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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hi Virgo welcome to my channel and Welcome to your bonus reading my name is Chelsea thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we are Going to get you some important messages That you need to hear today and Merry Christmas to those celebrating and today Is the 24th of December 2022 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia time is 12 36 PM all Right let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me Important messages that Virgos need to Hear today Foreign Six of Pentacles at the bottom of the Deck the Moon the Moon makes me feel Like you can't see it yet right now Virgo you can't see it yet you can't Quite predict it yet but the hangman Here in the case sacrifice all the Sacrifices that you have done in your Life it's gonna It's going to bring you really good Karma because of the higher font here Species could be saying to you to have Faith that something good is coming Because something good is coming with The page of Pentacles here page of Pentacles is a new beginning Pages young So for me indicates something new Something young it's a gift okay it's a Gift because of the sacrifices that you Have made and the universe has been

Watching has been listening and it feels Like your wish is gonna be Granted and this page kind of makes me Feel like I I don't know I I'm hearing Like an elf it's like an elf Um you know that story when you were When I was a kid I mean that was a story I can't remember exactly very vaguely Um children's story actually Um there's this guy he he's he makes Shoes and then he fell asleep because he Was too tired and I can't remember but There was like little elves that came And helped him to to make those shoes to Finish up all his work for him Um I I don't actually quite remember how It happened in the beginning to the end But this is that part that suddenly when I looked at the page of Pentacle I saw One of those elves Um and it looked like him look like this Page doesn't matter he or she not gender Specific and the higher font here it's Almost like you know it's a teacher Students Dynamic perhaps everything that You had to go through in your life with The Ten of Swords here a lot of painful Endings or it could be a specific Painful ending with a ten of Pentacles In my verse that you you may have hoped For it to be much longer to have some Longevity you may have hoped for the ten Of Pentacles where you know everything Is going to be stable and you're gonna

Have everything that you want because Number 10 is a completion number it's a Perfection number so I feel like Maybe these things didn't happen In the past and the moon here it has Left you feeling confused or jaded or Uncertain about the future Um But with the Queen of Swords right here Virgo I feel like the Queen of Swords is A very very strong Queen right it Doesn't matter again king of Queen is Not gender specific and when the seven Of Pentacles and the various and flower Cups and others it's sort of like doing The right thing it makes me feel like You just know that you are doing the Right thing or just know that you are on The right path despite the failures in The past despite things that didn't Happen the way you wanted it to happen And the hangman here it's kind of like Okay I'm not in a very comfortable Position right now but It is what it is and I will accept it And I will you know with the Queen of Swords here again I'm going to stick to My guns I'm going to keep keep moving Forward believe in my beliefs believe in My principles Um the boundaries that I have set for Myself and for other people and just Kind of let go with the seven of Pentacles and robbers it feels like

Selling pellicles in my voice it's it's Like you have been planting these seeds That you don't know how things are going To pan out how things are gonna uncover Um but guess what and I'm so happy and I Wasn't like even I wasn't even surprised To see the page of Pentacles I knew as I Was opening this card I was already Already reading it before I said Anything and then boom this page of Pentacles here and it and I kind of knew It it was gonna happen Um not literally a page of Pentacles but Something good something small something That looks like it's a beginning of a New thing That is being offered to you from the Universe because of your patience Because of your principles because You're stuck to your guns or Spirits Could be encouraging you to stuck to Your guns and just keep moving forward As long as you know this is the right Thing to do as long as you use your Logical thinking uh being realistic About the outcome being realistic with Anything that you're doing right now and You know the source indicates Intelligence as well so and the hangman Again indicates sacrifice things may be Kind of hanging in the air and you may Not act exactly know the outcome how Things are gonna have how things are Going to pan out but species definitely

Saying to have faith that something Really really good is gonna happen okay And that's a little gift actually from The universe and look at the Six of Pentacles it's gifting right this person Is giving to these two little Beggars Here so you will be not calling you a Beggar but you know um I think the key word is gift so you are Going to be gifted by the universe so Something substantial something solid Something that could turn into something Even bigger perhaps all of these cards Here especially the ten of Pentacles in My voice would be in an upright position Finally your dreams are going to come True and the page is a messenger so some Good news you may hear some good news And it's gonna make you feel like ah I Knew it because I had faith that this Was this is going to happen despite My doubt despite everything that has Been happening to me in my life that Didn't work out as planned right but Just follow through with it with the Queen of Swords and again and have faith And just let go of control with the Hangman here and you will see with the Page of Pentacles you will see someone Is going to offer it to you or the Universe is going to offer it to you Even if there's someone offering it to You and that's an instruction from the Universe that's definitely what I'm

Seeing here and Six of Pentacles again It's like help help is on its way Virgo I I'm also Virgo for some of you you may Feel like why am I helping everybody but Nobody is helping me Um I feel like with the Six of Pentacles The lovers And the hermit here finally you have Somebody to share it with with the Lovers finally there are two people Right you are alone here Queen of Swords Alone in your own Quest alone in your Own mind Um alone in Alone in helping people the higher fund Is again teaches students alone in Giving people advice you're one of those People who Always give people advice and support Um but when you are in trouble or when You are going through some issues you Try and do it on your own you try to be The hangman here you're not comfortable But it's okay I'm just gonna be alone And I'm just gonna reflect the hermit Reflect on life and try and seek for Answers on my own and the hermit is a Very lonely card right it's a lonely Energy but a very very wise card and Some of you Virgos maybe you don't like To disturb other people maybe you don't Like to be a burden to any anybody and You always being seen as the stronger One hence a lot of people rely on you to

Help them to give them advice to support Them but I feel like you no longer are Going to be lonely because of the lovers Here you may have someone to share this With you share share with you Um I think this journey yeah share with you This journey and just look at this This is Michael Archangel right I think Um but I I feel like Virgo see this is a Gift from the universe that finally You're gonna find or meet your other Your other half I I don't really like to Say the other half I always feel like we Should all be full we all should be we Were born alone and we would go alone as Well we'll die alone as well unless you Know if you're a twin then yeah you may Be born with someone with your twin but Then you never know you're gonna die Together but the lover is here for me Indicates you know you're no longer Going to be alone finally finally it's Almost like Finally you are complete even though you Should be complete on your own I know That I know that I say that all the time But you feel even much more complete and You have a little helper look at the Page of Pentacles here a little helper Um The elf I was talking about you may have A helper coming in who's gonna always be By your side whenever you're in trouble

This person is gonna be there for you And you know what this person can be in In any way shape or form okay it could Be your guarded Angel it could be even a Child for some of you some of you if you Have a child that has grown up Um Or just it doesn't matter doesn't matter The age but you always feel like You can do this because this this child Is with you Um because this child Um Helps motivate you helps you feel a Sense of peace that you are actually Doing it Um even though it's a child you're doing It together it's almost like Companionship You're less afraid when you have Somebody right next to you right for Those of you Virgos you have been super Strong right you always tell yourself I Can do this alone I don't need anybody But the universe says no That's enough That's enough we're gonna gift you Somebody whether it's in the form of a Child whether it's a in a form of a best Friend a friend and a form of a parent And a form of a lover with the lovers Here some of you if a lot of you it Could be in a romantic partner coming in That the universe is gifting you and

Possibly for some of you been searching Where Where the heck is this person where's my My personal my company you know just Keeping you company and Um it just makes me feel like one of Those scenarios where Because I used to MC I used to do a lot Of things you'll follow me on my Instagram Um Um I used to be a model of an emcee I Acted whatever but I remember when I was coaching some of My students in public speaking I'm Seeing we call it I'm seeing public Speaking Um One of them actually said can you just Like kind of stand Not literally next to him but to stand Down there so it's you know it's just Him feeling You know I've got my support even though She's not like right next to me teaching Me and telling me what to say but at Least I know she's there she's like Super close in proximity and it helps Comfort him and gives him more courage To to do a task that he was so afraid of And public speaking is actually number One fear rated as number one fear in Most people most people are afraid of Public speaking so just the fact that

I'm just giving you an example you know Just the fact that You you know although you're super Strong but I feel like again the Universe is gifting you somebody home is Going to be like kind of next kind of Right next to you Um like your partner in crime or you Know a company and whenever you need Somebody that person is always going to Be there for you okay and I feel like This is that person here with the lovers This person could be a Virgo cap Contours could be any sign in the Bedroom like Chris Pisces if I am seeing Here and four ones here is in my first So the four ones in my first I feel like It has something to do with You know it has cut into half as cut Into half in any case stability Indicates also a union indicates a Marriage right moving in together Um A union that when it's in my verse I see It as cut into half that means you've Been alone doing this on your own Creating your own stability but Um the universe is now saying okay That's enough now that's enough Virgo You Um You've been through everything alone now I'm sending you a little helper here and Again this little helper can be in any

Way shape or form it could be even a pet Um an animal you know that you may adopt Or somebody may give it to you Um it can be again in any way shape or Form but for a lot of you the lovers and The higher fund indicates hey finally A union finally you've got company You've got company you've got somebody To share it with Six of Pentacles and You no longer have to feel so alone in In life Um You no longer have to feel like you have To deal with life alone by yourself and You always are going to have this one Person here who's going to be Faithfully Right Next by your side Um to help you deal with stuff to help You go through life Not feeling not having to feel So alone Anymore All right Virgo this is your reading I Hope you resonated in some way shape or Form if you did please hit like share Subscribe I'm just super super tired I've been Working out so much Oh I look so much I mean working out Literally like going to the gym and also Working you know with tarot reading and All the other stuff but anyway take care And again I'm Gonna Leave You with a Couple of playlists on the screen right

Now the first one is from my second Channel it's a travel Vlog Channel check It out if you want to and the second Playlist is from the from this channel Has all of the readings that I've done For you and for the rest of the signs With different topics and different Questions but these readings is still New so they're still relevant because I Post them every single day and um 12 Even twice a day So it's very very up to date all right Virgo hope to see you back here again Later tomorrow again Merry Christmas for Those of you celebrating bye

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