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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hello Virgo welcome to my channel my Name is Chelsea in this bonus reading We're going to get you some important Messages that you need to hear today for Those of you who like to book a personal Reading with me information is in the Description box below today is the 7th Of February 2023 time here in Canberra Australia is Um 9 22 am all right now let's get your Reading started Spritz and Angels please Show me important messages that Virgos Need to hear today Foreign Ace of Pentacles at the bottom of the Deck Virgo there is someone here um an Aries or Sagittarius Leo with the king Of Wands there's someone here whom is Kind of sad about you with the three of Swords This person Longs for you with the Three Of Wands and it feels like The tower the tower card here indicates That this person has an Awakening moment As an aha moment realizing something is A swords having Clarity in regards to Their feelings because of the Moon here In one verse so they're starting to Realize you know Virgo this is like them Confirming to themselves this person Confirming to himself or herself That yes I do have feelings for Virgo Yes I do want Virgo with the star here And the nine of Pentacles this is you

Okay so An ace of Pentacles seeing your values Seeing your worth wanting a new Beginning with you But they are sad for some reason with The three of swords even because because This person thinks that you are Unattainable with a star because the Star can you keep someone feeling like This person is out of my league And sometimes Tower is like too late Kind of an energy Too late to realize is a swords and you Are in an upright position this is these Are you it's Pinnacles nine of Pentacles And the star These cards are you representing you and You are in an upright position so Although the stars in the Korean energy But it's you okay because it's on the Same it's right above the nine of Pentacles What I'm seeing here is that Virgo This person sees your worth your value Sees you as unattainable or you could be Out of the league And they're very clear again with Ace of Swords of who you are as a person Um how they see you they have so much Respect for you this person finds you Really attractive mainly because of Maybe the nine of Pentacles because You're so independent you hold your own You hold your own and you are

Self-sufficient and you're successful in Some way shape or form also it could Indicate attractiveness with the star so This person is very attracted to you and When the king of Wands here you know it Indicates passion desire this person has So much passion and desire for you and With the Moon being in Reverse maybe at One point in time I feel like it could Have been in an upright position but Maybe because they were kind of confused And unsure who you are or how they feel About you or where this is going but now They are sure Virgo so this person is 100 sure like even if they try to avoid It they can't because the tower is Unavoidable it has to happen Um oh if this is not happening right now It could be happening in the near future So if you feel like Carnival there is Somebody Who may be confused about you whom could Be hurting you through your thoughts Making you feel sad making you cry Um this person is going to realize Because the Aries energy which is the Emperor here not from the king of Wands To the emperor it kind of makes me feel Like it's it's one step forward right One one level up as well so so the Feelings for you could be Could I would say I wouldn't say it could be more I would

I feel more like it's confirmed kind of Energy Their feelings for you This person's feelings for you is Confirmed I hope that makes sense to you It's confirm it because the only reason Why I'm saying that is because of the Moon right It's almost like I was confused before I couldn't confirm My feelings for Virgo I couldn't you Know again it's just like now finally The feelings for you this person's Feelings for you is confirmed because if You look at the emperor the emperor is Wearing these um steel boots right And the feet are planted Firmly on this on this thing here on the Ground or wherever it's planted firmly And still is heavy So when something is heavy it stays on The ground firmly so it's hard to move It right so now it just feels like and In the emperor is somebody wiser or Somebody in charge you know as you can See how powerful the emperor is Um And I feel like Virgo it could also Indicate maybe this person is realizing How powerful the feelings are for you And it's confirmed right because the Emperor is very decisive Very decisive because the emperor is you Know the the emperor basically

Um Making all these important decisions Like and I'm just giving an example like A king like the emperor like in China or Anywhere any country doesn't really Matter making big decisions that are Going to impact the entire country's Livelihood just giving an example so Virgo I just feel like this person Finally is confirming their feelings for You and it they are very powerful Feelings even they can't stop it with The tower here And with Ace of Swords Ace of Swords Indicate Clarity right and success as Well and there's a crown right here As a new beginning I feel a Virgo this person has always Had these feelings for you But because of the moon this person may Have been a bit confused which is normal We're human beings we are confused Sometimes or confused with our feelings Um I feel like at one point in time this Is that one person Virgo whom you may be Who may be making you feel like they are Confused Making you feel confused okay Google Vice versa or maybe this person is Confused in regards to their feelings For you but there is no longer any Confusion Three of Wands this person thinks about The future in regards to you

And they are sad with the three thoughts Some of you in a third party situation It could mean that as well If you're in a third party situation Somebody when I say somebody that means Could be you or this other person Somebody here might feel that you know It's time to cut one off Before it's too late with the tower Before Before the damages Um become irreversible that's what I'm Seeing here And the star Virgo you can indicate Healing and recovery for a lot of you You may heal and recover from your Financial situation nine of Pentacles But if this is related to love I see you Going through healing recovery being Independent unless this is spirit's way Of saying that you need to Um focus on yourself that it's time for You to make your own dreams come true Especially when it's related to Career Money And perhaps put love in a back burner That's for some of you and the tower Here candy cane like um A how do you say An unexpected An unexpected Meeting okay Virgo Unexpected meeting that's what I'm Seeing it and you know I want to tell

You a little bit of this story so I've Been in Bali right if you guys have been Following my channel I've been in Bali And of course you know I will go out Once a week and I'll meet people Um But there was one guy that I met and he I met him in a very unconventional way Like literally when I was picking up my Grab food which is a food delivery I went to pick up my food delivery and There he was sitting on his bike with His friend on another bike and straight Away with like this instant like Connection no attraction there so And anyway they invited me for dinner And and then we all went on a double Date and stuff like that and I'm still Talking to him right now Um and the only reason why I deemed that This connection between me and this guy Is more It's more special because of this chance Encounter right with a star and this the Star and the tower here some of you Virgo maybe this has already happened if Not maybe it's happening in the near Future there is a chance encounter Unexpected encounter Um and which is very rare to be honest Very rare and if the king of Wands it Could be with a fire sign for those of You who are single yeah Leo Avery Sagittarius

Strong Aries energy could also be a Libra gym like Chris but it's just very Unexpected encounter where you see all This the star these little stars here The of course they're shiny they're Blinking right so there could be an Instant attraction between you and Somebody Um That sets this person apart from the Rest of you or this person might See you as somebody that where you set Yourself apart from the rest of the Other options so I think for somebody maybe this is Happening will be happening in the near Future and another Pentacles this person Really likes you it feels like or will Really like you this hasn't happened yet Because this this person sees you that's Very elegant very unique again the star I always talk about the star as someone Very unique or even the world card if But A little bit similar to me but um It's almost like I'm putting my foot Down Emperor I know I know this is the One for me I know this is the one for You for me so Virgo there is someone Whom is gonna see you as I just know it I just know Virgo is the one for me no Doubt whatsoever with the Ace of Swords Here okay And I want to try I want to try to have

This new beginning with Virgo And It looks promising it looks promising And the Moon in my verse I read it as no Doubt kind of energy so this person has No doubt whatsoever that you are the one For them I know it sounds cheesy but it's like The love of my life I know this is the One I don't care I just know it You know I just know it with the emperor Because Emperor is a very stubborn Energy as well so there's this Stubbornness of you know I just know it I don't care what anybody says I don't Care if Virgo is 20 years older than me Or 20 years younger than me okay I'm not I'm not um I'm not encouraging you know This I'm not encouraging this and you Could be 50 years old and you could be Meeting someone who's 30 years old okay I'm just giving an example as in you Know any other circumstances Um whether it's because of this person Is Living far away from me or this person Is much much younger than them or much Much older than I am always just both so Different from each other or we both Don't speak each other's languages or Don't understand each other's culture or Our parents wouldn't agree or our Friends don't like this person or don't You know it could be anything any sorts

Of obstacles there's this stubborn Confirming energy Virgo someone is gonna Feel so stubborn about you and it's not In a bad way it's in a really really Good way like Like I just know it and I want Virgo no Matter what I don't care what anybody Says or I don't care what are the Obstacles Um I'm gonna Go for it anyway so this is what I'm Seeing here for a lot of you and the Aces these two Aces right ace of Pentacles Ace of Swords Indicates for a lot of your Virgo you Have this new beginning it could be Related to love it could be related to Career and it looks like it's it's Something that you can sustain Um it could also indicate sometimes Ace Of Pentacles Um an offer a new job or a race or a Promotion it could be anything but Generally it just indicates a new start And this new start may come unexpectedly Right with the tower here definitely an Unexpected new start but also you know I Don't see the tower is a bad card at all Because it's surrounded by pretty good Cards except for the Three of Swords Here and the Three of Wands which the Three ones is a good card it's just the Three of swords here so some of you Virgo it could indicate options you know

Three options two options so some of you Um when you see this person you're gonna Eliminate these other options or this Person is gonna eliminate all of their Other options because there's this again Very confirming energy very stubborn Energy and just I knew it I just know it I don't care here I'm gonna do it that Kind of an energy okay Virgo for some of You these two people could be two Completely different people who may be Interested in you if you do have couple Of options you do like a couple of People I think eventually uh Virgo I Feel like you're gonna see things very Clearly something is gonna happen to you Or to this person Um that it's gonna Further confirm who you should be Choosing to be with okay if you're Caught in between two people that is for Some of you okay for God this is a very Interesting reading I hope you resonated In some way shape or form if you did Don't forget to hit like share and Subscribe I will leave you with a couple Of playlists on the screen right now go Check out Um We'll check out my other readings that I've been posting lately okay and they Are still new Um they're still fresh and I post them Right away so still very very up still

Very up to date you can click on videos Or you can click on daily readings and You'll find them there and also Um yeah I'm open for personal readings If you like to book me my information is In the description box below I will also Leave you with another playlist it's From my second channel it's title Asia Check it out if you want to it's a Travel Vlog Channel take care Virgo hope To see you back here again later or Tomorrow bye

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