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Almost Daily Reading  2023 is a short tarot reading for all 12 Zodiac / Astrological signs 🌈  Aries / Leo /Sagittarius / Virgo / Taurus / Capricorn / Pisces / Scorpio / Cancer / Aquarius / Libra / Gemini 🌟providing  general spiritual love, finance, career advice  for those who need them.

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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
– Chelsea with love. ❤️

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Hi Virgo welcome to my channel my name Is Chelsea in this reading we're going To get you some important love messages That you need to hear today to book a Personal reading with me all information Is in the description box below today is The 7th of March 2023 time here in Marseille France is 902 a.m all right Now let's get your reading started it's Listening just please show me important Love messages that Virgos need to hear Today This card has come out Again For those of you Um Not subscribing to my Chelsea left tarot Channel Go ahead and subscribe and There is the latest reading the entire Phone came out as well so it could be Some other important messages for you Over there See more The emperor at the bottom of the deck Okay There are two people here Pedro wands The Ember unless these two are the same People but You know have fun being the first card That came out kind of makes me feel that Someone is committing to you okay this Person could be again an Aries or a fire Sign any fire sign Sagittarius Leo Levi

Gymnast Chris Can be any sign doesn't really matter But I feel like somebody is getting Serious But there is a very strict energy that I'm getting here because Emperor These two are major kindness It's like Double seriousness I hope that makes Sense to you So this is like a Dead series so it Comes with rules that's what I'm getting Here okay so first of some of you if This is not if you don't have anybody Right now it could be somebody coming Into your life right now I mean soon in The future in the near future it does Look like there will be some rules that Are going to be set upon this connection Okay whether it's you setting these Rules or this person is setting these Rules It's like we have to do things the right Way that's what I'm seeing here I have To do things the right way so that you Know all parties are happy It could be It made just it's not just about two of You it feels like could be other people As well do things right by people who Are close to you or people who are close To them family Mom Dad it could be a religion it could Be it could be anything but

It's like you know the horrified is also An organization so it's a it feels like This connection Either is going to lead to marriage or Lead to Um A it's like it's gonna lead to some Discussion in regards to rules right Um how both of you should do things so There'll be a some sort of set rules That both of you will have to abide To it Hmm this is quite interesting and this Reading kind of relates to The other reading that I was talking to You that I was mentioning because this This is an individual sign reading so I'm going to upload it on to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tara and Chelsea Tara 2.0 so So if you're not subscribed to my other Channel subscribe to my other channel There's the latest reading but I feel It's a little bit similar for earth Science okay But I titled it Virgo individual science Because who is going to search for earth Science right but anyway we've got the Strength here in Reverse Six of Swords In reverse Rules a set of rules that I feel That we you and this person or either One of you will have to kind of Swallow your pride or swallow your ego

And Has to stick to it stick by it okay So it's not about me anymore it's about Me and you and some other things around It okay awesome other people around it I Hope that makes sense to you queeno Wants them over see it's like there's This control that I'm getting here And the emperor is quite controlling so The queen don't want your members well You can't you cannot you know some of it You cannot put makeup on anymore you Cannot wear short skirts anymore or you Have to wear I'm just giving an example I'm not saying this is exactly it okay If some of you maybe that's it but you Know no more going out because Queen of Wands is very very vivacious no more Drinking no more you know It's like again the higher fun it's that Respect understanding A connection I feel is very serious That's coming in or currently this could Be going on however going to get Marriage and the emperor is a married Person as well so some of you this could Just you know it could just be a simple Message saying that Maybe this connection is gonna turn into A marriage that being able to end up Getting married maybe there will be a Proposal Of a marriage someone is finally serious With the emperor here

Putting his or her foot down saying okay This is what I want I want you I want to Start a life together but this is why we Have to do in order to achieve that in Order to have this happy Connection Like so that both of you You know three of Cups kind of reminds Me of also the three of Pentacles which Is also it's also here They're reverse So it kind of makes me feel like It's not just for the both of you but For Other people other things around you it Could be again religion Community Friends Family Organized set of rules I don't know it Just kind of makes me feel like you know Nine of Pentacles is the one verse you Cannot be Single any acting single yeah that's What I'm getting here so someone may Either propose these rules to you like You cannot act single anymore you cannot Do things that you used to do when you Were single or you could be proposing This to someone or it could be this Understanding both of you you don't Agreeing to doing things the right way There's no right or wrong but Maybe in this connection this is the Right way to do things okay we've got

The sun here in my purse but I feel like There will be some pessimism pessimism In regards to these rules right these Changes because you know major Corners Can indicate some sort of a change so Changes that I feel like some of you Might be reluctant to abide too to Follow because you may not agree Completely there'll be a discussion Again I feel a page a page of I was Going to say page of messenger pager Wants page is a messenger so It feels like hey you know I'm gonna Propose to you and you know the patron Ones is the only page that I feel who Dresses the best the most stylish the Most you know intriguing and then we've Got this little feather on his hat it Doesn't matter he or she's not gender Specific very well-dressed pitch Possibly the most well-dressed page of All pages Very stylish again look at his boots And Um so if you look at this closely I'm Showing it to you if you look at it Closely you see how he's He's like hey Let me propose this to you because I'm Dressed all nice who would you believe Right like a Salesman who doesn't Who doesn't dress properly or a Salesman Who actually Dresses properly

I'm saying properly because you know Appropriately basically and smelling Nice and looking groomed who are you Gonna believe more someone who was Groomed well groomed or someone who is Not so groomed So I feel like Virgo this is a Presentation it feels like a Presentation so so let me present to you Right and it's gonna say something all Of these rules have fun embryo Even though they sound Even though they sound like oh that Means you know I'll have to forget about Doing things the way I used to do You know Um I will have No control whatsoever And then the Queen of Wands I cannot Um have to con like I cannot I cannot act the way I used to act Anymore maybe it's from single to Finally married right through cups I have to always stay with this person I Have to always inform this person where I'm going what I'm doing what I'm going To be doing even my Social Circles are Going to be controlled Like who I'm gonna make friends with So but because a page of Wands is a Fire energy so Looks very Charming Looks enticing so this person is going

To entice you right But you but it feels over the horrified Emperor if this is a marriage some of You it's a prenuptial agreement Something is going to be presented to You in regards to prenuptial agreement Or you needing to convert to a different Religion or you needing to be loyal Committed completely That is maybe something that you know You're not sure because the sun here is In my first Um I mean nine of Pentacles here Is so used to being independent right Virgo you're so used to being Independent you're so used to doing Things on your own and now you have to Abide to these rules now you have to Forego certain things that you used to Do That used to make you feel passionate That you no longer have to you no longer Think about yourself like you no longer Are allowed to think about yourself you Have to think of this person or people Like Everything that comes with this Connection So this person is going to present it to You or sell it to you right like a darn Good sales person And it's gonna make you feel like five Or salty in my verse like okay here she Is being completely sincere it looks

Really good although I'm not stupid This is not going to be easy with the 101s here Three of Pentacles in one verse can I Actually fulfill these things But the emperor here you know This person looks like Hey you know very steady Committed reliable And maybe this is also what you want Virgo is somebody very reliable somebody Who can give you a sense of again Stability a sense of structure so you Don't have to you know with the nine of Pentacles you you don't have to be alone Anymore or doing things alone on your Own but also that's the beauty of it Right if I go for some of you that's the Beauty of it and and that is being able To do certain things on your own and not Having to Um Answer to anybody so it feels like Virgo This connection is coming in or maybe Currently you're connected to someone Like this where you have to answer to This person Because both of you will have Would have already made a pact or is on Its way to making a pact together okay This is so interesting we've got the Lovers here in my verse yeah no more Affairs no more and this person is going To tell you too that they're not gonna

Look at other people then he or she is Not going to Um talk to anybody anymore not going to Keep the options open anymore not going To be sexually active with anybody Anymore and you're expected to do Exactly the same thing Okay so if this is not happening right Now Virgo this could be a prediction This could be some someone who's coming In by the end of the day if I go we all Have a choice we all you know have Options it's up to you Um Free Will is always at Play Anyway take care Virgo hope to see you Back here again later or tomorrow don't Forget to subscribe to both of my Channels Chelsea Love Tarot and Chelsea Tarot 2.0 again I have to repeat this This reading is going to be uploaded to Both of my channels for those of you who Wonder who who ask me all this the same Reading yeah because I've already Mentioned that I'm posting it on to both On my channel because I'm trying to grow My second Channel And but my second Channel which is Terrible two point only post individual Side readings and Chelsea Love Tarot is My original Channel where I post Everything everything different Questions different topics But all tarot of course individual sign Readings Collective readings and

Whatever I feel inspired to do Inspire to read okay take care Virgo uh Don't forget to hit on the Bell Notification button as well so so many People have been telling me that they Were not being notified every time I Post my videos and a lot of views have Kind of gone down because of that and Many other YouTubers have been Complaining that also there's one Conspiracy theory that maybe YouTube is Changing to Changing yeah to like Changing into Tick Tock turning Themselves into Tick Tock or something But anyway Virgo don't forget to again hit like Share and subscribe and don't forget to Hit on the Bell notification button Alright take care hope to see you back Here again later or tomorrow bye

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