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“You are not alone in this. Each and every one of us go through trials and tribulations no matter how big or small. Take baby steps towards change for the better. You will look back one day and be surprised at how far you have come.”
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Hi Virgo welcome to my channel welcome To your bonus reading my name is Chelsea Thank you so much for liking and Subscribing I really appreciate your Love and support in this reading we're Gonna get you some important love Messages that you need to hear today and Today is the 7th of January 2023 time Here in Bali Indonesia is 12 58 a.m now Let's get your reading started Spirits and Angels please show me Important love messages that Virgos need To hear today The Sun at the bottom of the deck this For me indicates a very very positive Outcome when it comes to your love life Only if you were to get out more because We've got the four ones here in my first That means get out of your house more Three of Cups socialize more get to know More people and nine of Pentacles them Up first that means you're not going to Be single for too long but you know There are people I've heard comments I Mean I've read comments that says I've Been single for four years five years You know you tell readers keep saying That I'm gonna be meeting someone new I'm gonna meet the love of my life but I've been single for four or five years I mean if you're not actually doing Anything about it I mean you gotta meet The universe in the middle right Basically put yourself out there or

Make some changes If you know if we need to put on some Weight put on some weight if we need to Lose some weight lose some weight I mean I know it sounds superficial but the First impression is very important but And you know this is why I feel like There are people who keep blaming other People for them being single and it's Kind of it's kind of sad and also Hilarious at the same time but I don't Mean to laugh at people like that but You can't be listening to tarot videos And and when the prediction says that You're gonna meet someone new but you're Actually not doing anything about it you Keep sitting home and not going out not Doing anything you're not actively Socializing or not actively bettering Yourself How you're supposed to be meeting the Love of your life but anyway so it says Right here three of Cups four ones in One verse that you gotta get out more And you know three cups indicates Socializing whether it's social media Dating apps or it could be literally Going out meeting people I prefer Personally to go out because you know It's it's not the same when you just Look at some of these pictures and you Talk and then when you meet them it's Like completing all what you expected What do you expect what you expect but I

Do have I've heard many successful Stories of dating apps Um like my aunt or So my friends they got married or they Got into a very serious relationship From a dating app but you have to be Careful of course you know there's so Many catfishes out there but it says Here nine of Pentacles and one first if You go out more if you socialize more or If you go on certain dating apps maybe You'll meet someone because now Pentacles is it's a single card for me But when it's in my first that means You're not gonna be single for too long Fourth cups in my first candy missing Opportunities Um so you may miss certain opportunities To meet somebody new to be in a Relationship or even get married is a Marriage card here but it's in my first Um you might miss this opportunity if You don't put yourself out there or if You don't do something to better Yourself whether it's emotionally Mentally physically everything and two Of Cups here and my first communicate The separation and also we've got these Six of Cups this for me indicates Someone you've been separated from might Actually return I don't know when this Is gonna happen but sum up for some of You maybe this is happening right now But possibly in the in the future or in

The near future six of Cups maybe within Six days six weeks six hours even Um or six months or in June okay So we've got the four Pentacles here it Feels like this person might return to You and the reason why because he or she Has been holding on to you and they Actually hasn't haven't quite opened Their heart yet to other people another Pentacles indicates them being very slow Slow moving so it might take longer than What you would like it to be or expect It to be only for those of you Virgos Who if you think if you've been Wondering if someone somebody from a Past is returning or if you've been Wanting someone from a past return it Feels like a very slow energy but if It's not slow then not a Pentacles Connecticut when this person does return They'll come in very Um in a very genuine way or perhaps they Will offer you something very genuine or Very Um Oh it could be commitment because the Night Pinnacle is definitely a committed Night so this person might become more Committed when they try to return that's What I'm sensing here because two cups From averse indicates maybe a separation And maybe this person has gone out uh Partying or meeting new people and Whatnot but you know for customer first

They still don't feel that They still feel your missed opportunity Maybe they're making some comparisons Between you and somebody or there are Other options and hence this person is Going to return some of you Virgo it's You returning to someone from your past Because the not particles could be you As well because it's um it's an Earth Energy Right we've got the queen of Cups So this person still loves you has Feelings for you and pop and possibly Things that you have the Kindest Heart Of all I think at the end of the day Um we're gonna choose somebody who is Kind to us right I think that's from my Personal experience where I I like to choose a guy whom is kind kind And you know the mean guys could be Quite sexy the bad boy type could be Kind of sexy but it's at the end of the Day Um if you want something stable somebody Stable most importantly is that this Person is kind but you know human beings Are very complex so from kind to mean Mean to kind I mean that can happen as Well but the sun here of Virgo I think You're finally going to be very happy Okay you're gonna be very happy when it Comes to your love life in general and We've also got the ten of Pentacles here This for me indicates a very long Lasting connection and the full and

Reverse also can indicate somebody who Is done with taking risks done with Their freedom and finally wanting to Settle down a lot of settling down kind Of an energy that I'm getting here Through swords here Emma first also Candy healing of your heart you know it May have been broken or currently your Heart could be broken could be sad for Some of you magician and what first is Definitely your energy feeling like you Can't manifest that kind of love that You've been looking for I and feeling Kind of stuck the world remember first I Think that face is gonna be over soon Virgo and the sun here indicates you Know the sun is finally shining it's a Brand new day and the sun to me also Indicates a new beginning but this is a Way better beginning than the full in Reverse because the fool it's a new Beginning well if it's upright position It's a new beginning but it takes Um but there are a lot of risks involved So the fool is number zero so the food Goes through all of the Journey of these All 78 cards here so their ups and downs And all kinds of things so they can be Good it can be bad Um or could be part of the lessons that We all have to learn to go through all Of these things in order to for us to Realize what we truly want in a Partnership right and a romantic

Partnership And the sun here for me indicates again You've been through that already right Virgo the former verse you don't want to Make the same mistake again so I see you Finally seeing things very clearly as in Again who what type of person what type Of partner that you're looking for and I Feel like you're gonna find this person If you're looking if you're single and You're looking however for those of you Virgos if you are currently connected With someone I see somebody just not Wanting to explore anymore and possibly You know with the sun is seeing you or You could be seeing this person as yep That's the one that's the one that I Think I'm gonna be happy with and three Of Cups can indicate some sort of um Engagement it could turn into an Engagement marriage ten of Pentacles Long lasting one for sure okay and this Person could be somebody either it's a Water sign or Or an earth sign okay because it could Be any sign could be a Leo could be Libra Gemini Chris and looks like it's Happening pretty soon uh Knight of Swords here for some of you forgot I Don't know why I'm starting to think Suddenly I thought of a friend of mine And she went like Um oh I'm just going to focus on my Studies

Um I know you know it's been a while I've Been single she's she's very young she's Only 19. but she's been dating and you Know since she was very young but she's Like I never worked out I just want to Focus on my studies and then next thing You know she met someone and that guy Became so serious with her and it moves So quickly with another swords it's like They wanted to stop it but they couldn't Even stop it You know so for me it could be for some Of you Virgo this is gonna happen so Quickly that you know even if you want To stop it you can't even stop it it Just keeps going and going and going and She's now in Dubai with a boyfriend She's German and the boyfriend is Korean And she's never ever been with an Asian Guy before like a Korean guy before any Any Asian guy but you know Um for some of you Virgo too you know Spirits could be saying missed Opportunity with the fourth cup Cinema First and just keep keep an open mind Your person may be very different from Your usual type usual taste she even Told me that you know it was so Different like she has never been in an Asian before everything was so different And then she said I've never been Treated like a queen before because you Know again she's German I'm not saying

That you know different races however They treat women but this is from what She told me okay and that she said I've Never been treated like a queen before In my whole entire life and he treats me Like a queen like he paid for everything And not that she expected it not that She's a gold digger or anything she has You know own allowances and whatnot from Her dad but This is story time I haven't done story Time in a long time but anyway this this This kind of reminded me of her scenario Her situation Um I feel like but she's not Virgo she's She's actually in aquarius so not a Source some of you might meet and Aquarius like Um a Libra gemini or in Aquarius Um an air sign I feel like it's it's Gonna move so fast and for some of Virgo If you're already currently connected With someone I feel like it's going to Elevate you know One More Level because Definitely 10 of Pentacles here someone Decided yeah I've done seeking I've done I've done looking and this is it Virgo Is it or it could be you Virgo you're Gonna meet someone and you're gonna say This is it and the ten of Pentacles here Is way better than a full wand it's not Just you know from you it's it's going To it's even better than full once Because telepal goes is Everlasting long

Lasting there's this longevity about it Both of you might end up growing all Together getting married having kids Right and this person is super sincere If it's a knight of Pentacles this Person is very loyal very committed and This person will always make sure that You know for cops and lovers that you Wouldn't ever be a missed opportunity And the queen of Cups here I feel like This person loves your heart or you love This person's heart Kindness again is so important so you Might meet someone whom is very kind to You and you you're going to be very kind To this person and this person Appreciates your kindness this person Appreciates your heart who you are Essentially as a person and I think you Know it could go vice versa I think That's the the little you know the Sunday what do they call it the light Bulb moment it's like wow Never met anybody so kind so yeah if I Go this is your reading and I hope you Resonated in some way shape or form if You did please hit like share and Subscribe I want to leave you with a Couple playlists on the screen right now The first one is from my second channel It's a travel Vlog Channel check it out If you want to and the second playlist Is from this channel has all of the Readings that I've done for you and for

The rest of the signs with different Topics and different questions but these Readings are still new so they're still Relevant because I post them every Single day in fact I upload them right Away I post them a couple of days uh Twice in a day and anyway check them out If you want to all the rest of the other Reading summer Collective some are Individual reading so but take care of Her go hope to see you back here again Later or tomorrow bye

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