night to celebrate Christmas it Was Christmas Eve for us here in Malaysia Please bear in mind the time difference And tonight actually I was invited to a Um to to the Christmas dinner my friend And my friend's house with all family And everything but I'm just too hungover And too tired so and on top of that I Want to work so but anyway hope you guys Are enjoying your celebration if you're Celebrating and this is your reading or Signs of burger toys in Capricorn I post Your videos every single day a couple of Times a day as well and I upload them Right away as you guys already know if You've been following me and I always Mention these days these days I always I've been mentioning time and day so you Know that I'm not recycling any of these Videos all right take care of science Hope to see you back here again later And later on tomorrow bye

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